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MOVING TIME This is a year for moving. Both parish clergy moved this summer. A number of parishioners moved locally. And Good Shepherd is moving from its first century of history and ministry in this community to its next. CENTENNIAL KICKS OFF As we return to church after a summer hiatus, please mark your calendars for the initial event of the Good Shepherd Centennial Year -- Sunday, September 13, 2009. This will mark the official kick-off of major activities. There'll be a centennial walk, service and picnic lunch. If you are interested in participating in "the walk", please be at the plaza by 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, the 13th. We will have drivers available who will carpool us to the original site of Good Shepherd on Sherwood Avenue. Scott will begin the morning with a short service at this, our original, location prior to the walk back to the church. We will walk over land on a well marked path, but you should wear comfortable shoes because it won't be completely level and smooth. The acolytes and children of the church school are being asked to be present to make this a memorable procession for everyone participating. Following our return to the church, a celebration service will be held at 10AM in the Nave using hymns and prayer book from the early 1900s. Scott and Kevin King have collaborated to make this a joyful service. A picnic lunch will be served in the plaza and parish hall where we can meet and greet friends. Invitations have been sent to all previous clergy and associates as well as members who have left the area, but played important roles in the development of our parish. Since so many of you have assisted in growing our parish into the Church of the Good Shepherd as we are today, we hope you can help us rejoice at this special time!

The Fold

Moving boxes were a common sight in the church staff offices this summer as Rebekah Hatch packed up to move to Atlanta. The Slaters were bringing emptied boxes over from our local move to recycle them for the Hatches. Some boxes were being used for at least the fourth time: Julie Minch, a parishioner and teacher, recycled her classroom boxes to her mother, Jane Lynn, who moved from her house to Blakehurst. Jane then recycled them to the Slaters who in turn recycled them to the Hatches. So the Hatches have boxes in Atlanta that may say “Mrs. Lynn, Room 20” as well as “Spare bedroom” and “Reid’s Room.” Moving boxes offer an interesting archival view of our household identity. How many of you have boxes of stuff that you have never unearthed since three moves back? What do the items in those boxes represent in your past? What memories and emotions are packed inside them? As we turn the corner to begin our second centennial as a parish, we look forward and backward. We look over all the stuff we’ve brought along over the past century and decide to keep some things, store some things and throw out what we don’t need any more. There will be things we wish we hadn’t thrown away. There will be new acquisitions (there always are). Our tastes will change. Those avocado and harvest gold liturgies that we thought were so cool in the 1970s will be replaced with
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HIGHLIGHTS IN THIS ISSUE New Deacon Introduced—page 3 * Fall Christian Formation Programs Begin—pages 4 & 5 * Spotlight on…—page 6 * Opportunities for Education—page 7

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 2
*STAFF* The Rev. Scott Slater Rector The Rev. Brian McDonnell Deacon Hannah Brown Coordinator of Christian Formation Natalie White Parish Secretary John Simons Business Manager Susan Andrews Day School Director Kevin King Director of Music Michael Allman Parish Hall Musician Jane Miller Organist Carolyn Sandler & Ken Zuber Sextons Jackie Williams & Rosita Brewster Nursery Care Providers *OFFICERS* Claiborn Carr III Senior Warden Beau Whitney Junior Warden Patricia Edlund Registrar Bill Mangels Treasurer *VESTRY* Meredith Boren Gordon Campbell Dan Hudson Anne King Lee Robert Locke Amy Millin William Nesbitt Clark Parriott Christie Root Kathy Sabatier Hillary Shaffer Snowden Stanley ***** Ginny Barnhart Diocesan Delegate Pat Edlund Diocesan Delegate Guy Wolf Alternate Diocesan Delegate

SUNDAY MORNING SCHEDULE Fall is almost here and we will return to our new three-service schedule on Sunday, September 20th. 7:45 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:15 AM 11:00 AM Holy Eucharist, Rite I with no music, in the Nave Stumbling Over Scripture, in Room 14 Holy Eucharist, Rite II—music and adult choir, in the Nave Fellowship in the Foyer for all ages Christian formation for all ages (till 11:00 AM) Holy Eucharist, Rite II with music, in the Parish Hall.

Thank you for your input over the course of the last year as we experimented with, tweaked and adapted our personal schedules to this new routine. Although no change will ever be universally welcomed, this has been about as smooth a change as we could have asked for. Many thanks especially to the Vestry and Worship Committee for their leadership in this long and steady process.

CALLING ALL THESPIANS AND STAGE HANDS The centennial revival of the Ruxton Players has begun. “Hobson’s Choice,” a British comedy set in a cobbler’s shop in the 1880s will be presented in late February and early March 2010 under the direction of Bill Kamberger. We need actors, stage hands, and many others for various roles. An informational meeting on the play, including a scene reading, will be held Wednesday evening, September 23rd at 7 pm in Room 14. At the meeting, you will hear about possible roles in front of or behind the scenes. All ages and talents will be welcome and considered!! If you were in drama club in high school, join us. If you can help build sets, join us. If you can help with publicity or sewing costumes, join us. If you have never done theater before but want to learn, join us. If you are interested but can’t make the meeting, contact Bill at bkamberger@mde.state.md.us or Wayne Berry at 410-583-2161.

SEAFARERS’ CENTER You may remember the Seafarers’ Center which is located in Baltimore Harbor and directed by the Rev. Mary Davisson. Mary was a seminarian at Good Shepherd. Two years ago we assembled and sent Christmas boxes for the many sailors who are welcomed and avail themselves of services at the Seafarers’ Center. In the past we have collected reading material and clothes for the sailors. This fall the Good Shepherd Outreach Committee is collecting magazines and books for the Seafarers’ Center. Please save current magazines for the collection. More information will be forthcoming.

THE FOLD is a publication of the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1401 Carrollton Avenue, Ruxton, MD 21204, and is published monthly, except for a mid-summer edition which replaces July & August issues. We can be reached at 410-823-0122 or at our website www.goodshepherd-towson.org. Send address changes to The FOLD, Attention: Hilary Sargeant, Editor

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 3 MEET OUR NEW DEACON The Rev. Brian McDonnell joins us August 30th as our appointed deacon for the next three years. Below is some biographical information that Brian provided for this edition of the Fold. Brian will be with us part time, mainly on Sunday mornings, serving at all services. As a deacon in the liturgy, he will perform the traditional diaconal roles of reading the gospel, initiating the prayers of the people, setting the table for communion, and offering the dismissal. He will preach once a month and assist with pastoral visitation and other ministries as he is able. Look for how he wears his liturgical stole: it is worn diagonally (ask him why). About Brian—in his own words: I was born and raised in Newtown, Pa. (Bucks County) which results in my primary character flaw of being a life long Philadelphia sports fan. I am a proud and devoted “cradle Episcopalian.” Upon receiving my BS degree in Construction Technology in 1975, I embarked on a career focused on industrial construction management, predominantly serving in the petrochemical industry. After 30 + years in oil refineries and chemical plants, I accepted the position of “Buildings & Grounds Manager” at St. Thomas’ Church, Owings Mills, in March of 2008 and continue to be happily employed there. I have been involved with St. Thomas’ (off and on) since 1994 in such capacities as parishioner, Vestry person, outreach volunteer, employee and deacon. In conjunction with the support, prayer and encouragement of others, I discerned a call to ordained ministry, worked to become accepted as a postulant, and subsequently immersed myself in the deacon formation program (Diocese of Maryland) in calendar year
(MOVINGS—Continued from page 1)

2001. I was ordained a permanent/vocational deacon on June 5, 2004. As either a deacon or deacon intern, I have served the following churches: Redemption, Locust Point; Memorial, Bolton Hill; Holy Apostles, Arbutus and St. Thomas’, Owings Mills. At the ripe age of 55, I feel profoundly blessed to have both of my parents alive and well. Mom and Dad moved out of the Newtown homestead in 2001 and now reside in an assisted living community near Madison, Wisconsin. My younger sister, Patricia, lives in Madison with her family; my younger brother, Craig, resides in Carson City, Nevada; my older brother, William, was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969. I am divorced but have one lovely daughter, Lauren, age 25, who lives in Easton Maryland. I am further blessed to be in a loving and committed relation with Cathy Waldrep, an oncology nurse at GBMC. Both Lauren and Cathy enjoy visiting and attending worship services and will undoubtedly become known to everyone at Good Shepherd in due time. In addition to serving Christ’s Church as a deacon, I am best described as a “has been” athlete. I enjoy biking, hiking, running, strength training and playing softball in the Harford County Senior League. Many Habitat volunteers will recognize me from their time spent in the Sandtown Habitat reconstruction efforts: I have a deep rooted and longstanding passion for our Habitat ministry. I reside in Owings Mills and look forward with great anticipation to serving alongside all of Christ’s modern day disciples at Good Shepherd. Editor’s Note: Brian can be reached at bmcdonnell@goodshepherd-towson.org. Please plan to join us on Sunday, September 13th, as we have a “moving” centennial kick-off celebration beginning at 9 am at the original Good Shepherd chapel on Sherwood Road and moving on foot to the current church on Carrollton for a 10 am service using the liturgy from the 1897 prayer book. We actually have the “First Prayer Book and Hymnal used in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd—Sherwood” as inscribed and presented by Marian Gilmore Howard, John Eager Howard, William Hand Browne Howard, and Benjamin Chew Howard Jr. on November 7, 1909. Come see how different (and similar) our worship was 100 years ago. We hope you find it moving. --Scott Slater+

something that we may be equally tired of twenty years from now. So we are in transition. Over the course of the next year we will celebrate that transition with many meaningful and thought-provoking activities. Ann Mangels and her Centennial Committee and its various subcommittees have been busy planning, packing, and parceling out tasks for a wide variety of events that will punctuate this important time in our life as a congregation.

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 4 CENTENNIAL BAZAAR Don't forget the Centennial Bazaar, November 6 and 7, 2009. We need white elephants and collectibles to sell. Please don't wait until the last minute to donate! No books or clothing, please, but most anything else will be greatly appreciated. If you check in with Natalie, at the church office, she can tell you where to put the items. Please contact either Ann Ritter (410-823-8730) or Ann Mangels (410-337-2858) if you have any questions. GIFTING SECURITIES From time to time we experience difficulty in identifying donors of securities because donor information is not available to us, and we subsequently delay in providing acknowledgements. This can be eliminated by informing Business Administrator, John Simons at 410-823-0122, or email him at jsimons@goodshepherd-towson.org, of your intended gift and providing the name of the security and approximate date of gift. If necessary, he can also supply the routing instructions to ensure a smooth transaction. Thank you for considering making a gift in this manner. —Bill Mangels, Treasurer SUMMER MAINTENANCE I am sure that many in the Parish do not realize that the maintenance of the plantings and grounds around the Church of the Good Shepherd is almost entirely provided by the volunteer efforts of our parishioners. We pay for lawn mowing and one leaf raking session per year and that is it. I would like to thank Clark Parriott for setting up a sign up program for volunteers to help maintain the gardens. As well, we have several regulars who just show up and weed, prune, and generally provide much needed TLC to the plantings around the Church. We are all very proud of our foyer entrance but we must depend on these volunteers to keep it looking so nice. This is one of the many ways that the Vestry is working to keep control of our budget but it cannot do it without the support of the parish at large. Thanks so much to all of you who helped this summer. Don’t forget, the Fall Blue Jean Sunday is right around the corner! —Beau Whitney, Junior Warden WANTED: Fun-loving individuals who are dedicated in the future of the church Are you looking for a way to serve Good Shepherd? A ministry that is never boring and always changing? How about doing your part to ensure the future of the church? If this is what you are looking for, then the place for you at 10:15 on Sunday mornings is in Sunday School. We are still looking for teachers and helpers for the children on Sunday mornings. We ask for a commitment for a season. The curriculum, All Things New, is lectionary-based and very user-friendly. It is designed for the leader who has all week to prepare and the leader who looks at the lesson Saturday night. Make a difference in the church and inspire our youngest members by teaching. For more information please contact Hannah Brown, 410-823-0122 or hbrown@goodshepherdtowson.org SUNDAY SCHOOL REGISTRATION As you and your family look ahead to the Fall, please register your child for Sunday School. Extra registration forms are available on the Welcome Table at Church. We would like each family/child/ youth to fill out a registration form, even if returning from last year. This gives us a chance to update our records, as well as the opportunity for Hannah to get to know your child better. The Christian Formation Committee is asking that each family participating in Good Shepherd’s Sunday School program volunteer to help with this important ministry - check out the opportunities on the registration form. If you don’t have a child in Good Shepherd’s Sunday School program, but are feeling called to participate, be in touch. Sunday School for children is available for children 3 years old and older. Classes for 3 years old through 6th grade are labeled with ages or grade names. If your child is entering 7th or 8th grades in the Fall of 2009, he/she will be part of our Rite-13 group. Youth entering 9th or 10th grades in the Fall of 2009 will be members of our Journey to Adulthood group. Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions about Good Shepherd’s Sunday School program (Hannah Brown, hbrown@goodshepherdtowson.org or 410-823-0122).

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 5

Please join us at 10:15 on Sept. 20th for our Christian Education kick-off!!
Sunday School – Ages 3 through 6th grade Moses, David and Samuel, oh my!! Come learn about the heritage of God’s People this Fall on Sunday mornings starting Sept 20th. Each Sunday during the school year, Good Shepherd offers Sunday School for children from 10:15-11:00am. This year we are beginning the second year of All Things New as the curriculum for guiding these young Christians in formation. This program offers a rich mix of ageappropriate activities centered on scripture and Episcopal “basics.” Here’s a listing of ages/grades and where they will be located during the school year: 3-5 years old 1st & 2nd Grade 3rd & 4th Grade Club 56 (5th & 6th Grade) Youth Ministry– 7th–12th grades If you or your child is in 7th grade or above, we want you to know what’s going on at Good Shepherd. Youth starting grades 7 & 8 continue their participation in the Rite 13 curriculum, which began last year. Youth in grades 9 & 10 continue the Journey to Adulthood class and work toward their pilgrimage for next summer. Each of these groups meets on Sunday mornings at 10:15am. Youth in grades 11-12 are members of YAC: Young Adults in the Church. This self-led group meets once a month for informal discussion. If you have any question please call Hannah Brown, Coordinator for Christian Formation at 410-823-0122 or email her at hbrown@goodshepherd-towson.org J2A KICK-OFF POOL PARTY Please join us for a pool party to celebrate the beginning of the J2A year. While the youth catch each other up on their summer adventures, parents are invited to an information session regarding the upcoming year and next summer’s pilgrimage. WHO: WHEN: WHAT: WHERE: RSVP: J2A youth and parents Sunday, August 30, 2009—12:30 to 2:30 PM A time for fellowship and info about the upcoming year The home of Ellen, Doug, Jack & Annie Brinkley, 1901 Ruxton Road Hannah Brown—410-823-0122, hbrown@goodshepherd-towson.org Room 12 (Lower Level) Room 8 (Lower Level) Room 10 (Lower Level) Room 14 (Upper Level)

ADULT ENRICHMENT Programs for adults also begin on September 20th at 10:15. This year we are using a ‘teach and discuss’ format; teach one week and then discuss the topic the next. We are focusing on how our beliefs impact our everyday lives, interspersed with Centennial and Outreach presentations, as well as old favorites such as “Unplugging the Christmas Machine”. The Rev. Scott Slater will lead the first series on ‘Beliefs Through Life Cycles’. Please stop by the Welcome Table to pick up an adult enrichment fall calendar or watch the website for upcoming topics.

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 6 SPOTLIGHT ON… In July we welcomed Hannah Brown to our staff as Coordinator of Christian Education. Hannah also works part-time at the Cathedral of the Incarnation as an Administrative Assistant and Wedding Coordinator. She will continue working there while also working part-time at Good Shepherd. Hannah was born in Newport News, Virginia. Although she has spent most of her life in Ellicott City, she is planning to move to Baltimore soon to be closer to work. Hannah’s mother, Margie, is a middle school Family and Consumer Science teacher (previously known as “Home Ec”) in Howard County, and her father, Ken, sells Pipe Organs and is the Canon for Music and Worship at the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Her younger brother, Adam, will be a high school senior this year. She also has a goldendoodle puppy, Toby, who is one year old. Hannah received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland where she majored in Communication Arts with a concentration in Human Communication. Rather than traditional journalism classes, her course load included Gender and Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Intercultural Communication. She comments that this has lead to a running joke in her family: these are great skills to have but, if aliens invade, we’re in a heap of trouble! Hannah also minored in Religious Studies and received a Certificate in Leadership and Social Change. In her spare time, Hannah loves to sing. She sang in the choir throughout school and recently went on SEAFARERS’ CENTER CRUISE Please join the Volunteers and Supporters of the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center for an evening cruise aboard the Duchess of Pintail on Wednesday, October 7, 2009. Learn about the inner workings of the Port of Baltimore & hear how this ministry to the Seafarers’ reaches out to those who work on board the ships that dock here. Reservations may be made directly with Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center. Tickets are $50, and tickets orders must be received by September 18, 2009. Questions may be directed to MaryHTDavisson@aol.com, or phone (410) 685-1240. For a flyer with full details go to the CoGS website and click on the link found on the page “This Week”. tour in New England with her college choir. She also enjoys reading and is fortunate to live right across the street from a library! Her favorite series, The Secret Life of the Pink Carnation, is about women spies during the Napoleonic Wars. Hannah also loves to go to the movies, but only to see films with happy endings! Hannah has been very involved at the Cathedral: as a Godly Play storyteller (for eight years), a reader, and a Christian Formation Intern last summer. She also has sung in the choir on occasion. One of Hannah’s favorite vacation spots is Disney World, where she went recently with her family to celebrate her grandmother's 75th birthday. They had a wonderful time and, as she says, “It really is the happiest place on Earth!” She also loves to cruise and has had many travel adventures including “swimming with sting rays, horseback riding through the jungle, and climbing the Mayan ruins in Cozumel…all while enjoying the midnight buffets.” Her entire extended family lives outside of Akron, Ohio so she also enjoys spending as much time there as possible. Hannah decided to come to Good Shepherd because it impressed her as a healthy and flourishing parish. She says that she “hopes [her] gifts will strengthen the wonderful programs that you already have. I look forward to working and worshipping with every parishioner…especially the children and youth.” —Holly Spiller

NEW GOOD SHEPHERD CARVING The next time you are in the Foyer, look on the rail behind the welcome table and notice the beautiful olive wood carving of the Good Shepherd. This is a gift from Kim MacVaugh, a parishioner who just returned from living in the Holy Land for a year. Kim lived in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. Kim just moved to Washington, D.C., where she is working for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobbying organization. Thank you, Kim, for your thoughtful gift, and blessings in your new vocation and ministry.

The Fold—September 2009 - Page 7 INTERESTED IN CLASSES IN SCRIPTURE, THEOLOGY, OR CHURCH MINISTRIES? The Ecumenical Institute of Theology of St. Mary’s Seminary and University offers accredited master’s-level theological education (courses, certificates, degrees) to women and men of all denominations. Auditors with at least two years of college are welcome. Pastors should consider our post-master’s Certificate of Advanced Studies. August 15 is the application deadline for the fall term, which runs from September 8 through December 17. For more information please contact Patty Rath at 410/864-4200 or prath@stmarys.edu, or visit the website at www.stmarys/ei. OFFERINGS FROM WELL FOR THE JOURNEY Pilgrimage to Ground Zero Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 Leader: Rev. Scott Slater. Cost: $80 includes everything but meals. Come journey to the site of the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. We will travel to Manhattan and begin our day with a tour of the Ground Zero Museum. Following lunch we will spend a quiet time of reflection at the Ground Zero site, concluding with a visit to St. Paul’s Chapel across the street, where much of the recovery staging and relief efforts took place. We will leave from The Well parking lot early morning and return late evening. Please call The Well early to register and for more details, as space is limited. Women at the Well—sessions begin in September The Wisdom of Trees: Becoming Rooted and Balanced Monday evenings (2nd & 4th of the month) at The Well Center, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, Sept. 14 to Dec. 21. Facilitators: Terri Smith and Mary Gavin Wednesday mornings, 9:30 to 11:00 am at The Well Center, Sept. 16 to Nov. 4. Facilitators: Karen Ruppert and Doris Zimmerman Wednesday mornings, 9:30 to 11:00 am at Good Shepherd, Sept. 16 to Nov. 4. Facilitators: Mabeth Hudson and Becky Slater Friday mornings at The Well, 9:30 to 11:00 am, Sept. 18 to Nov. 6. Facilitators: Karen Gilliss, Anne Pidcock, Patricia Jackson Call to register and for more details. Let Your Journey Speak: Writing a Spiritual Autography Beyond your practice of a religion, you have developed an inner life because of the experiences, questions, beliefs, and values that have developed along your journey. The exercises in writing a Spiritual Autobiography focus on the ordinary everyday experiences of our lives. Exercises and format were inspired by Dan Wakefield’s bestselling autobiography Returning. This workshop is limited to 10 people so register early! Six-week evening workshop: Tuesdays, Oct. 13 to Nov. 17 from 7 to 9 pm at The Well Center. Facilitator: Alan Evans Well for the Journey (The Well Center) is located at 7600 York Road, Towson, Maryland. Pre-registration is required for all programs. To register for a program or for more details, email or call Sutton at sutton@wellforjourney.org or 410.296.9355.

MONTHLY CALENDAR Our calendar will no longer be printed as part of The FOLD, but can be found on our website (www.goodshepherd-towson.org) or by using the link in our weekly emails. If you are not receiving the weekly emails, please contact us at: webmaster@goodshepherd-towson.org.

MEN’S BREAKFAST GROUP On the first and third Wednesdays of every month, men from the parish gather from 7:30 to 8:30 AM at College Manor in Lutherville for study and fellowship. Our informal discussions cover a range of topics: men’s spirituality, world religions, men in the Bible. Conversation is casual and biblical knowledge is not a pre-requisite! We take turns providing bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, and College Manor provides us with coffee and juice. For more information or to be added to the email list, contact Scott Slater at 410.823.0122 or sslater@goodshepherd-towson.org. PARISH GETAWAY WEEKEND Join us the weekend of November 13-15 as a group of us retreats to Bishop Claggett Center in Buckeystown, MD. This is a wonderful, laid-back weekend for parishioners of all ages. No cooking or dishwashing is required! Everyone has a semi-private room. The scenery over the Monocacy River valley is great. There are plenty of things to do with others or by yourself. Cost is $140 per adult which includes five meals. Reduced rates are available for families. Get your $50 deposit in as soon as possible to reserve your spot (space is limited). For more information contact Scott Slater. BOOK GROUP The Book Group resumes on September at 10:15 AM. The first book will be Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Group meets on the first & third Thursdays of each month in Room 14. CHOIR RESUMES The first choir rehearsal of the season is Thursday, September 10th! Support our fine parish choir by being a part of it. We start each Thursday evening at 7:30 PM and end at 9:00 PM and then sing the anthem at the 9 AM service on Sundays. High School and in-town college singers are welcome! NEXT FOLD DEADLINE Thursday, September 10th at 5:00 PM—This deadline is for material for the October issue.

THE CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 1401 Carrollton Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21204-6518 410-823-0122 Fax: 410-823-4003


The people of the Church of the Good Shepherd aspire to grow continually in spirit with Christ as our head and the Holy Spirit as our guide.* We are a parish of many blessings, and we pray that our spiritual growth will be witnessed through loving concern for, and service to, our parish family as well as the broader community, especially our neighbors in need. * We find strength for the journey in diverse worship experiences, rich Christian education for all ages, and active lay ministry.

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