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									Editor: Larry Newman Newsletter Date April 2009

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Principal’s Corner – April 2009

Inside This Issue:
Principal’s Corner Important Dates PTC President’s Column May / June Special Events Dance Friday Field Trip Artist’s Update Box Tops / Campbell’s Restaurant Benefit Night Volunteer Appreciation Park View Basketball Ozzie Reading Club Panther Pride Fest EcoKids & Earth Month The Nurse’s Corner Jewel Shop & Share Days More Earth Month Events Electronics Recycling Olympic Field Day Park View April Birthdays Glen Ellyn Pajama Drive Earth Month Calendar Nutrition Nuggets Internet Safety Meeting 1 2

Amy Warke, Principal (630) 858-1600 x101
Dear Parents, The teachers have worked really hard since our last edition of Panther Paws to have their websites up and running. All classroom teachers have web pages posted. Please feel free to visit your child’s classroom home page for weekly updates. You may also visit my web page and blog site. I post weekly messages about Park View as well as general announcements. Can you believe we are now in the fourth quarter? Every year I am amazed at how fast the year passes. During the fourth quarter, we have many afternoon activities. In addition to the Important Dates calendar below, see page 2 for a list of May and June special events, including performances for grades K, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Mark your calendars and make arrangements to attend them! I am looking forward to a fantastic finish to the school year! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact Amy Warke at, or call (630) 858-1600.


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Parent Volunteers Needed: Do you have 20 minutes a day to help out Park View? We are currently looking for volunteers to help us monitor the parking lot from 3:20 to about 3:40 pm on Monday through Friday. If we have a lot of parents sign up, we could have a rotation where you may only need to volunteer one time every two weeks. If you are interested in helping improve the safety of all Park View children, please contact me at or (630) 858 -1600, x101. Thanks in advance!
Amy Warke, Principal

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Important Dates to Remember:
April 6 - School resumes April 6 to 8 - Jewel Shop & Share Days April 17 - Movie Night April 17 - Panther Paws Deadline April 17 to May 1 - School Registration for 2009-10 begins April 22 - School Store (grades 2 and 4) April 23 - School Improvement Day - 12:15 dismissal April 24 - Park View $$$ Order Date April 24 - Red Ribbon Run (9:00 am - 12:00 noon) April 27 - Info Meeting for 5th Grade Outdoor Education April 28 - Park View Night at Kane County Cougars game April 29 - Spring Picture Day April 29 - School Store (grades 1, 3, and 5) April 8 - School Store (grades 2 and 4) April 9 - Market Day Pickup, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm April 10 - Park View $$$ Order Date April 10 - Good Friday - No School April 14 - Report Cards April 14 - Restaurant Benefit Night (4:00 pm to 9:00 pm) Chicks ‘N Salsa, 874 Roosevelt Rd (Baker Hill) April 15 - School Store (grades 1, 3, and 5) April 16 - Hot Lunch Day (Flip’s)

Access the latest information about Park View School and the Park View PTC (including past issues of Panther Paws) on-line through District 89’s web site: Do you have any suggestions for improving Park View’s Panther Paws Newsletter? You are welcome to send them to the editor at:

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Happy March Park View! I would like to start this month’s letter out with an apology to Tammie Sullivan. She put so many months of hard work into the Staff Appreciation Luncheon in February, and I mistakenly gave credit to Tami Maurer, who is hard at work with Anne Lange organizing Olympic Field Day. My apologies, ladies! A HUGE thank you goes out to Amy Frese and Jen Williams and their team of dedicated volunteers for pulling off one of the most well attended and fun Panther Pride Fests in recent history! Thank you!

School Board). Thanks to all the concerned parents who attended. Your input will really shape the direction our school district is heading into the future. Our school will be holding a Pledge Week during the second week of April. Please take the time now to check whether your company has a charity contribution matching program. The Park View PTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Art Club Art Show is on display in the main hallway during the month of April. Check out the wonderful creations of these talented 4th and 5th grade Panthers. A BIG THANK YOU to all of the parents who came to art classes with their children during "Come to Art With Your Kid Week". For those who missed it, mark your calendar for next March, during Illinois Arts Week.

It’s hard to believe that the end of the third Another BIG THANK YOU to all of the parquarter is here. Please have a safe and relaxing Spring Break! We will see you all ent volunteers who helped with Family back on April 6th. Happy Spring!!! Art Night on March 20th. Families had the opportunity to create with their children usWe had an amazing turnout at the last PTC Cathy DelGiudice ing clay, watercolor, pencil and craypas. It meeting, with our special guests, Dr. was a fun night for everyone! Perdue (Superintendent of District 89) and PTC President Lori Gaspar (President of the District 89

Park View Plans May / June Special Events
May 6th: 5th Grade Chorus Concert at 7:00 pm in the Large Gym May 7th: Volunteer Appreciation Event at 7:00 pm May 12th: 2nd Grade Program at 2:45 pm in the Large Gym May 13th to 15th: 5th Grade Outdoor Education May 19th: Kindergarten Olympic Field Day May 20th: Olympic Field Day (grades 1 through 5) May 26th: DARE Graduation at 2:30 pm in the Large Gym May 27th: 3rd Grade Recorder Concert at 2:30 pm in the Large Gym May 29th: Kindergarten Programs June 2nd: 4th Grade State Fair at 1:00 pm in the Small Gym June 9th: Last Full Day of School! Our February Box Top classroom winners were: 1st place: Mrs. LaDuca, 2nd place: Mrs. Hemstreet, and 3rd place: Mrs. Babecki. We collected 423 Campbell’s UPCs and caps in February. Please make sure you cut off the UPCs from Campbell’s products. Recently, we received a huge number of Campbell’s labels. Unfortunately, they were all the front portion of the labels (not the UPCs) which Campbell’s used to accept several years ago, but no longer does. Campbell’s Labels for Education ONLY ACCEPTS product UPCs and cap tops from V8 products. Thanks for continuing to support these programs!

Can’t Touch This Field Trip!
On Friday, February 20, Mrs. Loftus’ 4th grade class had the field trip of a lifetime! They took a bus to downtown Chicago to join the NBC 5 news team as they did their “Dance Friday” on-air at 6:55 am! Don’t Forget Restaurant Benefit Night!

Chicks ‘N Salsa, 874 Roosevelt (Baker Hill) Mrs. Loftus’ class always celebrates a week of hard work with a dance at the end of the day on Friday, and when NBC 5 was looking for new songs to dance to, Mrs. Loftus and Tuesday April 14th, 4:00 to 9:00 pm her students sent them an email suggesting some of their favorite dance tunes. Two Park View Volunteers days later, one of the morning show producers emailed back and asked if the students would be interested in coming down to the studio to dance live on-air! Of course, they Save the Date! all couldn’t wait. That morning, the class met at 5:15 am at school and took a bus into the city. They got to wait backstage until they danced, live, to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”. To see their performance check out the following web site: around_town/the_scene/Dance_Off_Work_Week_Stree_Chicago.html.

Volunteer Appreciation Night
May 7th, 2009

More details to come...

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Park View Basketball Wraps Up Successful Season

Take Them Out to the Ballgame! Park View Readers Earn Kane County Cougars Tickets
When: April 28th, 2009 at 6:00 pm Where: Kane County Cougars Stadium

Park View Basketball wrapped up an exciting season with the annual Blue-Gold Night at Glen Crest on Friday, March 13th. Three games were played between players in the third and fourth grades. In addition, our first ever shooting competition was held, and champion Mikey Paprota took home a brand new basketball! The crowd also enjoyed an entertaining halftime performance by the cheerleaders.

If your child participated in the Ozzie Reading Club, their ticket voucher should already have come home in their backpack. Game day is April 28th. If that date does not work for your family, Looking back, this was a successful season that included numerbe sure to call the Kane County Cougars ticket office to see if ous changes to the program. At the Senior level, teams were separated into all boy and all girl squads for the first time. Players other arrangements can be made. Congratulations to the followon the Sparks, Kings, and Magic faced the challenge of represent- ing Ozzie Cougar readers: ing Park View in games against teams from the Briar Glen basketCameron N, Matthew L, William F, Ethan D, ball league. They continued to rise to the occasion throughout the 1st Grade: Lexi C, Priya P, Katie B, and Mitch P. season, and Park View had teams competing in both the boys and girls championship games. We are very proud of our players on 2nd Grade: Kevin E, William W, Ellena M, Rachel J, Nick R, all the Senior teams for the way they played this season! John M, and Emma E. In the Junior Division, ten co-ed teams competed against one another. We gladly welcomed players from St. James’ third and 3rd Grade: Dimitar S, Eric A, Samantha B, Venus L, fourth grades, who joined the league this season. Whether first Shawn R, Allison B, Mary Kate C, Chitrita S, timers or returning players, all the kids played well together and Mikela C, Madyson C, and Matthew P. exhibited sportsmanship and a willingness to learn. Most importantly, night after night, the kids enjoyed themselves in the gym 4th Grade: Sean S, Michael I, Sarah M, Michael S, and family / friends came to support them. Claire W, Adam L, Premi M, Jessica A, Sarah L, Sydney P, Patrick N, and Andrew W. Parents and volunteers have been giving feedback on the season, and a survey of participants will be used to solicit more ideas. We 5th Grade: Kevin B, Shannon J, Joey C, Christian M, are already responding to suggestions and things we have learned so that we can improve the league. We will review and Payton C, Nicholas S, Aaron R, Michael S, revise rules and officiating guidelines for next season. We have Sylvia C, Zachary P, and Jack L. found that being too flexible actually hurts player development in later years. Under consideration are all girl and all boy teams for Volunteers Power Panther Pride Fest! the Junior level, a move also aimed at helping player development. Additional merging with other area schools may be the way Panther Pride Fest was a huge success again this year. A special to make this happen, so that is being explored as well. Registra- thanks goes out to all the parents who volunteered to work at this event. As you know, it takes close to 100 volunteers to run all of tion will take place earlier in the school year, so that more practhe games, Food Room, Cake Walk, Wounds R Us, Estimation, tices can take place before the games start next season. teacher baskets, tickets, prize room, Guitar Hero, Wii, and fish This year, the league was coordinated by Sarina Schutte, Miguel game. Not to mention all of the people behind the scenes helping Santana, Matt Duggan, Matt Powers, and Ernoe Illes. Thanks to with set up and clean up. It would be impossible to name everyJen Nemeth, Christa Santana, Toni Puleo, Jen Williams, and Lori one who was involved without missing someone’s name. Please know that everyone played a very important role in putting PanDuggan for starting our cheerleader program of dance routines ther Pride Fest together and the efforts are greatly appreciated. and cheers at halftime. This was a great enhancement to the league that we look forward to continuing. Many thanks are extended to all the volunteer coaches and referees who put in count- We are always looking to improve every year. If you have any less hours at the gym helping kids learn the game. Of course, suggestions for next year’s fun fair, or would like to be a part of none of this would have been possible without the enthusiastic the planning process, please send a note through school mail to support of Principal Warke and her staff at Park View! Amy Frese.

Welcome to Park View’s 2nd Annual Earth Month
April is Earth Month! EcoKids have planned a whole month of activities you can participate in with Earth in mind, making her a healthier place. Our calendar is full of great ideas (see page 7 of this newsletter). During the first week after Spring Break, we will have another tall tower contest. Students are encouraged to bring in old magazines and catalogs. Each grade level will create a stack and, at the end of the week, the stacks will be measured and the grade level with the highest tower wins! Park View will win too, because all the magazines and catalogs collected will go into our paper recycling dumpster and earn us some money! Throughout the month, students will be able to sign their names on an Earth Month Poster in each classroom. Each student may sign once every day, as long as he or she did something earth-friendly that day. Any earthfriendly activity at home or at school will count, not just the one on the calendar for that day. Also during Earth Month, EcoKids and EcoAlums will make announcements over the intercom to help spread the “green virus.” If you meet your child after school, come a few minutes earlier and listen to what we have to say!

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National Safe Kids Week is April 26th to May 2nd, 2009. One area of great concern is child passenger seat safety. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children under 14 years old, and are the third leading cause of death for all ages in the United States. Child restraints are proven to be 71% effective in reducing injuries and deaths. Almost half of the children who die in traffic crashes are unrestrained. The National Highway Administration says that the national misuse rate for child safety seats is 80%. In DuPage County, the safety seat misuse rate jumps to 95%! The Glen Ellyn Police Department will gladly check your child safety seat and make sure it is installed correctly. You can call them for an appointment at (630) 469-1187, and a Community Service officer will assist you. Most of us know the requirements for infant and toddler car seats but, when children get older, they should be in a booster seat until they can pass the “booster test”. Test all children under age 13 to be sure that they are big enough to safely wear an adult safety belt without a booster seat: a. b. c. d. Have the child sit all the way back on the vehicle seat. Check to see if the knees bend at the seat edge. If they bend naturally, move on to the next step. If not, return to the booster seat. Buckle the lap and shoulder belts. Be sure the lap belt lies on the upper legs or hips. If it stays on the upper legs or thighs, move on to the next step. If not, return to the booster seat. Be sure the shoulder belt lies on the shoulder or collarbone. If it lies on the shoulder, move on to the next step. If it is on the face or neck, return to the booster seat. Do NOT place the shoulder belt under the arm or behind the child’s back! Be sure your child can maintain the correct seating position for as long as you are in the car. If your child begins to slouch or shift positions so that the safety belt contacts the face, neck, or stomach, return your child to the booster seat until all the test steps can be met.

Require your child to use a safety belt in every vehicle, whether or not you are there to remind him or her. You can get more safety information from the web site of the American Academy of Pediatrics (

Proper Child Safety Seat Use Chart
Birth to 1 year. At least 20 - 22 lbs. Infant only or rear-facing convertible.

Over 1 year and over 20 - 40 lbs. Convertible or forward-facing. Forward-facing. Harness straps should be at or above shoulders. Most seats require top slot for forwardfacing.

Over 40 lbs. Ages 4 - 8, unless 4’9”. Belt positioning booster seat. Forward-facing. Belt positioning booster seats must be used with both lap and shoulder belt. Make sure the lap belt fits low and tight across the lap/upper thigh area and the shoulder belt fits snug crossing the chest and shoulder to avoid abdominal injuries. All children age 12 and under should ride in the back seat.

Children to one year and at least 20 lbs in rear-facing seats. Harness straps at or below shoulder level.


All children age 12 and under should ride in the back seat.

All children age 12 and under should ride in the back seat.

Shop & Share at Jewel April 6th Through 8th

The Search for EcoFamilies...
The EcoKids are in search of EcoParents and EcoFamilies, because there are several Earth Month opportunities where we’d love to have your help! If you are able to help with any of the events described below, or would like more information about any of our Earth Month activities, please contact Mrs. Motsinger at or (630) 858-1600, x104.

Recycle Electronics on April 18th

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Did you just upgrade your TV? Is there an old computer monitor collecting dust in the basement or crawlspace? Have you just not gotten around to tossing that old answering machine? You know we shouldn’t include these electronics in our weekly curb garbage. Throwing these things out adds to our growing landfill problem, could contaminate our water table, and means we’ve buried a lot of reusable resources that could have been recycled!

On Friday, April 10th, we will hold our 2nd annual book swap from 11:00 am to noon, and from 1:00 to 2:00 pm. If you can man Park View EcoKids are pleased to announce that we will again the tables and help kids pick things out, that would be greatly ap- host an electronics recycling drop-off spot. On Saturday, April 18th, from 9:00 am to noon, EcoKids will collect used electronic preciated. equipment like computers, TVs, monitors, phones, VCRs, video On Saturday, April 18th, we will sponsor an electronics recycling games, stereos, fax machines, copy machines, & printers. District drop off spot in the south parking lot from 9:00 am to noon. If you 89 will generously provide us with another box truck to transport would be willing to help Mrs. Motsinger and Mrs. Hemstreet fill the everything we collect to the recycling center in West Chicago. truck that District 89 is providing for us, we would so appreciate it. This year, we are asking for a small voluntary $5 donation with Bring a lawn chair, wave signs, and keep us company! whatever your drop off. The money EcoKids collect will be put towards purchasing indoor composting bins. We will use these to On Thursday, April 23rd, please walk or ride your bike to school teach about the benefits of composting, help reduce our organic with your children. If you normally drive, find someone to carpool waste at lunchtime, and create better soil for the plants around our with, or have your child ride the bus! We want to do our part to school campus. Thank you in advance for taking the time to betreduce air pollution. Everyone who walks or bikes to school that ter our world in so many ways! day (even parents and younger brothers / sisters) gets a sticker! If you are unable to take advantage of our collection, note that the Friday, April 24th is Park View Gardening Day! After school until recycling center is accepting these recyclable from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, provided we have nice weather, families are invited to 2:00 pm that day, so you may take your recycling to them directly. come help spruce up the gardens and grounds around the school. Meet us at the front of the building, and we’ll set you up with a Want more information about what electronics can be dropped off task. Bring your gardening gloves, or borrow some of ours, and for recycling? Contact Sims Recycling Center, 1600 Harvester, let’s make Park View beautiful for Spring! West Chicago, at (630) 562-8103.

Get Ready for Olympic Field Day 2009!
Please mark your calendar for Olympic Field Day, which will be held this year on May 20th (rain date is May 21st). Plan on coming out to cheer on the children as they participate in this great annual outdoor event! Parent volunteers are needed. Look for details coming out after Spring Break on ways that you can help. This year, we are expanding the idea of the Olympics and have assigned each class a "country." They will be making individual flags of their country in art class, and we are thankful to Mrs. Shafton for volunteering to lead that. We will also ask each class to dress in a specific color on Olympic Field Day (if possible), to help unify their class as a team / country. We’re excited about OFD 2009! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Tami Maurer , (630) 790-0836 or Anne Lange, (630) 858-8634

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