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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Viral Strategies for Internet Marketing By Christian Fea

First of all, I realize that anything with "viral" in the name doesn't conjure up images of something you want close by, but there is a new type of Internet marketing known as "viral marketing" is worth investigating. Despite its unflattering appellation, it is an effective Internet collaboration marketing tool, and one that is important to understand if you want to expand your business. What is Viral Marketing? Viral marketing is a strategy that encourages your business to carry a marketing message via e-mail, and to partner with other businesses, which will attach your marketing message to their emails. This is ultimately another form of collaborative marketing for your company, but one that lends credibility because your message is passed on through other companies. The name viral marketing was chosen to indicate the way a virus can rapidly multiply within a cell, and ultimately taking over the cell, bending the cell to the whims of the virus. This aggressive expansion and growth is the target of a viral marketing platform. The strategy ultimately uses a network of relationships that you have developed, as well as the relationships and resources of the companies with whom you are collaborating, which are attaching your message to their emails. This can work both for your own business, as well as a collaborative marketing partnership with other companies. You can include a marketing message in the emails that your company sends to its clients and customers, and you can contract to have your marketing message sent by other companies, via their emails. By creating collaborative relationships with secondary companies to pass along your email advertisement, you will be able to reach out to a whole new client base that, perhaps otherwise, you would not have been able to target. This may sound a little confusing at first: am I sending marketing messages along with my companies emails, or are other companies sending my advertisement along with their emails? The answer is either, or bothboth are good ways to get a marketing message broadcasted. Using an outside company often involves a fee, but may be a worthwhile investment due to the sheer volume of people you'll be able to reach, as well as the range of customers you'll be able to target, because it differs from
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
your typical client base. A Few Examples You have undoubtedly been exposed to viral marketing, yet have not realized it or registered the fact. One of the most classic examples of viral marketing is used by the free email website, If I have a hotmail account, automatically attached to each email message I send is an accompanying by a message from, encouraging the recipient to sign up for an account. In this way, Hotmail is advertising its own business through the emails that each of its existing clients sends. Another clear example is that of e-greeting cards. Each greeting card that is sent carries the company's marketing message, encouraging the recipient to send a card using this service. If I receive an electronic greeting card from a friend, I will automatically be prompted to send a card using the site from which I've just received mail. Viral marketing is a newer Internet marketing strategy that was more recently developed and is quickly becoming popular. It is a strategic way to advertise your business and services, as well as to partner with other companies to help you form a broader collaborative marketing platform.

Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A strategic Collaboration Marketing consulting firm. He empowers business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges. He demonstrates how to create your own Collaboration Marketing Strategy to increase your sales, conversation rates, and repeat business. Contact:

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Top 3 Steps to Viral Internet Marketing By Fredi D

Like a cold of flu, viral internet marketing conducts itself the same way. As it spreads, it becomes more prevalent and consumes greater areas. Viral internet marketing can also be described as a global word of mouth process. This is due to the vast audience the internet houses. It is amazing to think that in just 20 minutes, thousands of people could be clicking on your viral marketing campaign. A viral internet marketing campaign can be very rewarding if you use it the right way. Step 1: Make your viral internet marketing campaign interesting. There is nothing worse than having the best spot for your ad and then have people only stay for 5 seconds. This is due to the lack of interest. You can have all the opportunities in the world, as you do with viral internet marketing, however, you can fail just as hard as not having them if you do not capture your audience. If you are luring the people into your space, you will need to be able to entertain and keep them there once you have them. Step 2: Keep it simple! Do not make your viral internet marketing campaign hard to understand. The best and most popular viral internet marketing strategies are usually very simple, straight to the point, funny and often times ridiculous. In general, they point is to grab the attention of the person viewing your efforts and lure them to your site for more information. It is as easy as that. No extraordinary efforts on graphics and such, just a funny video on YouTube, or a great post on a popular site such as MySpace. Step 3: Keep your options open to different ideas. In the world of viral internet marketing, you have a few different options. These options include email marketing, video marketing, social book marking and more. The most popular of these social arenas is Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. There are many others such as Delicious, Digg and more. Do not be fooled by their simplicity, they are extremely popular among all types of people with regards to age, gender, race and religious background. On every front, there is a niche for someone in the online virtual social world. This is why many people are attracted to the internet. By the same token, this is why many viral internet marketing managers are also interested in being online. There is a very big cash cow lying in the middle of what we call the internet. The sash it is wearing says “viral internet marketing”. The ideas and opportunity is there. The only way you will be able to make use of viral internet marketing is to create a brand which is spreadable by word of mouth. Branding is where it needs to start because ultimately, that is where it ends. Deliver on both ends and you will have a win-win situation for both you and your customer. To learn more about techniques to viral internet marketing, follow the link below. Fredi Donosa is an Ezine expert as well as a qualified adviser for those interested in Internet Viral Marketing opportunities. You can learn more about Fredi and read additional articles on this topic at his website: Visit

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