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					TWELVE MONKEYS VIEWING NOTES VOICE OVER COMMENTARY by Terry Gilliam and Chucker Rover (Producer) 1.The Volunteer (Main Title)
Start out discussing card. Terry wanted to remain ambiguous-- know this may be something from a madman’s mind. Chuck said audiences had trouble with placing themselves at beginning of the movie. Madala of the monkey’s going around--wheel that keeps going around Chuck also comments on way titles unfocus as soon as they come clear

Title card starts out typing green about 5 billion people will die….Animals will rule again. Then note that it is Notes from a Psychiatric patient-- paranoid schizophrenic Red monkey mandala going around and around DREAM 1: See boy‟s eyes; man in Hawaiian shirt with gun in left hand, falling and rolling. Woman in red dress (blonde) Boy looks at her. Can hear the woman voice over announcing the flights. Then woman‟s voice chances to calling out numbers and inmate names Bruce Willis in some kind of cage, lying in hammock. Ask Jose what is happening. Bad news…volunteers and they called your name. Discuss whether people who are volunteered come back. They‟ve got „em all up on the 7th floor. Somebody is hauled out of cell, dangling. Then Wills‟ cell top lights up, opens See guy above. Cole says he didn‟t volunteer. Guy asks if he is causing trouble again. Next see Bruce putting on what looks like a full body condom. Puts on a big plastic suit. Instructions for first time probe, telling how if integrity of suit is compromised in ay way he can‟t come back i.
Gilliam taks about the suit as a full body condom; fear of being infected, viruses etc

Coles enters a circular column; taken up many levels. Wandering around in what looks like factory: ruins…shades of alien.. waters. Willis wandering about, trying to follow a map. Opens up man hole cover Suit all lit up around neck. Climbs out in Philadelphia.. lots of snow. Brings up lamp.. Wandering around City Hall. Opens up suitcase. Catches cockroach is specimen jars. Caches a big cockroach. Then nearly attacked by a bear, See department store-- shoes etc. Xmas decorations… Can hear silent night playing… Angel Catches the spider Runs into tree and pigeons fly up. .
Pigeons are half real and half computer. Buildings are real buildings with snow added after in computer

Owl (Blade runner ??) Knocks open a door. Lion is pacing top of next building. On top of City hall. Find a panel with “WE Did it” and the sign of the 12 Monkeys. The lion roars at him. (animals rule?) 2. An Opportunity

Cole returns, is getting hosed off Next see naked Willis taking a blood sample. Hear warden saying any sign of contamination will result in quarantine from general population. (hamster in the foreground) Took a whole day to shoot this because Gilliam wanted Hamster going round in his cage.= ”hamster factor” See Willis being walked like a prisoner between two guards. Hear voice over talking about socialization classes. Permanent Emergency Code.
Philadelphia-- historical first capital. Then when industry moved out left a city center and deserted ring of industry . Used these huge old deserted power stations. Gilliam likes surprises and quirkiness of filming in real places

Cole brought to engineers. Guards say he has a history of violence; read codes tattooed on his neck. Insolence, anti-authority. Ask if he is going to hurt them. No sir. Ask him to sit down. Again, reminds me of BR. Willis seated in chair; then manacles clap over-like an electric chair, only it shoots up. Woman says he is a good observer. Can lessen his sentence. Woman‟s voice is identified as astrophysicist Interrogated by scientists.. They say there is a new program which can shorten his time…
Gilliam wanted separation of chair, but liked reversal of this person being interrogated being higher up. But still vulnerable

3. Baltimore April 1990 Opens in art history lecture: poet telling us words as bytes, etc. Painting o\is of vast empty sq. Like Philadelphia. MS beeper goes off. Reading Rubyiat about how we should drink b/c don‟t know future. Shifts to all the cages etc. They are talking abt prisoner in ladies raincoat. No drugs but took on 5 cops and put two in hospital. Mad Snowe in very short skirt. Waking though crazy wards. Being briefed about Cole.. Not in the system: no prints, no warrants…Kathryn Railly introduces herself. He keeps saying he has to go. talking about viruses.. .talking freaked. Woman‟s rain coat. Scene in Police Station. No \drugs-- took on give cops like he was dusted. Med gave him enough stelazine to kill a horse. Nothing about him in the system, She says she‟ll be okay with him, Mad is interviewing Willis, who is wrapped only in plastic (Blade Runner again?) Drooling, Kathryn Raillery. Bruce Willis keeps saying he needs to go.. Won‟t help, won‟t change anything. He screams about why the chains.. She says he has been in an institution. She thinks she recognizes from county. Says he needs to go find things. Why is he here? Because he is a good observer. Asks why he is chained. Such wonderful air. Very fresh, no germs. He thinks its 1996; she says it is the future. It is 1990. He says 1996 is past.
Up in the power station, no heat. Very uncomfortable. Bruce getting past DieHard Image and make himself vulnerable. No ego, happy to do anything; Again cages are constant throughout the film. Made sense he would reach for something plastic--reminds him of his suit, so would attract him.

Next we see Willis being led by police with county jail uniform. He says he‟s got to make a telephone call. They put him in police van. Police call him Daisy; say he fooled the shrink but won‟t fool them.
Discuss about how reviewers are so freaked by Bruce being naked so much,

4. The Deluxe Mental Hospital Tour Shift to Insane Asylum. Naked Bruce again. They are washing him off. Y\They check his head for lice… don‟t seem to notice his tattoos.. He keeps talking about phone call. They talk about need to relax Lead him into day room. Cartoons on TV. They call for Goines, Jeffry-- who has pulled his shirt over his head. to make tour. You‟re the prisoners; you‟re the `guards.
First Penitentiary. All cells were isolated, radiating from a central core (panopticon)

Meets brad Pitt. Pitt showing Cole around. More games. If you play the games you are voluntarily taking a tranquilizer. .. He keeps asking for phone call. Not why you‟re here.. Not mentally ill. You are here because of the system. All in the TV. We aren‟t producers anymore; it‟s all automated.. we are consumers. Buy a lot of things… If you aren‟t a consumer you are insane. Nurse tells Jeff to calm down; he is working himself…You have to tell charge nurse before the show is on.. Talks about the guy who couldn‟t turn back time; kept asking for shows that had already played. Now he was nuts. . Black guy,, doesn‟t really come from outer space. LJ Washington. It is a condition of mental divergence…. I find myself on the planet Ogo…I am mentally divergent… he knows exactly what is going on..Dignosing himself yet. Rabbit shoes..
Gilliam discusses importance of penetentiary. Being Penitent. (Describes panopticon without using words) how much he liked room which was triangular with three corridors leading out. How it is like schizophrenic mind… Which way out… First day of shooting with Pitt. Had been preparing. Just exploded. Had been laconic; Both Brad and Bruce trying to show that they had a greater range. Brad worked with voice coach to get his speech speed up; lots of research on mania. Actually checked himself into a mental ward as Jeffrey.

5. The Wrong Time
Discuss how Terry met Bruce when casting Fisher King. Intrigued by him-- something more going on,

Bruce sitting before a group of shrinks / This is a place for crazy people; I am not crazy. You‟ve got some real nuts here. I know things you don‟t know. It‟s going to be very difficult for you to understand it./ with two guards. He approaches the table and guards spring to pull him back, Asking about the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.…Draws their logo…. Bruce writes on legal pad. Right, right it‟s 1990; they wouldn‟t have been active yet. Five billion people died in 1996, 1997. I can‟t save you. All I can do is gather the information to help people in the present to trace the virus. . 1996 is the past too.. He asks to make a phone call to a voice mail message so scientists will know he was sent to wrong time. they can pickup. Madeline part of the panel. Switch to kitchen scene.. Bruce dialing a number--gets the busy kitchen woman. Kath asks if the wrong person on the line...That‟s why they chose me, I remember things. Kath keeps thinking she knows him. He realizes it‟s the wrong year,,
More and more is revealed in each dream. Choose angles so you can’t see his nose and identify him as Bruce,

DREAM 2: Shift to dreams-- burnt out color.. faded,, 6. Colonics for Everyone
Talking about how supportive Bruce was to Brad. Stay very quiet as foil to Brad.

Bruce wakes up in the night. Looking out. Checking the screens/ Brad explains grill is locked, welded.. He says that people outside are being protected from us, when people outside are as crazy us. Do you know what crazy is. Crazy is majority rules. Take germs for example… In 18thC no such thing. Dr. Simmelweiss…It took Simmelweiss 37
years to convince Austrian physicians to wash their hands when they went from the autopsy room to the delivery room (and he nearly lost his license to practice medicine three times).

Bruce finds spider / Brad Freaks out telling story about guy who drops hamburger on floor. .. Plays with it. Wants to put it in his pocket. Eats it There‟s no right, no wrong; there is just popular delusions..I can help you. You want to get out.. That is very sane. I can help you escape. I would be crazy to escape. Brad says minions will tell his father who will find him and take him to a better place. Guards come in--bright light. Brad moons guards--pulls all feathers out. I‟m a mental patient; I am supposed to act out. 7. Monkey Business See Monkey in cage. Voice over talks about ..animals, public indignation. Brad says we are all monkeys. Voice on TV is talking about how any slight pain okay because of value of results. Brad says they didn‟t hurt him as bad as the Easter Bunny.. Now see Bruce…Guy blowing bubbles see. On TV is real footage of animals being testing…Not as bad as what they‟re doing to the Easter Bunny. Cole is writing something…private (letter to kath) Brad refers to emancipation plot. Guard gives out medicine. Bruce watches commercials for Florida Keys. What‟s playing on TV is marx Bros. Monkey business… Then Brad has a key. Monk-key, get it… Then on TV is bear morphing into a Bull and back. Danger will robinson. Cole is totally doped. Brad starts a huge fight in the ward. Now.. Buy sell, Now Stocks, bonds. Monkey business… Now‟s the time to seize the moment…under craziness, he is telling Cole what to do,.. 8. Emancipation
Talk about La Jette. Difference because of all issues of sane and insane etc. Terry refused to see film until he had finished. Loved poetry of seeing your own death without knowing it. Also like Goines-criticizing society in a funny way. Also liked not being able to predict what was going in the script.

Bruce figures out the key is for the door. . But he himself is so doped etc. Can‟t figure it out. Finally does just walk out quietly. (Brad screaming Last chance) Holding on to bars.. Guy tells him best place to g is FLorida-- Keys are lovely this time of year… Guy on stilts fixing lights. Trying to go down elevator.. Guard explains it to him that other one is working today. . Catches other elevator Madeline walking down the hall, talking to guy who is playing with some piece of paper James Cole is writing notes to her about how bootiful she is. etc. you live in a bootiful world, sun air you can breathe.. Another Dr. Interrupts with a file. Telling how James has escaped. .. she goes looking. Shit Sticks his head in to MRI lab. Is very confused (thinks it is a time machine) another potential hint that he IS crazy..invents time machine as MRI.

Standing in the hall as the guards surround him. 5 again… plus more in the background…black guy screaming..take him the fuck down. (cracked skull) Then he explodes. They tie him down. Shoot him up. He keeps screaming no more drugs. Leave him in cell 9. Bad Judgment Head shrink talking. Telling kath not to be so defensive. Reaming her out for not putting Cole in restraints. She says it was bad judgement. But she recognizes him… Another situation. He has disappeared. Fully sedated.. Restrained etc. Is he wiggling his way through the ventilators, Dr. is jerking kath around.. clicks his teeth.. Keeps telling her not to be defensive.. 10. Science Ain’t an Exact Science Dream again 3: . This time Brad Pitt is in it… In a pony tail with red hair. Says WATCH IT as he goes by… (WHY DOES PITT LOOK LIKE MORSE?) Cole wakes up in cell. Some one is calling him Bob, saying he‟s fucked up. Where did they send you. Maybe I‟m in the next cell another volunteer; maybe I am in the Central Office spying on you; maybe I am just in your head. No way to confirm anything.. 1990--how was it; good drugs, lottsa pussy… Lucky you didn‟t end up in ancient Egypt.(He‟s been brought back to the future) . 11.Another Chance 40:22 Tape recorder; has someone telling about Army of Twelve Monkeys; they are the ones who did it. Merry Xmas. Did you or did you not make this call. They ask him what he did in 1990. Ask him if he wasted his time with drugs. Spider; no place to put it so I ate it. Video ball.. they ask if he saw any of these people. Recognizes Brad Pitt. They scold him for being in mental institution and not doing his mission. Ask him if he wants another chance. 12. Right on the Money Side of time machine See him being pinched by nipple clips on chine. Lots of wires etc. Totally encased in plastic sheath… another condom.. no mistakes this time Cole.. Sending him to third quarter of 1996 Naked in midst of WWI Battle field. He sees Jose. Who recognizes him… Cole.. 13. Baltimore, Nov 1966 Entrance to museum.. Talk by Kath talking about 7 vials.. revelations. 1362 man made dire predictions about plague 6 centuries hence.. Tracing all accounts. WWI. Soldiers found that he had lost all French. .. claimed he had come from future.. looking for a germ that would wipe from face of the earth in 1996. Young man disappeared form hospital. Cassandra complex--agony of foreknowledge.. no ability to do anything. David Morse talking about how planet cannot survive the humans.. Chicken Little is a visionary. Let‟s go shopping is cry of true lunatic.

14. It’s in Philadelphia Madel coming out of talk to parking lot. Someone forces her into car, tells her to drive. She offers purse keys etc. Tells her to turn right.. Where are we going.. Philadelphia.. Says he doesn‟t know how to drive.. coughing… She recognizes his voice.. James Cole.. 6 years for you. I can‟ believe this is a coincidence. You said you‟d help me.. I know this isn‟t what you meant. I hurt my leg… I saw this is a store window. It‟s in Philadelphis, the ones who did it.. Turn on radio…Florida Keys are waiting for you.. He says I‟ve never seen the ocean. We wants radio turned up.. Blueberry Hill… he is crying.. I love the music in the 20thC. I love to breathe this air. He is sticking his head out the window.. News of Ricky newman.. Cole, Never cry wolf. People won‟t believe you if something really bad happens. Louis Armstrong.. wonderful word.. He loves that. Police are at her apt. Listening to answering machine warning about Cole 15. The Same Dream At the Oasis hotel. Cartoons are on TV Dream again 4… Clearer vision of woman running Kath is tied up o bed next to him. He sniffs her-- says she was in his dream but her hair was a different color. She asks what dream is about.. In an airport, before it all happened. When I was a kid. You are always very upset in the dream. Never knew it was you before. She says it wasn‟t me before.. She says he was flushed and moaning, running a fever. He gets money and leaves to get food. News is on : ricky newman. Disappearance of Dr. Railley; Picture of Cole on TV as he walks into room. 16. Cole’s Mission Cole in car, loves the music. We don‟t have anything like this. unwrapping his notebook. Notes to my mission. Locate 12 Monkeys.. they started it. Fresno California.. I remember being very afraid for that little boy.. down that well. All alone. Just a prank boy‟s hiding in a barn.. 17. They’re Here! Driving into city. See guy in middle of flames-- talking about 7 golden vials.. You won‟t think I am crazy when people start dying next month. First it is just some fever. Then they find out. Makes her stop the the car.. They are here see: 12 monkeys… This guy who sounds like the one in the cell-- they‟ve got a tracking device on you… But I‟ve fooled them (is he lacking a tooth?) 18. All I see Are Dead People Theater Hallways. He forces her into a theater. People are beating up on people. She is scared. Guy starts beating him. He pleads not to be killed--kicks him in balls….. Bruce beats him to a pulp.. He‟s dead. All I see are dead people (they will all die in plague_ He has a gun. Guy preaching recognizes Cole as “one of us.

19. The Animal Activists Walking in front of a graffiti-filled wall. Fins pig head. This is it. Leads her into some place full of animal sounds.. AFF…Only a tape. Looking for the Army of 12 Monkeys… Black woman says to go away. He pulls gun. She tries to explain.. I told you that fucking Goines would get us in trouble. Picking his father who is some fucking virologist. J getting bored with what were are doing.ineffective liberal shit. So he and these 11 other guys split up and founded Army. Were planning human hunt. Stun guns, Nets--go to wall street . But then he changed sides. Says his father‟s research is necessary… he is going to take over the supervision of the animals 20. Going After Jeffrey Leaving in car with lots of bumper stickers… He says they are all going to die. She is explaining how he is inventing all this… Story comes on the radio… What is the matter with your leg.. Got shot.. Some kind of war. If you have a bullet in your leg, I need to take care of it. I am a Dr. I need some supplies. They pull into gas station. In the woods.. She has removed bullet. He loves the sun. He trips, she helps him;they hug. She says you have to give yourself up. He seizes her hands Lowered monkey down shaft with roast beef sandwich. 21 The Timeworn Threat Huge house. Plummer is speakin‟ with a fake southern accent, See Jeff at table. Jeff leaving. Guy says that he knows Jeff (who has been sitting at table with shoes off.) Cole and Jeff look at each other.. Jeff says I don‟t know him. But Cole says he came about monkeys , 12 monkeys.. Calls him Arnold Pettibum. Cole says he remembers that Cole had this fantasy about viruses. Cole tries to strangle Jeff, who calls security .. but Cole breaks out. Film on monkey being lowered. Did a man just come running through here,, Report on TV: Body of a woman found strangled… Keep trying to find Cole.. 22. It was my Idea? Cole running through the woods. Opens truck.. She kicks out and starts beating on him. She is crying.. She asks what have you done. Did you kill someone. Jeffrey said it was my idea about the virus.. She keeps saying that nobody will wipe out. She says he has created a substitute world in his mind. I think there was some policemen at that party. Wouldn’t it be great if I were crazy. I could live right here. I love this world. She keeps telling him to surrender. Suddenly he is gone.. 23. The Normal Reaction Railley talking, drinking coffee. Making up story about how Cole was going to surrender. How other people were beating them up. Law and order guy asking her how come she is telling us about how kind their kidnappers are.. Kath back home with her semi-black friends.. Cole also wanted for brutal slaying of guy in deserted theater… Then she hears that Newman‟s disappearance was only a prank.. Was hiding . 24. You Are my Insantiy

Painting quite beautiful.. Future-- he is looking up at painting suspended over his bed. Starts with wonderful life.. then scientists start singing Blueberry Hell. They are all happy. We‟ll retake the surface. He says.. I want to be well. They say he will be well soon. He is laughing because they aren‟t real. He no longer believes I am insane and you are my insanity/ Kath is telling head shrink that Cole told her about boy in Fresno.. Now she believes Him. Speech about PA= religion, I am loosing my faith (Bob?) 25. Tell Me What I Want In hospital bed. Teddi bear sheets/ Guy with horse voice is talking to him again. Anger won‟t get what you want.. You have to be smart. What to I want: to see sky, ocean, to be topside, breathe the air. Be with her.. 26. The Man in the Picture Kath in bed. Called by Philly police (L&O). Plot does thicken. Bullet removed from thigh antique; fired sometime before 1920. She says.. it can‟t be. Looks up pictures of WW I; finds a picture with Bruce in background 27. What’s Real and What’s Not Video Ball again, They ask whether he has become addicted to the lost world. He says that he just wants to help get us back in charge, Now he says he knows what is real. Plummer talking to Railly.. Says his son has no access to dangerous organism in laboratory.. David Morse says he went to her lecture. Apocalyptic notion. Has she succumbed to her own Cassandra disease. Tells him to beef up security 28. The Path of the Virus Dec 13: list of places.. Philly first.. He knows all cities Kath trying to get into FAA. Giones in there. They are planning something Guy starts talking to her. They are watching you, taking pictures. She says James must be very careful.. 29. Mentally Divergent She is spraypainting building. James calls her. She runs to him. James says he wants to turn himself in. He says that now he knows he is crazy. He says he wants to get better, Police see him. He says he has seen what she spray painted 30. Seriously Crazy Back in FAA with Brad packing satchel. Who cares what psychiatrist writes on walls. How come she knows what we are doing. He believes they have created model of his mind. She knows everything I am going to do. He is seriously crazy.. Does Black guy disappear?? Is he from the future? 31. I Want to Stay Here

Cole and Kath running across road to hotel/ Globe (like globe in FAA). She wants a room $35 an hour. Cole tells him she is his Dr. Guy thinks she is a new girl.. does fantasy acts. They are in hotel room. She is trying to figure it out… He doesn‟t think it is real. You were right. I am mentally ill. I imagined all these things. She shows him picture of him and Jose in WWI He said you said I had delusions. I want the future to be unknown. I want to be whole. I want this to be the present. She rubs his head.. She asks for the phone number.. It should be the right number now. 32. The Pimp and the Crazy Dentist
Future should have a nicotine look-- inside of a smoker’s lungs,

Door slams open. Guy with hat on. This is my territory bitch. She says there is a misunderstanding. Screaming, has knife.. Think you can peddle your high price ass around here. James beats him up. Put him in shower.. Uses knife to carve out his teeth. This is how they find us. Pimp calls out to police about how he was beats up by a coked up whore and crazy dentist. 33. The Message Bus in center city. Bruce bleeding from mouth. Both bleeding. She finds a phone. He sees center city Philadelphia.. Bear. She comes back hysterical that there is nothing to worry about.. carpet cleaning company. She tells message. He can reseat the whole thing.. Now he believes again. Then they look into camera. Both on TV. He is freaked out by being in the same department store. She is looking for wigs. 34 The Monkey Speaks Big Van driving up ramp. Door opens. Guys says if we get caught I never saw you in my fucking life. Jeff jumps in with something in back Something is his father in a bag.. They want to open the bag.. his eyes are taped. Hears his son‟s voice. He says he knows his plan from the shrink. He said that he took himself out of the loop; no longer has access to code. They all start to make monkey noises. Father says you are completely insane. No I‟m not. 35. The Movie Never Changes Watching movie in woods--tree rings show her life.. I lived and died. Only a moment for you. I think I‟ve seen this movie before. Jimmy Stewart. have you been here before.. It‟s just like what is happening with us. Movie never changes, but every time you see it it is different because you are different. She says if you can‟t change things might as well smell the flowers.. She puts moustache on him. Movie talking about how if you save someone‟s life… Her plan: you said you‟d never seen the ocean/ Hear Plummer „s voice 36. It Was always You Cole with mustache wakes up in theater. Can‟t find her. She says.we have 9:30 reservations for key west. He doesn‟t recognize her blonde. In my dream it was always you. She says I remember you like this. I remember you ..He says I am so scared. 37. The Army of the Twelve Monkeys Factor

Cityscape at night; monkeys walking the girders. Tiger walks down Rocky stairs. Elephants,,, Lions… 38. This is My Dream! Tax driving up to airport. They are running late. Army of 12 monkeys. Let all animals out of zoo. Put Dr. in zoo. Zebra, Emus etc. Blocking traffic. Flamingos fly by.. They are laughing hysterically. Think it is all going to be alright.. Police at airport are handing out pictures. Have people all over… Cole says I remember I remember, I was here.. a week or so before I saw the guy. I was here… She says they may identify us. He goes to finish moustache, She does to buy tickets with cash. Judy Simmons. 39. Someone Else Women at ticket counter counting cash. Boarding in 20 minutes. She drops tickets. Cole calls.. Says 12 monkeys didn‟t do it. Just a prank. Guy is going to all the places where plague released. Looks like Brad in dream Guy in stall starts talking, telling Cole he can‟t stay. It isn‟t allowed. 40. You Can Still be a Hero Cole walking across airport. Jose gives Cole the gun. Why did you pull out the tooth.. It was nuts. How did you find me The phone call. they reconstructed it. He recites the call. See kid going through the security. She sees picture of Morse with Virologist. Figures it out. Jose says he is supposed to kill lady if Cole doesn‟t coperates. Gives him gun. They don‟t tell him who he is supposed to shoot. She comes and tells him he is going to San Fran 41. It Doesn’t Even Have an Odor See David Morse in yellow putting his stuff through security Guys asks him to open it up. See boy. He releases virus. does‟t even have an odor. Looks empty.. . Guy sniffs. It. Dr. calls him back Forgot his newspaper She is causing trouble.. police involved. 42. Full Circle See Morse move away. Cole goes after him with gun, busts through security. Cole is hit. See blood coming out. See Morse sprinting away. She runs towards him with hands outstretched, Tries to stop bleeding.. He reaches up to her face. Guy with gun.. is he from future? See boy watching They pull her back. She looks around. Looks into eyes of boy. 43. Insurance
Gilliam wants the ambiguity of not knowing what insurance she means…

David Morse gets on plane. Woman says it is obscene..all the violence. Might say we are next endangered species. Think you‟ve hit nail on the head. I‟m in insurance. Parking lot image.. closes in on car… See his eye watching planes take off. 44. End Titles

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