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The Martin County 4-H Fair Baby show will be held on Sunday, July 12th at the Martin County Fairgrounds East Stage. The first show will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the second show will begin at 7:00 p.m. First Show for 0-12 months: 1. Happiest Baby (0-4 mo.); 2. Prettiest Girl (0-4 mo.); 3. Prettiest Boy (0-4 mo.); 4. Prettiest Eyes Girl (0-6 mo.); 5. Prettiest Eyes Boy (0-6 mo.); 6. Best Dressed Girl (0-6 mo.); 7. Best Dressed Boy (0-6 mo.); 8. Happiest Baby (5-8 mo.); 9. Prettiest Girl (5-8 mo.); 10. Prettiest Boy (5-8 mo.); 11. Prettiest Eyes Girl (7-12 mo.); 12. Prettiest Eyes Boy (7-12 mo.); 13. Happiest Baby (9-12 mo.); 14. Best Dressed Girl (7-12 mo.); 15. Best Dressed Boy (7-12 mo.); 16. Prettiest Girl (9-12 mo.); 17. Prettiest Boy (9-12 mo.); 18. Prettiest Multiples (0-12 mo.); 19. Happiest Multiples (0-12 mo.) Second Show for 13-24 months: 20. Happiest Baby (13-16 mo.); 21. Prettiest Girl (13-16 mo.); 22. Prettiest Boy (13-16 mo.); 23. Prettiest Eyes Girl (13-18 mo.); 24. Prettiest Eyes Boy (13-18 mo.); 25. Best Dressed Girl (13-18 mo.); 26. Best Dressed Boy (13-18 mo.); 27. Happiest Baby (17-20 mo.); 28. Prettiest Girl (17-20 mo.); 29. Prettiest Boy (17-20 mo.); 30. Prettiest Eyes Girl (19-24 mo.); 31. Prettiest Eyes Boy (19-24 mo.); 32. Best Dressed Girl (19-24 mo.); 33. Best Dressed Boy (19-24 mo.); 34. Happiest Baby (21-24 mo.); 35. Prettiest Girl (21-24 mo.); 36. Prettiest Boy (21-24 mo.); 37. Prettiest Multiples (13-24 mo.); 38. Happiest Multiples (13-24 mo.) To determine age of child; it will be as of day of baby show. If your child is 3 months 25 days old, your baby will be considered 3 months old. If your child has not yet reached the 4 month old mark, he/she will be considered 3 months. Rules: -Entries are open to all children 24 months or younger. There will be an entry fee of $3.00 per child (paid on the day of the show). Do NOT send money with registration. *Entry fee will change to $5.00 next year. -Each baby MUST be pre-registered. Entries must be received by Friday, July 10th at 4:00 p.m. No entries will be accepted after this time by phone. If you wish to enter your baby after the deadline has passed, you must sign up at 5:30 p.m. (day of show) at the Fairground, East Stage and pay a late entry fee of $10.00 per child. No late entries will be accepted after 6:00 p.m. This is for both shows. -Babies entered in the 0-12 mo. category should be at the East Stage by 5:45 p.m. The show will be judged and pictures taken immediately following judging. -Babies entered in the 13-24 month category should be at the Community Building by 6:45 p.m. Their show will be judged and pictures taken immediately following judging. -There will be a limit of 2 classes for each entrant. Trophies will be awarded to 1st place winners in each class, and certificates will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place winners. -A trophy will be awarded to the youngest baby entered in the show. Send in the entry form, or call the Extension Office at 295-2412 to enter your child.

Entry Form
Baby’s Name: ____________________________ Parents’ Names: __________________________ Boy or Girl: ________ Baby’s Age as of July 13th: ____________________ Baby’s Birth date: ____________________________ Address: _____________________ Phone Number: ____________________ You can choose up to 2 classes to enter your baby: ___ ___ 0-12 Month Show or 13-24 Month Show: __________________ Please mail to: Baby Show, 2666 US Highway 50, Loogootee, IN 47553

Just a few things to do at the

Hot Dog Eating Contest
Monday, July 13th 6:00 PM in front of Commercial Building Prizes: 1st Place: $25 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: meal ticket to 4-H food booth Sexy Tractor Picture Contest
Theme is from “She Thinks My Tractor is Sexy.” Winner of each category receives $50.00 No entry fee. No more than one entry per person. Winner announced on Thursday, July 16, 2009. All entries must be received by July 10, 2009.

Oreo Stacking Contest
Wednesday, July 15th 6:30 PM in front of Commercial Building 1st Place: $25 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: meal ticket to 4-H food booth Karaoke Contest Martin County & 4-H Fair Wednesday July 15th @ 7pm
(Located on the Free Stage)

Prizes 1st Place: $25 2nd Place: $10 3rd Place: meal ticket to 4-H food booth

Wii Contests
Wii Bowling Wii Guitar Hero Wii Mario Cart Friday, July 10 Saturday, July 11 Monday, July 13 -All contests begin at 7:00 PM at the Commercial Building. -$5.00 entry fee Prizes: 1st Place: $25 2nd Place: $15 3rd Place: $10 Participants may register the night of the event before it begins

Mud Hog Wrestling Contest
Sunday, July 12 Registration: 1:00 PM Contest: 3 pm at the Grandstand Entry Fee: $20 per team (Limit of four persons on a team) Each member has a one minute time limit in the ring. Classes: Girls ages 9-15 years old Girls ages 16 and over Boys ages 9-15 years old Boys ages 16 and over Participants under 18 years old MUST have a parent present to sign release form at registration time. st $100 prize 1 Place each division $60 prize 2nd Place each division Please pre-register by picking up a release and entry form at any Martin County 4-H Food Stand prior to the event. The deadline for entries will be 6:30 pm the day of event.

Corn Hole Tournament
Sunday, July 12 $20 Entry per 2 person team 3:00 PM in front of Commercial Building Pre-register or register day of tourney starting at 2:00 PM ~Double elimination format. ~Games will go to 21, must win by 2. ~Prizes will be awarded For more information please contact: Jeff Eckerle 295-5030 John Ader 709-0395 Mike Arvin 486-9739

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull
Tuesday, July 14 Registration: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Contest: 8:00 PM Location: Next to Commercial Building

Pie Baking Contest
Thursday, July 16 in the Community Building Send/hand-in completed form to: · $5.00 Entry Fee per contestant Purdue Extension Martin County · All participants MUST be registered by Monday July 13, 2009. 2666 U.S. Hwy. 50 · All contestants MUST cover their pie until serving. Loogootee, IN 47553 · Any kind of pie is accepted. · Judging will begin promptly at 6:00pm. · All contestants MUST provide two pies. (One will be auctioned) All proceeds go to Martin County 4-H. Entry Form COOK’S NAME____________________ NAME OF PIE_______________ ADDRESS______________________ CITY____________ STATE________ ZIP_______ TELEPHONE_______________ E-MAIL___________

Tug-of-War Contest
Monday, July 13 6:30 at the Grandstand ~$20 entry for 10 person co-ed team ~Each team will consist of a maximum of 10 “tuggers” ~Each team must be co-ed consisting of at least 3 girls and no more than 7 boys ~Team members cannot participate for more than one team ~Day of event registration begins at 5:30 PM ~Prizes will be awarded

Text Messaging Contest
Sponsored by: King Communications, AT&T Friday, July 10 & Saturday, July 11 Sponsored by: A Cellular Guru, Verizon Sunday, July 12 & Monday, July 13 *Next to Commercial Building *Winner receives free cellular phone. *Begins at 6:30PM

Caricature Drawings by Karen Kovich,

The Hoosier Queen of Caricature
Silly Safari Magician-Don Miller
Tuesday, July 14 Magician stroll around fairgrounds 6:15PM-7:15PM Magic Show 7:30PM

~Self employed caricaturist and illustrator since 1980. Tuesday, July 14 6:00PM-8:00PM

Scott Greeson

On the free stage Friday, July 10 6:30PM-8:00PM

Country singer and Indiana recording artist Monday, July 13 7:00PM

Horse and Pony Rides
Sponsored by Martin County 4-H Horse and Pony Club Nightly Friday, July 10-Thursday July 16 6:00PM-10:30PM

Demolition Derby
Friday, July 10 at 7:00 pm $8.00 Grandstand/$15.00 Pit Pass

Truck and Tractor Pull
Saturday, July 11 at 6:00 pm Gates open at 5 pm $5.00 Grandstand/$10.00 Pit Pass

For more information and registration forms check out the Martin County Extension website or call the office (812) 295-2412.

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