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NEWS BULLETIN: September 2008

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Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

President, P & C.

The Mitchell High School P & C Association meets on the second Wednesday evening each month at 7.30pm in the school Common Room. All parents and friends are welcome to attend.

Dates to Remember…
Term 3 - 2008 Wednesday 10 September P & C Meeting – 7.30pm Thursday 11 September Prefect Induction Ceremony Thursday 25 September Year 12 Graduation Assembly 15 – 26 September – Weeks 9 & 10 Year 11 Exams 22 – 26 September – Week 10 Trial SC Exams – Year 10 Friday 26 September Last Day Term 3 2008 Term 4 - 2008 Monday 13 October Day 1 Term 4 2008 (Staff and Students) 10 – 14 November School Certificate Exams Thursday 16 October – 13 November HSC Exams Tuesday 25 November Year 10 Formal Thursday 27 November Year 12 Formal Wednesday 10 December Presentation Day Friday 19 December Last Day of School 2008

From the Principal’s Desk……
Victorious Girls Rugby On Sunday 7th September the 15 year Girls Rugby State Knockout team and the Richard Shaw Open Girls Rugby team won their respective games. This win cemented both teams into top place as NSW State winners. For the 15 year team this was the 4 th year in a row they have won the state competition, while the Open team this was the second year in a row they have won. I would like to congratulate these girls in their success and in the way they played all the games throughout the year, they are a real credit to our school. I would also like to thank Mr ButtressGrove their coach for all the work he has put into these teams. School Musical Production I have seen a rehearsal of the school musical and WOW it looks fantastic. So many students under the guidance of so many teachers have been preparing for the school musical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I would encourage you to attend one of the performances of this amazing production, the first school musical at Mitchell after many years. The performances are on the 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th September with tickets costing $10 per Adult, $5 Child/Student or $20 for a Family Ticket (2 Adults & up to 3 children). Tournament of the Mind Win in Maths & Engineering Once again the Mitchell High School Tournament of the Mind team in Maths and Engineering were placed first in the Western Sydney competition against all schools that entered. The team now goes onto the State Competition this weekend. We wish the team all the best and I would like to thank Mrs Mahony for her dedication and guidance of the team. School Bus It has been a long held ambition to purchase a school bus for Mitchell High School. Two weeks ago we took delivery of a brand new Mitsubishi Rosa Bus that seats 25 passengers. The bus has been leased for 4 years and should prove to be an asset for the school allowing smaller groups to go on reasonably priced excursions. All seats on the bus are fitted with seatbelts and the teachers who drive the bus are licensed to drive the bus. Look out for the white bus with Mitchell High School on the sides. International Links I would like to thank all the families who took into their homes one of our German visitors. They had a fabulous time and take back with them great memories of the week that they lived in an Australian home. I would like to announce that we will be calling for students who may be interested in two overseas trips being planned for 2009. The first one is to pay a return News Bulletin – September 2008

visit to our sister school in Germany and a new sister school in Switzerland. This trip will also take in a tour of Italy and possibly a stop in Paris. This trip will be going in week 9 & 10 (last 2 weeks of term 3) and the Term 3 holidays. It is open to students who will be in Years 9-11 in 2009. The second trip is to a new destination for Mitchell High School, China. We have a new sister school in China and would like to visit this school as well as tour the country. This trip will also be at the end of term 3 and during the term 3 school holidays. An expression of interest form will be available early next term for both trips. Next week we farewell the students and teachers who will be travelling to the United States, I know they will have a fantastic time and be outstanding ambassadors for Mitchell High School. Farewell Year 12 of 2008 I would like to wish our Year 12 students all the very best in their upcoming HSC examinations. The farewell assembly to Year 12 is on Thursday 24 th September at 11am. A detailed letter outlining all events for Year 12 from the end of this term until they sign out on the 28 th November has been posted to each family. School Fees and Contributions The school operates on a limited budget from the NSW State Government. These funds are set to cover the basics. All schools, including Mitchell High School relies upon the contributions from our parents towards the running of our school. Subject fees are compulsory for all elective subjects that have fees. Not all electives have fees. These fees are used to pay for items consumed in these electives such as food, paint etc. Students upon choosing electives have agreed to pay these fees. The general school contribution is used to pay for the many items used in the school that the general funding from the government does not cover. During the past year the school has had to purchase a new photocopier to produce class handouts. This photocopier was purchased for $28,000 and the school pays for all the paper and printing of worksheets, handouts etc used in class. The amount of resources used on a daily basis in the education of your son or daughter is enormous. It is vital that the school community understands the importance of our school receiving these funds to enable us to provide a quality education for your children. It is indeed such a small amount per student in comparison to all other schools and yet we do so much with this money. It is only fair that all families share equally this cost and willingly contribute to the General School Contribution fund. Elected Prefect Body for 2009 Congratulations to Prefects for 2009. School Captains: all the students elected as

Year 12 Prefects:

Zeinab Farhat Muhammad Ghazali Latife Harake Chrystal Player Amanda Sheaves Jelena Arambasic Laura Cole Sarah Ezzy Shaun Keegan Anthony Lanati Albert Leung Taylor Macdonald Kayla Miceli Rachael Symington

Year 11 Prefects:

Brett Harper Principal Deputy Principal’s Report Wearing the school uniform with pride. Last Sunday I was the designated bus driver and team photographer for our much celebrated U/15s and Opens Girls Rugby Union Teams at the State Knock Out Finals. It was a wonderful day with two comprehensive victories in both competitions. I would like to take the time to congratulate both the teams and Mr Buttress Grove and Mrs Maguire for their efforts over the last 2 terms and beyond. The girls were magnificent both on and off the field, they showed commitment to each other, playing outstanding team rugby, they wore their Mitchell High School rugby outfit with pride and showed a great deal of “sportswomanship” throughout the game. One of the most pleasing aspects of the Mitchell High School teams was their business like approach. They focused on the task, they were not indulged by in your face comments to the opposition, they did not over celebrate the tries they scored, it was a quiet confidence exhibited by a team that knew how to win and worked as a cohesive, well oiled machine clinically punishing the opposition for every mistake they made. The girls showed a great deal of respect to their opposition and in so doing exhibited a great deal of pride as a team. I witnessed two teams that were proud to be from Mitchell; the girls celebrated their victory, congratulated their opponents and received their awards graciously. Well done to all. Recent Observations re school uniform Wearing the uniform with pride is an important aspect of any school. I have seen many students as they leave the school take off their white or blue polo shirts or change their entire uniform as soon as they leave the gates. You must wear your school uniform all the way home and if you work you must wait until you are at your place of employment. As a school this is

Rawaan Khoury Todd Pinkerton Rebekah Ezzy Ben Barrington

Vice Captains:

News Bulletin – September 2008

reinforced as students are clearly identified as members of Mitchell High School. Our school has a wonderful reputation in the community lets work hard together to maintain this. Mr. Stephen Heslop Deputy Principal

language when we promote our school so in order to help remind ourselves what these values might look like I will be putting together a range of posters that will promote these values and these will be based on student achievement. Keep an eye out for them!

Mrs Baghurst Deputy Principals Report Bangarra Dance Theatre: Mathinna What do „Courage, Fortitude and Truth‟ mean to you or to our school community? It forms part of our shared heritage. It is part of our school logo and as such makes up part of our school values and the language that we use to describe our school purpose. This logo comes from our past, 44 years ago in fact. How do these values represent what we value today?

Aboriginal students from Mitchell High recently attended a performance of Bangarra Dance Theatre‟s Mathinna at the Sydney Opera House. The performance of Mathinna was inspired by a young girl's journey between two cultures and choreographed by Bangarra's Artistic Director Stephen Page. Mathinna's story was one of vulnerability and searching in an era of confusion and intolerance. Born on Tasmania's Flinder's Island in 1835, adopted into the household of Governor Sir John and Lady Franklin and sent to the Queen's Orphan School, Mathinna was ultimately abandoned with her people at Oyster Cove, Bangarra has firmly established itself throughout Australia and internationally as a dance company with a unique style, committed to the traditions of Indigenous culture entwined with contemporary western dance. Mr G.M. Burke Aboriginal Education Team

Truth is about honesty, transparency and frankness. Young people often use the word „real‟ to refer to it. It is the opposite of deceit, dishonesty and cover up. Fortitude is not a word that you hear a lot today but it is about determination, resilience, strength and may be described using the slang words of grit and guts. Courage is linked with bravery, nerve, daring and can also be described using the slang word guts. If we think of acting roles that demonstrate these attributes we might think of Gladiator, Brave Heart, Frodo from Lord of the Rings , the girls from Rabbit Proof Fence and even Juno to name but a few. So these values can be very clear and distinct or more subtle in their demonstration. I personally believe that these values are very much represented in what we do as a school and by individuals. Certainly teams of students. teachers and parents have worked together and have demonstrated courage, fortitude and truth and these are values that parents speak about when they speak about our school even though they may not use these terms specifically. Recent events such as the success of our Rugby girls as State Champions, the Tournament of Minds students outstanding success, the Prefect and Captain Induction process, „Joseph and his Technicolour Dream Coat‟, our International Link with Germany and the USA are all very clear and distinct examples of courage, fortitude and truth. Every student in their normal day to day work can demonstrate courage, fortitude and truth. A student might apply these principles successfully to their studies. To tackle assessment work successfully students need to be truthful (HSC all your own work) show courage (have a go) and show fortitude (determination) particularly if they do not get it right the first time. It is important that we speak the same

National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy NAPLAN reports for parents / caregivers will be distributed to year 7 and 9 students during week 9 beginning 15 September 2008. The NAPLAN reports will be accompanied by a supplementary report produced by the NSW DET which provides parents with additional information. Students are expected to deliver reports to parents / caregivers, please contact the school if a report has not been received by end of term 3. Parents / caregivers are encouraged to discuss reports with students. Enquiries regarding NAPLAN reports may be directed to Mr Burke at the school. Mr G.M. Burke NAPLAN coordinator

Blacktown Library Students are encouraged to join the Blacktown Council Library to access resources, study areas, computer facilities and services that will enhance their school learning program. News Bulletin – September 2008

Resources may be accessed via the online catalogue and online tutoring is available between 4-8pm for students in year 4-12 who have a library borrowers‟ number. Online catalogue: Online tutoring: Library branches are located in Blacktown, Lalor Park, Mt Druitt, Riverstone and Stanhope Gardens (opening soon). Mr G.M. Burke Support Teacher

National Literacy and Numeracy Week 1-7 September The theme for National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2008 was Partnerships in Learning to promote the efforts of students, parents, teachers, businesses and communities working together to develop literacy and numeracy skills of Australians. Literacy and numeracy are fundamental skills critically important to Australia‟s future prosperity and position in the world. The promotion of sound literacy and numeracy skills among young people assists counter educational and social disadvantage. Mitchell High celebrated National Literacy and Numeracy Week with a range of activities, games and competitions including a Partnerships in Learning poster competition, daily literacy and numeracy puzzles and a numeracy computer game championship. Certificates and prizes were awarded to participating students. Mr G.M. Burke and Ms J. Starink NLNW coordinators

Tony Bongomin Dylan Eaves Naomi Fernadez Kaly Ford Luana Gatley Mihaela Grnovic Saa James Rawaan Khoury Mukhtar Koko Najee Makhoul Ashleigh Marriott Amy Nolan Dylan Pagliari Lisa Palmer Nicole Parry-Ridolfo Jessica Sainsbury Jovana Stojkov Lisa Todd Stephanie Trikaliotis Bernadette Wolfgram Eva Wolfgram

Girls Rugby Teams Congratulations to the U 15s and Open Girls rugby teams who competed and won both games at the NSW CHS Knockout championships on Sunday 7th of September 2008. Duke of Edingburgh The Duke of Edinburgh program is open to year 9 and 10. It involves physical activity, learning new skills and service to the community. There is also an expedition at the end of each level. Interested students are to see Mrs. Maguire in the PE staffroom. City to Surf Congratulations to Lisa Palmer, Sophy Tattersall, Crystal Player and Shaun Keegan who completed the 2008 City to surf. Out And About In Sport Congratulations to Erika Blume (yr 9) for placing 1 st overall in Level 7 WAG Gymnastics and Emily Gardiner (yr 9) for placing 5th overall in Level 6 WAG Gymnastics.

Sports Report Mitchell High school has been doing extremely well in sporting fixtures recently and these need to be made mention of. Here are some of our recent good results:

CHS Cross Country Championships Congratulations to Lisa Palmer who competed in these championships. Sydney West Athletics Carnival Congratulations to the following students who competed at the Sydney West Athletics Carnival on the 30th of June and 1st of August 2008. there were some outstanding performances. Congratulations to Mihaela Grnovic (year 7) who was selected to compete at the NSW CHS championships. Raghda Abusador Mele Ahofono Maley Aydin Kayla Boland

Please let Mrs Maguire know of your sporting achievements outside of school so you can be recognised for your achievements in sport. As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for Mitchell students to participate in sport. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your assistance in encouraging your sons and daughters to participate in sport, whether they participate at a competitive or recreational level. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all Mitchell students to get out there and have a go. You just never know how well you might do. Mrs Maguire Sports Co-ordinator News Bulletin – September 2008

Jindabyne Ski Trip 2008 This year we had a small group of students who attended a 5 day ski/snowboard program at the Jindabyne Sport and Recreation Centre. The students were mostly inexperienced and some had never even seen snow before. I was extremely impressed with their attitude and adventurous spirit as they progressed through the various stages of skill acquisition. The snowboarders struggled in the first few days to master this rather complex skill but despite spending most of the day either face planting or icing their Gluteus maximus they rarely complained. The snow conditions were the best for the past ten years and the snowball fights and snowmen were of a similar standard. Thredbo was in its most pristine alpine appearance and our students have many fantastic memories of their alpine skiing/snowboarding experience. Next year‟s trip should be bigger and better so if you are interested in going next year please start planning now as we will be taking our own school bus and there is only room for twenty students. Remember, with alpine skiing, it‟s all downhill. Mr.N.Black Ski Trip co-ordinator 2008

will only come to the computer labs for the duration of the tests. The 2008 School Certificate Computing Skills test have been grouped into five skill areas:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Computer operations Word-processing Spreadsheets and databases Graphics and multimedia Internet and email

The practice test has 40 questions and the students will be given 35 minutes to complete the test. They will print out the answers and a feed back about the test will be given to them later. Mr. Kumar “SKOOL IS KOOL with Karl” Programme

Thank you to the following people for
mentioning Mitchell High School when making a purchase from The Good Guys at Prospect: GASTON CANDUTTI LEANNE DEMANUELLE LEANNE MOSS KEVIN EZZY MAGDAMENA SANCSEN BARBARA HUME AARON TRACY SARAH MAXWELL GRANT GOLDSMITH The “Skool is Kool with Karl” Programme is offered by The Good Guys Prospect for schools/groups in the local area. The programme gives our school the opportunity to earn Reward Vouchers through purchases made by members of the school community (such as students, parents, extended family & friends, teachers) HOW DOES IT WORK? Every time a member of the school community makes a purchase of $25 or more at The Good Guys Prospect, they will earn rewards for our school. Each $25 spent will earn a $1 “Skool is Kool with Karl” Reward Voucher. All you need to do is mention that you would like Mitchell High School to receive the reward points for your purchase at the time of payment for your goods. Please note that only schools/groups registered for this programme are eligible for the reward benefits.

Computing Skills Practice Test 2008 This year the Computing Skills Practice Test for Year 10 at Mitchell High School will be held on Wednesday 15th October, on the first week of Term 4. The tests will be conducted in three sessions and be online using computers. The students will have normal classes and

At the end of each month the school will receive the reward vouchers earned and are then able to use these for future purchases to benefit the School. Participation in this program is at no cost to you or the school. News Bulletin – September 2008

We hope that if you do make a purchase from The Good Guys Prospect you will join in this fund raising venture to benefit the school – even if only in a small way. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the School Co-Ordinator of this programme – Denise Armstrong in the Science Department – 9622-9944.

Rugby Mitchell High School has become the first School to retain both Rugby Championship Shields in the same year, boys or girls! Fathers‟ Day was celebrated in fine style at the home of Eastwood Rugby, T. G. Millner Field, both our Girls Rugby teams powering to victory in their respective State Championship Grand Finals! The victories were especially pleasing as both our teams were under strength, the girls lifting to do it for their missing team mates. The Richard Shaw Shield was retained with a 41-8 victory over a committed Bega side. Bega had defeated Matraville Sports and Warilla as they powered into the Final. Our girls used excellent support play to gain territory, tries being gained by strong leg drive and ball being won due to effective tackling. After rushing early and bombing two tries, the girls settled and took their time getting to the try-line. There were some marvellous performances from our unsung heroes, our star players tending to overdo it due to players not being available for the game. In Round 1 the girls defeated Davidson 28-0, in Round 2, Ryde Secondary College 130-0, Round 3, Asquith Girls 71-0, Round 4, Brisbane Water Secondary College 28-0, Round 5, Merewether 28-0, Warialda 44-7 in the Quarter-Final and Sarah Redfern 46-5 in the Semi-Final, The 15 Years Shield was won with a 36-21 victory over a strong and dangerous Westport High. After leading 19-7 at half-time, the girls began the second half in fine style, moving the ball effectively, supporting each other and “clearing out” efficiently, to score a vital fourth try within five minutes. Westport refused to give in, their excellent counter attacks always proving dangerous. A really tough game in the Quarter-Final against Wagga Wagga had prepared us for this challenge. In Round 1 the girls defeated Model Farms 28-0, in Round 2, Muirfield 28-0, Round 3, Plumpton 28-0, Round 4, Asquith Girls 71-0, Round 5, Winmalee 71-0, then Wagga Wagga in the Quarter-Final 40-10 and Bomaderry 44-7 in the Semi-Final. Our players were Samantha Silva, Carol Ngan, Kiara Epere, Kiri-Ann Muru-Paenga, Shana Crawt, Teisha Swindail, Maria-Eva Wolfgram, Ilaisaane Wolfgram, Mele Ahofono, Luana Peters, Camilla Utatao, Lisa Todd, Maria Liumaunu, Ashleigh Buckley, Bernadette Wolfgram, Melissa Peters, Theresa Ahofono, Zara Evans, Sheena Tuilimu, Enuakura Ruatita, Caitlin Clark, Amy Nolan, Lauren Cutrupi, Sepiuta Langi, Moana Robertson, Shay Tagaloa, Maggie Tulepu, Chrystal Cardwell and Aluong Neil.

Amongst the elation, it will be sad to say goodbye to six of the girls who have served Mitchell superbly. Ilaisaane, Lisa, Luana and Samantha have been playing since Year 7, when as twelve year olds they were prepared to take on the challenges of the 15 Years competition. They were joined by Camilla and Ashleigh a year later. After the girls had lost their first game in Year 7, they reached the Quarter-Final in 2004 as an Under 13 team. In 2005 they became State Champions, retaining their title in 2006, the first Girls team to achieve such in this competition. Last year they won the prestigious Richard Shaw Shield as the Champion Senior team in New South Wales and have now retained it! Only one school has ever won two junior titles and two senior titles as the same team. This was the Matraville team of 1974-1977, a team which produced three Wallabies, eight Waratahs and fifteen first graders. Our girls have equalled this amazing record! They have created a place in Rugby folklore. Garron Buttress-Grove Coach Science Report Long Reef Excursion Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science concluded their prac work for the course with a field trip to Long reef. On location, we studied the human impact on the local environment. In particular we examined introduced species, their effects on the environment and strategies to minimise their impact. The highlight of the day was an appearance by Mitchell the seal, who met us with waving flippers on the rock platform. Students travelled in luxury in our school‟s brand new 25 seater minibus, expertly driven by Mr. Walford.

News Bulletin – September 2008

Year 11 Biology students went on a field trip to Mt. Kiera, on 1st August 2008. They took part in several activities to complete the mandatory practical component of the course. The excursion was a huge success and the students benefited immensely from the hands on activities

Blue Mountains Excursion On Wednesday the 3rd September, our Year 11 Earth Scientists, visited the Blue Mountains. Following a screening of the Blue Mountains movie at the Edge Cinema, we drove to Echo Point. At first, we thought that the 3 Sisters may have collapsed into the valley as they were totally shrouded in mist/light rain. We descended the Giant Stairway into the valley to study the geology and the now defunct Katoomba Coal Mine. We had a great time and at the end of the day, we left the valley via the Scenic Railway for the bus trip back home.

International Earth Science Week As part of Earth Science week, Year 11/12 EES will visit the Core Library at Londonderry (Western Sydney, not Northern Ireland unfortunately) on Thursday 16 th October. Students will learn about the current technology and techniques employed by earth scientists in the exploration of NSW‟s geological landscape and meet a range of scientific experts along the way!

We welcome back Mr M. Walford and thank Mr B. Stooke for filling in while Mr Walford was relieving as Head Teacher Mentor. Ms. E. Mastrovangelis Head Teacher Science/Languages News Bulletin – September 2008