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April-May 2006 Newsletter


									Wynford Local Schools

April/May 2006

Wynford Community Newsletter
A Message From a
Here it is, March already! We’ve made it through, in my opinion, the two toughest months of the year. It was a good winter though! Our basketball programs were successful, our pep band and cheerleaders got us psyched up to support our teams, our community luncheon was well attended and the weather was basically mild as winters go. I have also completed my second month on the Wynford School Board. Just after two months on the job, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about our school and community that I wanted to share. I have learned so much in two months and have had wonderful support and encouragement from Mr. Preston, my fellow board members, members of our administration and teaching staffs as well as many community members. To all of you, I appreciate your support, insight and wisdom more than you can imagine. I look forward to the continuing opportunities to learn and grow in my position. In just two months, I have realized first hand, what I already knew about this district… we are richly blessed. How comforting it is to me to drop my daughter off every day knowing that she is receiving a quality education from talented professionals in a safe and secure environment. I was extremely proud to be a Royal last week at the boy’s tournament games when our fans more than doubled those of our opponents. Our student athletes and coaches are all quality people that win and lose with class and sportsmanship. I was speaking with a community member recently at a home basketball game about the benefits of being a smaller district. I portrayed our district as a small town and our school campus was City Hall. The importance of our “citizens” and their activities at “city hall” cannot be underestimated in importance. I said to this community member, “This school is what we’re all about.” He smiled and nodded in affirmation. I also graduated from a small school in the town of Rittman. Last evening, I was looking through some old newspaper clippings of events that were important to me in my school days. It was as if a lock was taken off a vault and all the good times came back in an instant. “Those were great times”, I pondered as I continued to take a trip back in time. Wynford hosts many class reunions where friends of years gone by come back to recollect the memories they shared at our four high schools that have now become one. These memories are important to each and every one of us. They built the foundation of who we are today. Whether we were athletes, musicians or actors, members of FFA or other clubs, or scholars, we all share the memories that our school provided. Each memory is an extension of the classroom that prepares us for the “real world”. As a football official, I have the opportunity to visit many schools in the state. I have been to large Division 1 city schools, to a district like Vanlue which was the smallest school to offer football. The last time I worked a game for them, they had 18 student athletes dressed. Week after week, this team took its lumps on the field and often came up on the losing side of the ledger. I can assure you that those players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, students, parents and community members could think of no better place to spend a Friday night than at the school football field. This district has been pressured and questioned by many to consolidate with other neighboring districts. They flatly refuse. They don’t see the need…they are proud to be Vanlue, proud to be Wildcats. Wynford is similar on many fronts. We are special, we are separate and we’re doing just fine!


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In two weeks, the calendar says it’s spring. Well see if the weather cooperates. But, as the season changes, we have much to look forward to at “City Hall”. Our spring musical, “Annie” will be presented, PTO Fun Night at the end of March, baseball, softball and track will also be in full swing soon. And who can forget Prom? Of course, in June, there is graduation, the culmination of all that our students have worked for and we as parents have supported. This spring, we also have two crucial levies that must pass to insure the strength and stability of “our” community. It is our duty and responsibility to take care of ourselves; to maintain that our children and grand children can share in the same opportunities we had. Even if we do not have direct relatives in the district, we must support that which is at the hub of our community and help to create the life long memories for generations to come. In closing, I thank all of you for your continued support and dedication to Wynford Local Schools. Regards, Mike Sparks Wynford School Board Member

Dear Members of the Wynford Community: I will be retiring as the Superintendent of the Wynford Local Schools on July 31, 2006. I will have been here nearly five years. I have never enjoyed any community or a group of students as I have enjoyed Wynford and Crawford County. You are a wonderful community in which to live and work. These may have been the best years of my life, and I am looking forward to remaining a part of the community in the future. Unfortunately our time together has been challenging at times as is common with anyone associated with public schools today. From May 2002 to May 2006, the Wynford Local Schools will have been on the ballot eight times on ten issues. This is not uncommon for districts and communities who are not wealthy but believe in the importance of having a good education for their children. I have enjoyed tremendous personal support during these times by our students, parents, community members, my Boards of Education, and the faculty and staff. Our school system during this period has been rated as “Effective” in two of the last three years and the support of our after school tutoring program by parents and staff has been exceptional. The faculty continues to work on their curriculum realignment to state standards so that our children receive a quality education. Our children and young men and women are well behaved. They represent their parents well by having a great work ethic that serves them well in both academics and athletics. As this is being written our boys are going to the regional basketball finals and we are hopeful for additional games. I have been blessed to have been here with you during these times of accomplishment. It is my hope and sincere wish that all the many joys that I have found in our Wynford Local Schools and its community will be here for decades to come. Our children have an identity and a name and they are not treated like they are a number. They are encouraged to do well in all of their activities at Wynford on an individual basis. They have responded to the challenges of their teachers and coaches with a positive “can do” attitude that has been and is one of the trademarks of rural America. They back up their positive attitude with a great work ethic and their achievements are noteworthy. One of my final requests for you is to support this wonderful school system and the next superintendent as you have supported me during my years here. The Wynford Local Schools deserve your support and they will always have mine. May all of God’s blessings come to you and our Wynford Local Schools.

Samuel L. Preston



The Wynford Local Schools has two tax renewals on the ballot May 2nd. These taxes are already being collected. The 6.9 mill levy was approved May of 2003. This is the third renewal for the emergency levy that raises $350,000. The passage of these renewals is critical to all of our programs at Wynford; academic as well as extra curricular clubs and athletics. The Wynford Board of Education Finance Committee met on Thursday, March 16th to discuss the affect of either or both renewals failing. The loss of both levies would cause a $500,000 loss of revenue in the 2006-2007 school year and a $1,000,000 loss of revenue in the years following. The impact on our programs would be nearly instant and disastrous. The loss of revenue would be so large that the millage required to replace the defeated levies and lost programs would require an even larger amount of money (higher millage). The District has reduced staff and expenses at every opportunity. Our faculty and staff are now on a base salary freeze and have agreed to 2% increases for the next two years. Wynford has increased our deductibles on our insurance policies saving taxpayer dollars from our 2003 and 2005 negotiations. Our Wynford Local School District has always been well managed while providing a quality education to our students. Your support for our two property tax renewals in the May election would be greatly appreciated. grades and information has been available since September 2005. We are pleased to offer this service to parents. This is a great way to stay on top of your child’s assignments, scores, and to communicate with teachers. There is now a Parent Access link on the Wynford District home page – If you have questions about using this offering or need account information please contact your child’s principal.

Parent Access to student


MAY 10th National School Nurse Day!
Special Thanks to:
Mary Kocher For her help with the February/March newsletter.

In grades 7-12, students carry home their progress reports and grade cards. Keep a look out for the following dates: 4th QUARTER Progress Report Report Card April 28, 2006 Will be mailed home in June



WHS students participate in the eTech Ohio Convention
On February 15th five students from Wynford High School participated in the eTech Ohio technology convention at the Columbus Convention Center. eTech Ohio invited over 40 schools to set up displays three days to show 3,000+ teachers and administrators from across the state, on what was happening in their local school. The Wynford students were invited to set up a display showcasing the Wynford Media Class. Students who attended were: (left to right) Tim Larsen, Samantha May, Tawny Leuthold, Ellen Dotson, and Esther Kelly. Teacher, Jerry West also attended. The theme of their presentation was: “A Media Class in a Small Rural School.” Students were on hand to answer questions to over 150 teachers who stopped by their booth to show examples of the Royal News, the senior video, and the announcements that are shown in the cafeteria at lunch. The purpose of the booth was to show small rural schools like Wynford how to compete with the big city and suburban schools that have many more resources. Teachers came to talk to the students specifically for that reason, and many left the booth with ideas on how their school can start a similar class with limited funds. The students also had time to look at over 250 vendors selling technology products to schools, and at other student presentations. The students returned to Wynford with a better appreciation of the world of technology as it applies to education.

Wynford School District is announcing their kindergarten registration/screening for the 2006-2007 school year. Residents of the Wynford District with a child entering kindergarten next fall can call the Wynford Elementary building to register their child. The cut-off age for kindergarten is 5 years old by August 1st. Screening dates are Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th, 2006. Please call the school at 419-562-4619 to register your resident student for a screening appointment. Kindergarten requirements include immunizations, physical exam, dental exam, government issued birth certificate (not mother’s certificate or hospital certificate), social security number and custody papers (if needed). Immunizations include 5 doses of DPT; 4 doses of Polio; 2 doses of MMR; 3 doses of Hepatitis B; and the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

May 7-13

Teacher Appreciation Week



With the school year winding down, we are keeping close watch on kindergarten through sixth grade lunch accounts. We ask that you please make sure your child has enough breakfast and or lunch money available through the remaining year. Any overpay for K-5 will carry over to the next year. Sixth grade will receive their balance on their first day at the High School. We do not have a computer program for grades 7-12, so sixth grade accounts cannot be carried over. All negative balances must be paid before the closing of the school year.

Kindergarten through grade 6 students will not be allowed to charge the last two weeks of the year, May 15-May 26. This allows us to assure all accounts are in order. Please make sure your child’s account is covered, as there will be no exceptions. You may check on your child’s account by calling 419-562-4404. If I am not in the office, please leave a message and I will return your call. You need to leave only the child’s first name and last name and a working phone number where you can be reached. Any question, please contact me. Thank you. Sue Kalb

To all our boys and girls basketball teams for a wonderful season!
Thank you to everyone that purchased tickets and donated items for the Valentine raffle. Ivan Hartschuh won first prize that consisted of 1 dozen roses from Norton’s Flowers, a $25 gift certificate from Al Smith’s Place, 2 movie passes from Capitol Cinema, and a box of chocolates from CVS. Second prize consisting of 1 dozen roses from Cameo Floral Designs, 1 large pizza from East of Chicago Pizza, 2 movie rentals, popcorn and candy from Family Video was won by Alex Stansbery. Steve Harrer and Sherry Kocher each won $10 gift certificates for Baker’s Pizza donated by Photos by Maria. Don’t forget to order your 2006-2007 Wynford Community Calendar. The cost of the calendar is $8.00. All 5th-12th grade band members have order forms. To place your order, complete the form and give with your payment to any band member or mail to the Wynford Band Boosters, Attn: Kathy Scott, 1828 Spore-Brandywine Rd., Bucyrus, Ohio 44820. For each calendar sold, $3.00 will be credited to the seller’s band account. Band Boosters’ meetings are held in the high school teachers’ lounge at 7:00 pm the first Monday of every month. Any person interested in the progress and development of the Wynford Instrumental Music Department and parents of students in the Instrumental Music Department are considered members of the boosters. They are welcome and encouraged to attend booster meetings. Officers for 2005-2006 Ronda Stansbery, President 740-482-2708 Mikki Richards, Co-Treasurer 419-562-5788 Ann Barth, Secretary 740-482-2261 Kathy Scott, Vice President 419-562-8229 Carolyn Heacock, Co-Treasurer 419-683-5850 Carl Copeland, Instrumental Dir. 419-562-7828, Ext



Calendar of Events
1 Var. Track @ Bucyrus Elks — 9:00 am Var. Baseball w/Carey DH — 11:00 am J.V. Baseball @ Carey DH — 11:00 am Var. Softball w/Carey DH — 11:00 am J.V. Softball @ Carey DH — 11:00 am Holmes Liberty Alumni Daylight Savings Time Begins 6th Grade Mohican Trip through Friday Vars. Baseball w/Ontario — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Ontario — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Ontario — 4:30 pm Athletic Boosters — 7:00 pm Band Boosters — 7:00 pm Var. Track away Lucas/Ridgedale—4:30 pm JH Track @ Ontario — 4:30 pm Var. Baseball @ Lucas — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Lucas — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Lucas — 4:30 pm Var. Baseball @ St. Peters — 4:30 pm Vars. Softball @ St. Peters — 4:30 pm JH Track w/Buckeye & St. Bernard 4:30 pm 6th Grade return from Mohican Trip Var. Baseball @ Crestline — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Crestline — 4:30 pm Var. Track @ Ridgedale Invitational — 10:00 am Var. Baseball @ Seneca East DH — 11:00 am J.V. Baseball w/Seneca East DH — 11:00 am Var. Softball @ Seneca East DH — 11:00 am J.V. Baseball w/Seneca East DH — 11:00 am NO SCHOOL — Spring Break Var. Baseball w/Riverdale — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Riverdale — 4:30 pm Academic Boosters — 7:30 pm NO SCHOOL — Spring Break Var. Baseball w/Tiffin Calvert — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Tiffin Calvert — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Tiffin Calvert — 4:30 pm J.V. Softball @ Tiffin Calvert — 4:30 pm Var. Track w/Bucyrus — 4:30 pm NO SCHOOL — Spring Break NO SCHOOL — Spring Break Var. Baseball @ Colonel Crawford—4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Colonel Crawford—4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Colonel Crawford—4:30 pm NO SCHOOL — Spring Break NO SCHOOL — Spring Break Easter Sunday School Resumes Var. Softball @ Crestline — 4:30 pm Board of Education Meeting — 7:30 pm Var. Track w/Buckeye Central — 4:25 pm Var. Baseball @ River Valley — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/River Valley — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ River Valley — 4:30 pm J.V. Softball w/River Valley — 4:30 pm Pioneer Delay Var. Baseball w/Buckeye Central—4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Buckeye Central—4:30 pm Var. Track @ Crawford Co. Meet—4:00 pm Var. Baseball @ Bucyrus — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Bucyrus — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Bucyrus — 4:30 pm J.H. Track @ Riverdale Relays — 4:30 pm High School Musical — “Annie”-8:00 am


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Var. Baseball w/Upper Sandusky DH 11:00 am J.V. Baseball @ Upper Sandusky DH 11:00 am Var. Softball w/Upper Sandusky DH 11:00 am J.V. Softball @ Upper Sandusky DH 4:30 pm Lykens Alumni H.S. Musical — “Annie” — 8:00 pm H.S. Musical — “Annie” — 2:00 pm Var. Baseball @ Ontario — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Ontario — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Ontario — 4:30 pm JH Track tri-meet at home w/Mohawk, Riverdale — 4:30 pm Var. Track tri-meet at home w/Crestline, River Valley — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Lucas — 4:30 pm Var. Baseball w/Lucas — 5:00 pm Var. Softball w/Lucas — 5:00 pm 2-Hour Delay Start of School Var. Baseball w/Old Fort — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Old Fort — 4:30 pm Var. Baseball w/Crestline — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Crestline — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Crestline — 4:30 pm JH Track—Wynford Relays — 4:30 pm Mt. Zion Alumni

1 Bus Driver Appreciation Day Var. Baseball @ Riverdale — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Riverdale — 4:30 pm JH Track away — tri-meet — Upper Sandusky Hopewell Loudon — 4:30 pm Athletic Boosters — 7:00 pm Band Boosters — 7:00 pm Var. Track away — Colonel Crawford-RiverdaleOntario — 4:30 pm Var. Baseball w/Colonel Crawford — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Colonel Crawford — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Colonel Crawford — 4:30 pm J.H. Track home — tri-meet w/Colonel Crawford & Crestline — 4:30 pm 4th Grade Program — 7:00 pm Var. Track @ Mt. Gilead Invitational-10:00 am Prom Mother’s Day Teacher Appreciation Week begins Var. Baseball @ Buckeye Central — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball w/Buckeye Central — 4:30 pm Var. Softball @ Buckeye Central — 4:30 pm PTO — 7:00 pm Academic Boosters — 7:30 pm 3rd Grade Program — 7:00 pm Var. Baseball w/Bucyrus — 4:30 pm J.V. Baseball @ Bucyrus — 4:30 pm Var. Softball w/Bucyrus — 4:30 pm JH Band Concert—7:30 pm JH Track @ Bucyrus Invitational—4:30 pm Var. Track @ NCC Track Meet — 9:30 am Nevada Alumni — 6:00 pm JH Track home — NCC Meet — 4:30 pm Artists & Authors Night—6:30-8:30 pm 6th Grade Science Fair Honors Night — 7:00 pm Pioneer Delay H.S. Band Concert — 7:30 pm H.S. Choir Concert — 7:30 pm Last Day of School for Students


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March 30, 2006 7:00 pm Wynford High School Cafeteria “What characteristics do you want in your next superintendent?”
For all parents, grandparents, senior citizens, students, staff, and every community member
The Wynford Board of Education has scheduled a community meeting to discuss the characteristics and qualities the community would like to see in their next Superintendent. With my retirement, the community has an opportunity to provide the Board of Education with some guidance on qualities they prefer. This is a natural process that occurs in every school district when they replace their superintendent. While speaking to qualities they want in the next superintendent, the community is also sharing with the Board of Education their future expectations for the school system. Please take advantage of this opportunity and assist the Board of Education in this very important decision. —-Mr. Samuel L. Preston

In celebration of our rural heritage, the Wynford Levy Committee will be supporting a Royal Market Day on Friday, April 28, 2006 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm in the school parking lot. The public is invited to attend and display the products of their business, farms, hobbies or crafts. Everyone is welcome. There will be no charge for space and our only purpose is to demonstrate the diversity of our people and businesses as they exist in the Wynford Local School District. To make a reservation and receive an assigned spot, please call Samuel Preston at 419-562-7828 or Mrs. Hurles at 419-562-7828 ext. 209. If it should rain, the program will be moved indoors to the high school with overflow in the elementary multi purpose room if necessary.

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