Family Traditions Worksheet

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					For the second session of Sprouting Together families gathered and participated in games dealing with cultural changes. The session started out with each group completing a family tradition worksheet. The groups then shared their answers with everyone. The second activity that was conducted was elder song and children song bingo. Each group was given a bingo card with song titles on it. Twenty to thirty second clips were played of different songs from each generation. This continued until a group had BINGO with their song titles. The final activity the group participated in was the “name that person/thing game”. The winners of these activities left with a prize! Below you will find a copy of the family traditions worksheet. Also, the answers to the “name that person/thing game”. Enjoy!!!!

Answer the following questions individually. Once completed, join together and share your answers. 1. What are some family traditions you have for Christmas? 2. What are some family traditions you have for Thanksgiving? 3. What are some family traditions you have for Halloween? 4. Are there any other times, it doesn’t have to be a holiday, where you and your family share some type of tradition? 5. Are any of these traditions carried on from when your parents were growing up? 6. Did you and your family start any new traditions? 7. What traditions do you hope to carry on with your family (children and grandchildren) in the future?

Family Traditions Worksheet

Answers to the “Name that person/thing game”
1. Walter Cronkite 2. The Smothers Brothers 3. The Crew of Apollo 8 4. Joan Didion 5. Tom Wolfe 6. Ethel Kennedy 7. Robert McNamara 8. John Lewis 9. Bob Dylan 10. Ringo Star 11. Aretha Franklin 12. Avril Lavigne 13. Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus 14. High School Musical Cast 15. Justin Timberlake 16. Jonas Brothers 17. Christina Aguilera 18. I-pod 19. Cell Phone 20. Webcam 21. Bart Starr 22. Richard Nixon 23. Dean Martin 24. Steve McQueen 25. James Garner

Be sure to tune in next week for our coverage on fashion. Sprouting Together meets each Monday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. until April 21st.