Laughlin Memorial Chapel Christmas Wish List 2009 NEED UNWRAPPED

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					Laughlin Memorial Chapel Christmas Wish List 2009
129½ 18th Street, Wheeling, W. Va.

For information call Ms. Patti 304 650-5682 or Jason @ Laughlin Chapel 304 232-2630 Kindergarten and Grade 1, ages 5-7 — 40 children, 23 girls (13 African Americans, 10 Caucasian) & 17 boys (9 African Americans, 5 Caucasian) Popular themes/characters: Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Superman, Batman, Ninja Turtles Wrestlers, Hannah Montana, Bratz, High School Musical 40 Coloring books or activity books 40 Movies, DVD’s such as Veggie Tales, Disney classics, Hannah Montana, Sponge Bob, Cinderella, Cars, Dora, etc. 40 outdoor toys, such as playground balls, jr. size footballs, skip-its jump rope, skates 23 Stuffed animals for girls (FurReal, Care Bears, etc.) Please no super sizes. 17 Lego-type building sets for boys (robots, vehicles, super hero, etc.) 40 Age appropriate books 40 Age appropriate games Grades 2 & 3, ages 7-9 — 40 children, 20 girls (10 African Americans, 10 Caucasian) & 20 boys (6 African Americans, 14 Caucasian) 40 Movies, DVD’s suggested titles: Cars, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Bratz, Barbie, etc. 11 African American Barbie or Bratz Dolls 9 Caucasian Barbie or Bratz Dolls 20 Small radio control or air powered vehicles 40 Outdoor toys—kick balls, footballs, basketballs, jump ropes etc. 40 Age appropriate games Grades 4 & 5, ages 9-11— 33 children, 18 girls & 15 boys 33 Movies, DVD’s Suggested Titles: Ice Princess, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Sports, etc. 33 Age appropriate games 33 Mp3 players 18 Build a Bear stuffed animal, Bratz or Barbie collectible dolls 15 Wrestling match games, remote control cars 33 Balls—football, basketball, dodge balls 18 Shower/perfume sets for girls 15 Shower/cologne sets for boys Middle and High School, ages 12-18 — 55 Youth, 30 girls & 24 boys 55 Activity books: Sudoku, Crossword, Word Search 55 Books: mystery, fiction, romance 55 Movies, DVDs: holiday movies, action/adventure movies rated not higher than PG 13 55 Watches, jewelry 31 Perfume or shower sets for girls 18 Cologne or shower sets for boys 55 Hygiene kits supplies for all, to include: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes (vent type or regular mens), toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm or gloss. Full size products, please. 55 Mall gift certificates--$15