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June 2008 Newsletter
161 Regent Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 9N9 * Phone: 905-884-5381 * Fax: 905-884-0972 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 10
St. Mary Immaculate Catholic Church 10295 Yonge St Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3B9 Phone: 905-884-1784 School Pastor: Fr. John Duffy Principal: J. Cordi, B. Mus., B. Ed., M. Ed. CSC Chair: J. Codeluppi Superintendent: M. Deveaux Trustees: Ann Stong, Mike Rizzi Head Secretary: J. Campisi Secretary: R. Caranci

Principal’s Message
I would like to thank the SMI school staff, students and community members for a highly productive and successful year. This year we enjoyed a high level of student lunch-time activities through the Tile Lady, LTPA, and Live Artfully. Through the generosity of staff giving of their time and talent, we have had more school sports teams and lunch time physical activities, particularly at the junior level. We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our students who have tried out or have represented our school as members of our many school teams and the coaches who have given so freely of their time to train our students. This is an important part of promoting physical fitness among our young students. We have been moving to take advantage of technology for student learning by upgrading our classroom computers, expanding our use of assistive technology, and introducing Promethean whiteboards into our classrooms. Our production of High School Musical earlier this year gave our students an opportunity to exercise their performing talents as well as develop cooperative skills. Our students also demonstrated their singing talents by participating in choir practices for our school masses. I am also most thankful to Father Anthony for celebrating mass with us all year and the spiritual guidance he has shown. I thank the members of our school community for your dedication and commitment to making our school environment an enriching place to learn and for the variety of experiences it has to offer. Have a safe and prosperous summer.

Last Day of School Has Changed
To ensure consistency throughout our system, and to ensure transportation efficiencies, the School Board has approved the designation of June 26th as a PA Day for both our Elementary and Secondary panels. Our last day of classes will now be Wednesday, June 25th.

Grade 8 Trip to Quebec
In keeping with a SMI tradition, the grade 8 students visited Quebec City from May 12 until May 15. The students stayed within the walls of Old Quebec City where they were immersed in the rich French culture. Highlights of the trip included a visit to the Basilica at St. Anne de Beaupre, dance cruise along the St. Lawrence River, the suspension bridges over the Chutes of St. Anne and a traditional Quebecois meal at a sugar shack.

Prayer For The End Of The School Year
As this school year comes to an end and as we reflect upon the past ten months, we are grateful for all the blessings we have experienced. We thank you God for the time that we have spent together. We ask pardon for any wrongs we have done, and for any good we have neglected to do. We ask for your continued care and guidance throughout the summer months. We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus. Amen The students were sorry to leave Quebec City, but left with memories that will last a life time. Mr. Cordi, Mr. Charbonneau, Madame Falckh, Miss Swirla and Ms. Kempt agreed that it was truly a pleasure to travel with such an amazing group of grade 8 students. Thank you to the parents for supporting this worth while experience.


SMI Intermediate Soccer Teams
For the past three months the first ever SMI Boys and Girls Outdoor Soccer teams worked extremely hard preparing for the Giochi Della Gioventu Outdoor Soccer Classic Tournaments. The boys traveled to Maple for the first tourney and respectfully placed 3rd in their group winning one game and losing two. The Girls were next to follow and dominated group play by defeating Divine Mercy 3-2 in their first game and winning the next two games 2-0 and 1-0 against Father John Kelly and Holy Spirit. By winning all three games the girls went on to win their group and move on to the semi-finals against soccer powerhouse, Our Lady of Fatima from Woodbridge. After falling behind 2-1 at halftime, the girls showed determination and a "never give up" attitude going on to score 3 times in the second half to win 4-2. This victory gave the girls team a birth into the semi-finals where they would be playing yet another soccer powerhouse, St. Gabriel the Archangel. In the semifinals match, the SMI Stars dominated from the beginning scoring three times and allowing no goals. This guaranteed the Stars a date with St. Gregory the Great in the final match. In the finals, St. Mary Immaculate played with pride and held St. Gregory's to zero-zero at half time. But St. Gregory's fresh legs (and 13 rep players) seemed to be too much to handle as they went on to score 3 times in the last 15 minutes of the game. The final score was: St. Gregory the Great 3 and St. Mary Immaculate 0.

lowing split classes September 2008: JK/SK, 4/5, and 5/6. However, it is difficult to be absolutely certain where split classes will occur for the fall as our numbers continue to fluctuate. As a result the class to which your child will be assigned for next year will not be listed on the June report card since student lists may change over the summer. On the first day of school our teachers will have the master class lists. Class lists will not be posted. Grade numbers will be posted around the school yard and students will line up by their designated grade where the teachers will call out student names for their respective classes.

QSP Magazine Fundraiser Coordinator Needed!
Plans are underway for next year's fundraiser. Parent council is looking for someone (or a team of people) to coordinate the QSP magazine fundraiser. If you would be interested in this very important role that will directly benefit the school, please contact Heather Seniow 905 770 0730 or Janice Codeluppi 905 737 9840.

SMI Year-End Barbeque
The Annual Year-End Summer Barbeque is fast approaching. Mark your calendars! Thursday June 19, 2008 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Rain or Shine Special thanks go out to all of our generous sponsors. Their donations of raffle items, prizes as well as food allow us to hold this celebration.

SMI Stars have a lot to be proud of. The teams showed that hard work, discipline and teamwork are all ingredients in success. The coaches, Mr. Calabria and Mr. Perri are extremely proud of the boys’ and girls’ teams and would like to thank the entire SMI staff and parents for their support at the games. AIM Trimark We are also most thankful to both coaches for their hard work Brandes Investment Partners Burgundy Asset Management and dedication in training and leading our teams. CI Investments Enza Pulla ShareLife Donation John Vince Foods This year's Sharelife fundraiser was the most successful ever! Regis Corp Thank you to all parents, students and staff members who gen- GGY Inc erously donated prizes and money towards the ShareLife raffle La Bruschetta Restaurant (St. Clair Ave West) that took place on Friday, May 30th. A very special thank you Legea (Distributor) also goes out to the members of the Student Council who sold Lonestar Texas Grill (South Hill Shopping Centre) tickets and to Madame Macciacchera and Madame Falckh for Royal Bank (Hwy 7 & Marycroft Branch) organizing the event. The grand total raised this year was $2 Starbucks Coffee (Richmond Heights Plaza) 122.11! By contributing to ShareLife, we are all winners! QSP Magazines / Worlds Finest Chocolates

Classroom Organization and Student Placement for September 2008
We have been monitoring our enrolment numbers for September 2008. Developing a staffing model and class lists is a complex process where many variables affect the make up and size of our classrooms from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. There are various class size caps for the different grades. Students moving in and out of the area will affect our class sizes and the new house development in the area may impact our enrolment numbers. At present it looks as if we may have the folPage 2

Thanks also to all parents who have made donations or have volunteered their time.

Fundraising for Free the Children
Thank you to everything who purchased a butterfly cookie. Through your generosity we were able to raise almost $300.00 for the organization Free the Children. Continuing in that spirit of giving, Mr. Charbonneau organized and supervised a 21 shooting competition for Grade 7 and 8 students. Students paid $3 to participate in the competition with the proceeds going to Free the Children. School Website: http://smi.ycdsb.ca


Date Change for Our End of the Year/Graduation Mass
There has been a change in date for our last mass of the school year. SMI will celebrate our End of the Year/Graduation Mass on Friday, June 20th at 9:30 a.m. in the school gym with Father Anthony. Please come and join us.

necessary arrangements should your child no longer qualify for transportation. Similarly Grade 8 students who live less than 4.8 km from St. Theresa of Lisieux High School will not be eligible for transportation when they enter grade 9. Students living further than 4.8 km who wish to acquire a list of school bus stops should access www.schoolbuscity.com

Grade 8 Graduation
Our Grade 8 students will receive their Certificates of Graduation on Monday, June 23rd at 7:00 p.m. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2007-2008 and may you continue to grow and mature as life-long learners in high school. We thank you for your student leadership and wish you all the best in your future endeavours as you enter Grade 9.

2008-09 School Year Calendar Dates
To help you plan for next year, here are the dates for holidays and elementary P.A. days:

Labour Day: September 1, 2008 School Starts: September 2, 2008 P. A. Day: Friday, September 26, 2008 Thanksgiving: October 13, 2008 Report Cards Just a reminder that report cards will be distributed to the stu- P. A. Day: Monday, November 10, 2008 dents on Wednesday, June 25. Please take some time to con- P. A. Day: Friday, November 28, 2008 gratulate your children on their successes and review the areas Christmas Break: December 22 - January 2, 2008 P. A. Day: Friday, January 30, 2009 that need improvement for next year. Family Day: February 16, 2009 Mid-Winter Break: March 16-20, 2009 School Opening for the 2008-09 Year Good Friday: April 10, 2009 The office will be open as of Monday, August 25th, 2008. Stu- Easter Monday: April 13, 2009 P. A. Day: Friday, May 1, 2009 dents will begin school on Tuesday, September 2nd. Classes Victoria Day: May 18, 2009 and staffing can change right up until the start of the school P. A. Day: Friday, June 26, 2009 year.

Are you Moving?

Thank You St. Mary Immaculate

It is very important that we be notified if your address, home Community Volunteers! phone number or business phone number have changed. If you are moving over the summer months, please notify the office as We would like to thank parents, teachers, students and families who so willingly and consistently support our school, soon as possible. programs and campaigns. Your generosity of time and commitment reflect a sincere desire to maintain St. Mary ImmacuAppropriate Dress Code late as an excellent place to learn and grow! We wish all As the warmer weather approaches, we are seeking parent sup- families a healthy, happy, and safe summer ! port to ensure that modest T-shirts and proper length shorts and skirts are worn. Tank tops should cover your shoulder (straps should not be thinner than the width of two fingers). Inappropriate slogans/logos on clothing are not acceptable. Children are Wanted: School Crossing Guards also encouraged to wear running shoes for safety. Keeping children safe is a priority for the Town of Richmond Hill. School Crossing Guards are a vital part of our commuBus Transportation for September nity. They ensure the safe crossing of children as they travel In September 2008, students who have not changed their home to and from school. These highly dedicated men and women address, school or caregiver location and have not advanced to are working on the street every school day assisting children. Grade 4 or Grade 9 are serviced at the same bus stop locations There is always a need for Crossing Guards willing to work up with the same service times as they were in June 2008. Stuto 3 hours per day. You must be available on weekday dents who have changed their address, or caregiver location or standby; hold a valid Ontario Driver’s License and have achave advanced to Grade 4 or Grade 9, or students wishing to cess to reliable transportation. confirm transportation arrangements, should access transporta- Daily travel allowance of $4.00 per day if crossing location is tion information at www.schoolbuscity.com after August 18 for greater than 1.5 km from your residence. Up to 15 hours per school bus information. week and the rate of pay is $11.50 - $12.25 per hour. Grade 3 students who live less than 1.6 km. from St. Mary Immaculate and are currently getting transportation, will not be Please contact Rob Cowie, Traffic Analyst or Pat McGuffin, eligible for transportation when they enter Grade 4. Parents are Development Assistant at the Town of Richmond Hill’s Engiencouraged to determine your child's eligibility and to make the neering & Public Works Department at 905-771-8830. School Website: http://smi.ycdsb.ca Page 3


J UNE 2008
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EQAO Testing for EQAO Testing for EQAO Testing for Grade 3 & 6 Grade 3 & 6 Grade 3 & 6 CSC Meeting at 7 p.m. Grade 7 Trip to Kettleby Outdoor Education Centre


JK & SK - Round the Bend Farm



Track and Field at York University Grades 1& 2 Harbourfront Trip

SMI CSC Blue Jays Game at Rogers Centre









Pizza Lunch for Parent Volunteer Student Volunteers Appreciation Reception at 2:30 p.m.

Grade 5 Field Trip End of the Year/ To Canada's Won- Graduation Mass at derland 9:30 a.m. SMI CSC Annual Barbeque: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.


Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony 7 p.m. in the Gym




PA Day


Last Day of School PA Day for Students Report Cards Go Home



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School Website: http://smi.ycdsb.ca

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