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Mark Geyen


									Mark Geyen Appropriate Practices for PE Elementary: Cultural Diversity: Appropriate practice would be to provide a wide variety of games and activities that affect many different cultures. Differences in the classroom are not ignored and are respected by all. Inappropriate Practice: To focus on one culture or one sex in the classroom as superior to the others. The teacher fails to choose activities that are accepted by all students and ignores behavior that is harmful to others. My Experience: I grew up in a town where my peers were all the same race. I recall that we were taught different dances in physical education class that dealt with different races and we actually included these dances in a school musical. I felt at the elementary age level that this was a good experience and somewhat of an eye-opener since we were pretty much all sheltered from different cultures. Physical Fitness Testing: Appropriate Practice: Students understand why they are being tested and the results are to help them set goals for their fitness levels. The results are shared privately with the parents of the child so they too can help set goals. Inappropriate Practice: Students take the tests without understanding the importance of the results given. It is made into a competition and the results are posted to the public. Children taking the tests are not prepared for the tests so they have troubles excelling. My Experience: I actually enjoyed doing these tests and to me it was a competition with some of my buddies but that is just my nature and not because the teacher made it competitive. The experience didn’t really help me set any goals because I was always at the top of the class so I wasn’t being pushed by the teacher to do any better. Competition: Appropriate Practices: Teachers include small amounts of competition when the time is right but focuses more on sportsmanship and cooperation Inappropriate Practices: Teachers have a punishment for “losers” and force students to play in games where winners and losers are decided. My Experience: I know when I was in elementary school when we would play team games we wouldn’t keep score some times to eliminate competition. We would compete with ourselves a lot when working on like making so many baskets in one minute and try to beat our previous score. I feel that it’s good to compete with yourself a lot and sometimes against a peer of your same ability level. Every so often I also feel it is necessary to compete in small amounts of competition because our world today is based on competition.

Middle School: Lesson Planning: Appropriate Practices: Lesson plans are developed on a regular basis and they keep in mind the goals and objectives. Lessons are planned sequentially to start from the basics and move on until the final goal is met. Inappropriate Practices: Lesson plans are not developed for each lesson and the goals of the lesson are not known to the teacher. Activities may contain things that have nothing to do with the outcome of the activity. My Experience: As a middle school student I would guess that my teachers had lesson plans and a pretty good idea on what they wanted us as students to accomplish that day. I think they could have done a pretty good job of getting away with not having a lesson plan on occasions. I would have to assume they had goals because for each unit we would cover all of the skills and this was sometimes boring as a kid who wanted to get out and play games. Dressing for Activity: Appropriate Practices: Teachers make sure all students have appropriate clothing and shoes for activities and warn them of events that may require different attire then the usual day. Inappropriate Practices: Students are restricted to participate based on their dress. My Experience: As a student in the middle school in know that we were told to bring clothes to wear inside and outside and clothes for cooler weather outside at the beginning of the year so we didn’t have to worry about bringing it later when we could forget. Then before we did go outside we were always reminded just incase so we were prepared and if not the teachers made us wear something from the lost and found. I felt that this method worked pretty well because nobody wanted to wear any clothes from the lost and found so they usually had everything with them. If for some reason a student didn’t have clothes for the activity they were never excluded because they could always use some from the lost and found. Exercise Punishment: Positive: Activities done in the classroom that require exercise are done in a positive manner and for enjoyment when possible. Negative: Teachers assign exercise as punishment for misbehavior from a student. Teachers assign this task not for the education purpose but for punishment. My Experience: In my experiences students were not punished for misbehavior by running or anything like that because in some cases that’s exactly what they wanted to do was to be taken out of an activity because they didn’t like it. Instead they would lose participation points for the day which would affect their grade.

High School Variety of Content: Appropriate: Teachers provide a wide range of activities that deal with highly competitive to little competition and from individual and dual games to team games. Inappropriate: Teachers choose games that are easy for them to teach and set up. They teach the same games every year and to all the grade levels regardless of abilities and performances. My Experience: My senior year in high school I was in a class call individual and dual sports and we played badminton and pickle ball the entire semester. I had a good time for about 6 weeks of the class and then it became boring because the same game was always being played and usually against the same people to make it a fair game. Classroom Setting: Appropriate: Classroom setting is positive and is reinforced both by the teacher and the students. Teachers are responsible for making sure that all equipment and facilities are safe and if not remove the equipment from play or remove the students from the facility. Inappropriate: Teachers do not check the equipment and do not get rid of poor equipment. There is a limited amount of equipment for students to use. My Experience: During high school my PE teacher was aware or the equipment we were using and the shape that it was in. If there was something wrong with a piece of equipment he would remove it immediately and expected us as students to report anything that wasn’t right. I can recall that during a floor hockey unit he would fix any stick that wasn’t secure to be on the playing surface. I felt safe and secure in this classroom from being injured or harm because he wasn’t lazy and didn’t take chances of injury. Maximizing Participation: Appropriate: Teachers make sure there is plenty of equipment for all students to participate. They modify games so all students can play at once. Inappropriate: Limited equipment is provided which minimizes skills being learned. Activities are usually put together in masses of randomly selected teams. My Experience: During my high school PE class anytime a game involved teams my PE teacher would have teams posted for that day/week. I thought this was a good idea because the teams were equal and we didn’t waste time during class selecting teams because we knew when we walked in where to go.

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