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Mark Bond


									Mark Bond
Director of Photography mob 07973 325 392

Agent PrinceStone 020 8883 1616

I am a DOP specialising in film and high definition video with over 15 years experience in the television industry. I have worked on a wide range of high profile and award winning television programmes for all the major broadcasters as well as promos, trailers, and commercials. A skilled and versitile cameraman. I am hard working and efficient, a good communicator, easy going and calm under pressure, with a good sense of humour. Programme Broadcaster Production Company
Princess Wag TV Wag TV Shine Chrysalis BBC Wag TV Wag TV Wag TV Wag TV Chrysalis Liberty Bell Pixel Productions New Media Entertainment Shooters Wag TV Wag TV Wag TV Granada Buena Onda Tiger Aspect BBC IWC Twenty Twenty BBC Talkback Thames Liberty Bell Tiger Aspect BBC Talkback Thames Ricochet South Tiger Aspect Chrysalis BBC Brighter Pictures Lion JJ Stereo Godman Pepsi Frontier Pictures HTV/Filmfair/Cinar Five Five Five Channel 4 Channel 4 BBC 4 Five Channel 4 Five Channel 4 ITV ITV Five History History Five Channel 4 Channel 4 ITV


Dom Joly’s Happy Hour The Grand Tour The Naked Pilgrim My Shakespeare A Very British UFO Hoax When Toby Met Julie Pevsner’s Cities Equinox: Science of Female Sexuality Gods in the Sky Divine Designs The Brood The Real Fight Club Mapping Murder The Lindberg Flight The Hard Rock Cafe

Channel Channel Extreme Ironing 100 years of Rolls Royce Ten Ways to Contact the Dead Jennie Bond’s Royals Juliet Lewis and the Licks. Tour Doc


Youth of Today Facing the truth Hard Labour Brat Camp Little Angels Grand Designs Abroad Alistair Campbell Interviews A Place in Greece/ Italy/ Spain Hot Wax Daisy Daisy 20 Ways to Improve your Property Country House Dinner Doctors Dinner with Portillo Bombay Blush To Catch a Thief Goldie Looking Chain TV License World Challenge Ground Force Publishing The Wombles (New series 1 & 2)

BBC4 BBC 2 Discovery Channel 4 BBC 1, BBC 3 Channel 4 Five Channel 4 BBC 1 Channel 4 Five Channel 4 Five BBC 4 BBC 2 BBC 1 ITV BBC Pepsi ITV BBC ITV


Animation Promos Trailers

Discovery, Discovery Wings, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Kids Nickelodeon, BBC Urban Choice, TV3, ZTV, TV 1000, Bid Up TV


Triple X DVD, Daredevil DVD, Dune DVD, Blue Velvet DVD, Liberty X DVD, Harry Potter DVD, Superman DVD, Hammer DVD Peter Kay/ Matt Lucas, Comic Relief Phil McIntyre BBC1 How do you solve a problem like Maria BBC BBC1 Challenge Anika Granada ITV Beckhams World Cup Party BBC BBC1 Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind Objective Channel 4 Fame Academy Endemol BBC 1 Celebrity Fame Academy Endemol BBC 1 Judgment Day Endemol ITV Top Ten Football Songs Chrysalis Channel 4 Comedy Connections BBC BBC 1 The Football Years Zig Zag BBC 1 Pub Ammo Tiger Aspect Five What will they think of next? Granada ITV The Waiting Game Hatrick BBC 1 Oblivious Tiger Aspect BBC 1 Scrapheap Challenge RDF Channel 4 Sessions BBC1 MTV/MTV2/VH1 Corinne Bailey Rae Mel B, Lucy Pearl, Head PE, Mystique Westlife, A1, P.J.Harvey, Gabrielle,Gorillaz Incubus, Ryan Adams, Chemical Brothers Alicia Keys, Train, Tele Pop Music Samantha Mumba, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Hives, Remy Zero Little Romeo, One World, Fat Boy Slim, Popworld, Misteeq, Zena, Super Furry Animals, S Club 8, Appletons, Gareth Gates, Big Brovas, Louise, Clea, Blu Cantrell Glamma Kid, Goosebump Simple Kid Worlds Apart Reading Festival Damage Dixie Chicks Zvesda Stories Get a Life Harry Maurice’s Prize Glamour Overdrive Elementals Short Short Internet Movie Short Short Short


Warner Bros 2M Recordings EMI The Box FBI Sony


Farago Darkin Ensemble Imp / Interacta Hurrah Queens of Tack Calendar

Non Broadcast

Arsenal F.C. BP Amoco, Bass, Black and Decker, Bloomberg, BT, Baby Channel, DoE British Red Cross, BUPA, B&Q, Cadbury Scweppes, Castrol, Dulux, DHSS, Gameboy RNIB, Nike, BBC, Discovery On-Air, Electrolux, Bertoli, Goodwood, Galbani, Glaxo Golden Wonder, Henessey, International Herald Tribune, Independent, MBA, Manpower, Monsanto, Nintendo, Nobel Institute, Orange, Pepsi, Peugeot, Pilkington, Royal Opera House, Rover, St Lukes, Scottish Power, Smithkline Beecham, Siemens DeloitteTouche,Volkswagen, On-Digital, Thomson, kea, Oxford Counci,Allied Bakeries France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Gran Canaria Czech Republic, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Hong Kong, Austria Kingdom of Brunei, Tenerife, India, USA, South Africa, Barbados Newfoundland, N. Ireland, Spain, Nigeria, Estonia, Crete, Japan


Vocational Qualifications and Memberships
1988 – 1991 1991 1992 2003 2005 2007 BA (Hons). Photography Film and Video University of Westminster. Scholarship from Fuji Films 35mm Camera Operators course. Run by Sammys Lighting Workshop with Billy Williams (BSC). The Guild BBC Safe Working with Cameras and Lights Story Seminar. Robert McKee BECTU member

Showreel available on request or view on web site

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