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									The Pitch
Published at whim for The Rotary Club of Torrey Pines
“All The News That’s Fit To Pitch” September 2004

Sweet home Chicago! Sandie Lampe scouted out all of the Windy City hotels offering Rotary discounts during the next RI convention from 18-22 June. Members are encouraged to book early as 100,000 Rotarians are expected to attend. Register on-line at Matt Risi is organizing a Windy City Street Food tour to include Bozo’s hot dogs, White Castle hamburgers, Ricobenes Breaded Steaks, the Orbit Polish restaurant and Al’s hot beef stand on Taylor Street. The tour concludes at the Cardiac Unit of Michael Reese Hospital.

Best in the world! Bernard Streiff was recognized by Travel and Leisure Magazine as the most knowledgable travel agent in the world for the city of Paris! Bernard is now in a class of 125 international super star travel agents. Bernard was dissaponted that his erotic tour of the Eternal City was not published in the magazine. Bernard was also fined for promoting his wine tour of the Andes in the Sunday Travel section of the San Diego Union Tribune!

Club dollars at work! Don Yeckel models one of the 35 UCSD International Student T-Shirts that our club foundation purchased for registration day at UCSD.

On Wednesday, September 1st, Torrey Pines Rotary President Michael Cummings welcomed John Lohrenz into our club. Jim Roche is John’s sponsor.

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Guitar wielding Bernard Streiff serenades the UCSD foreign students with some Jacques Brel at the International Cafe sponsored by Torrey Pines Rotary. Our UCSD International Cafe is scheduled for Friday, October 22nd. Our Rotary staff will help to feed the international student crowd. Some 250 students (both from the U.S. and from abroad) regularly attend the cafe for an informal lunch and conversation from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Entrees are complete with side dishes, dessert, and beverage. UCSD and the international students are always appreciative of our efforts. Volunteers should contact Max Gurney or Bernard Streiff.

We were delighted to welcome Brian Smith to our club on September 9th. Brian is taking a leave of absence. In the photo above, Chip Hayes is just beginning to feel the effects of the curare that Brian sprinkled on his flank steak.

Past District Governor Marty Peters (R) visited our club on August 18th and updated us on the activities of the Beijing and Shanghai Rotary Clubs! Tiffany Sterling was our special guest and hails from a Rotary family. She has attended RYLA and participated in a Rotary Youth Exchange to Italy. Don Yeckel noted that Tiffany is seeking out a Rotary club to join. Our new District Governor, Sandi Rimer, will visit Torrey Pines Rotary on Wednesday, October 6th.

Torrey Pines Rotary Leadership
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Experience This Day in History weekly with Chip Hayes and Sandie Lampe. An informative and delightful 2-3 minute highlight of historical events. Lottery Trivia - partake in our weekly raffle and answer questions in "trivia" format each week... various categories, various degrees of complexity... raffle proceeds go to the Club Foundation to benefit our various charitable projects.
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Rotary Calendar
• October 6th Club Program will beour new District Governor Sandi Rimer • On October 12th our October District Council meeting will be held at Viejas Casino in Alpine. Our Rotary District has made arrangements for a block of rooms at the Country Inn which are available on a first come first served basis. The Country Inn offers 24 hour a day shuttle service to and from the Viejas Casino. You may reserve a room with a King Size bed or one with two queen size beds for the special Rotary rate of $69.00 For this special rate, call 800-423-3992 or 619-445-5800 ask for Kim at ext. 201 and tell her you are with Rotary 5340. • October 13 Club Program will be a Club Assembly • October 20 Club Program will be a Vocational Program • October 27 Club Program will be Nick Phillips of the Centennial Rotary District 9270. He will discuss Poverty and Illiteracy in Africa • Our Torrey Pines Rotary shift at the UCSD International Cafe is scheduled for Friday, October 22nd. • November 3 our program will be the musical vocal group: Sweet Adelines • November 10 Club Program will be a Special Veterans Program organized by airforce “scope dope” Gordon Shurtleff • Save the date! Our Christmas Party is scheduled for December 15th at the San Diego yacht Club. Register for district events online:
Philippe Lamoise introduced Dory Beatrice of the Golden Triangle Club and his sweetheart Odille who was visiting from France. Dory spoke to Torrey Pines about the Rotary Model U.N. Program. Odille and her cello have since returned to Europe. Philippe is two years away from becoming our District Governor. His training has already started and continues with a seminar called GNATS. GNATS is an acronym for Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar.

Model U.N.
On Wednesday, Dory Beatrice of the Golden Triangle Club briefed our club on a new District project to promote peace through a program called Pathways to Peace. Rotary Clubs will be offered the opportunity to work with local high school students to study specific countries and their political problems. The culmination of this Pathways to Peace program is a several day Model U.N. conference where students serve as representatives of their assigned nations. Rotary clubs can sponsor a team for $500.

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Falling in Love Again
Max Gurney Remembers
Max Gurney unsuspectingly clicked on the website address that Matt Risi sent him and suddenly he was immersed in the haunty siren’s voice of Marlene Dietrich. Matt had sent Max the trademark recording of Marlene from one of her first hit films Der Blaue Engel. Max Gurney observed: Marlene's voice (can't thank you enough) has reminded me that in August 1944 we met in Florence, shortly after the Germans had left. But the fluid front was only few miles north and we (Army G-2) were able to intercept enemy radio traffic. With fresh German (and Ukrainian) captured officers, an order of battle was quickly established. Marlene's contribution was considerable. No more OSS, the same evening, she gratified GI's of the 10th Mountain with a thrilling USO show.

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Monarch School
A Port in the Storm
On Wednesday, September 9th Gail Levine presented a program on the Monarch School. The school was established to educate homeless children. Gail is the wife of the popular television newsman Marty Levine. Gail started her talk by thanking Rotary and Club 33 for donating the money to build the Monarch Schoolhouse in the East Village area. Skyrocketing real estate prices were forcing the school out. Many of the students at Monarch have parents who are on the edge of poverty. Even if kids are adrift in their family life, the Monarch School serves as a firm anchor for the children. The students often express that the school makes them “feel normal.” Ralph Rubio of Rubios has set up Cafe Cabo as an opportunity for students to work and earn money for Monarch. The school even sports a steel drum band that is available for hire. Butterfly Enterprises was established by Junior Achievement and is a program where students manufacture jewelry for sale. This program helps student earn money and teaches basic business skills. Students attend Monarch because they choose to be there. Gail even told a story about a student that had to negotiate with her drug user mom to attend. We will here more about Monarch in the ccoming months.

Hand Writing Analysis
On Wednesday, August 18th Paula Sassi spoke to our Rotary Club about hand writing analysis. The science of graphology is not to be confused with such pseudo sciences as fortune telling or astrology! The most practical application of hand writing analysis is for corporations to review potential employees. Hand writing offers clues on personalities. People are either analytical, action oriented, amiable or expressive. Paula’s test includes a space to write on unlined paper. The margins and word spacing offer great clues on personality types. Forms and movement of script also yield information. Individual letters can be dissected by upper, middle and lower zones. The shape of letters and how they are connected offer specific Freudian clues on the psychological make up. The letter T offers obvious clues. A high flying T Bar indicates dreamers. Liars can be uncovered by open a’s and o’s. Figure eight ovals point to manipulative types. A third hump in an m indicates shrewdness. Full lower loops on letters demonstrate a desire for more. An open pocket shows frustration. Criminal hand writing shows a grasping claw for their g’s and y’s. Paula presented several samples of famous peoples’ handwiting including JFK, Donald Trump, Grace Kelly and Jonas Salk. We also saw samples of how Elvis Presley’s hand writing changed over the decades to include clues to his drug and alcohol abuse. Aside from analyzing technical shape, glitches in language can tell a story. A note written by OJ Simpson suggests his guilt in the murder of his wife Nicole! Paula’s presentation left us all a little bit afraid to put pen to paper!

Dog Day Afternoon Humor from the Edge
On Wednesday, September 1st we were entertained by Public Relations executive Bill Seaton. Bill is famous for hiring Joan Embry to serve as the good will ambassador of the San Diego Zoo. He also worked for Sea World and the California State Lottery. Bill had us in stitches as he bombarded us with a constant stream of funny jokes and hilarious anecdotes. His book, Humorous Letters from the Edge, is a fast read filled with funny observations about everyday family life. Bill made the point that laughter promotes long life and good health. Some even suspect that laughter can prevent such problems as heart disease. He noted that “too many people are running from things that are not chasing them.” Bill’s advice is to enjoy life and die laughing! On Wednesday, August 25th, Carole Schatz and her dog Josie visited our club. Carole introduced her friendly goldendoodle (mix of poodle and golden retriever) and launched into a lively open discussion about pets. Our members posed a variety of questions and Alix Mayhew even learned that her kitten considers her a litter mate! Dennis Rehberg asked about his dogs back yard digging. Paris expert Bernard Streiff launched into a discussion about dog poop on the boulevards of the Eternal City. Carole has been training dogs for years at Lake Murray on Saturday mornings. She also organizes pet therapy visits for patients in hospitals. Her latest project is helping researchers determine i dogs can sniff out prostate cancer! Torrey Pines loves their pets and Carole’s program was a hit!

Gail Levine briefs Torrey Pines Rotary about the Monarch School that educates homeless children. I Vini D’Italia is a special wine club event to celebrate Italian wines. On Wednesday, October 6th, Max Gurney, Matteo Risi, Emilio Misiraca and Tom Ferrier will present a variety of wines unique to the Italian character! Can you say “Barbaresco.”

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Paula Sassi presented a program on hand writing analysis.

Costa Rica
Saving Planet Earth with 3H Grants
On Wednesday, September 15th we learned about Rotary’s efforts in Costa Rica. Our speaker was Luene Gordon who is a past president of the San Marcos Club. Luene was first inspired when she was a Rotarian in District 7890 in Western Massachusetts. She and others answered the call of Past Rotary International President Costas to Save Planet Earth back in early 1990’s. Luene raved about Costa Rica. She loves the people and the country and was very impressed by the democratic government. She noted that Costa Rica has no army and invests its treasure on education and social services. The population is European in character with few indigenous people. Costa Rica was once covered with lush forests but economic development has ravaged these bio-diverse areas. The Rotary concept was to help conserve Costa Rica’s precious mountainous rainforest areas by assisting local farmers and villagers so that they will not need to pilfer the natural resources. Luene went to work writing a grant proposal to Rotary International and in 2000, Rotary International awarded some $357,000 to fund a 3H Grant (Health Hunger and Humanity). 3H grants fund long term self help development projects that would be way beyond the scope of one Rotary Club. The program educates and trains local farmers, villagers and scientists on modern agricultural, marketing, forestry and conservation techniques. Five villages in the Amisonde- La Marta area participate. The project is going well but Rotarians must follow through to ensure that the momentum continues. Luene invited any interested Torrey Pines Rotarian to go down with her to Costa Rica to visit the project in the Talamanca Mountains. Philippe Lamoise travelled with Luene in the past to produce a video documentary on the project.

Wine Club Schedule
The wine club now boasts 18 members! Members are assigned to bring two premium bottles of wine of interest. Anyone who brings a bottle of Charles Shaw will have their hands whacked off by machete wielding Mau Mau. • September 29: Chip Hayes & Mike Cummings • October 6: I Vini D’Italia • October 13 Don Yeckel and Matt Risi • October 20- John Lohrenz and Nancy Russian • October 27- Sheila Henry and Dennis Rehberg
Jim Roche points to Costa Rica on a Bio Diversity Hot Spots map. At first, Jim thought that the map was from the Golf course at the San José Country Club.

John Smith from Austin Texas seems to enjoy our company and has made up at Torrey Pines several times. John has since returned to the Lone Star State.

Vino Veritas
God Made Water but Man Made Wine!
On Wednesday, August 18th, Don Yeckel presented a Frei Brothers Chardonnay. Our club is connected to the Frei vineyards through Penny Shurtleff’s family. Don also brought a gem of a red wine in a1997 Mas des Costes from Coteaux de Languedoc. This french wine making area grows more grapes than the entire United States. The wine is a blend of syrah and granache. Matt Risi delivered a unique organic French wine from Bergerac. This wine was a Bordeaux style blend. On Wednesday, August 25th Bernard Streiff delivered all of the wine. The lone white was an apple wine from Julian produced by J. Jenkins. Bernard brought two Chilean redsa syrah from Casa Lapostelle and a merlot from Santa Rita. Never sans pinot noir, Bernard presented a New Zealand pinot from Wairu. Nancy Russian presented a very smooth 2000 Bordeaux on Wednesday, September 1st. Matt Risi presented a Châteauneuf-Du Pape from the Rhône Valley. The syrah blend is excellent with Mediterranean cuisine. Emile Misiraca brought a Noceto Sangiovese wine from Northern California. Tom Ferrier offered us a chilled crisp white wine from the Fallbrook winery. What a selection of wines we enjoyed on September 15th! Tom Ferrier presented a Haute Côte de Nuits and a Vosne-Romaneé from Burgundy. Max Gurney opened a bottle of a Hugel wine from Alsace, Max also unveiled a Mouton Cadet white Bordeaux made from the typical white greape of the area- Sauvignon Blanc. Gordon Shurtleff delivered two stellar wines from Sonoma!.We enjoyed a Frei Brothers Syrah and a Black Oak Merlot. A man is not old until his regrets take the place of dreams. -Yiddish proverb

If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable. -John F. Kennedy, 35th US president (1917-1963)

Better late than never! Nancy Russian presents a past president’s plaque and pin to Sheila Henry.


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Gordon Shurtleff and Barbara Lorentz. wore tropical garb in anticipation of our Costa Rica program. Our speaker was Luene Gordon of the San Marcos Rotary Club.

Jim Likes baked these chocolate cookies late Tuesday night for his September 1st Dessert Club commitment!

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