MorningShine Doodles of Vermont by lonyoo


									MorningShine Doodles of Vermont
Thank you for considering a puppy from MorningShine Meadows. We are committed to placing our goldendoodle puppies in wonderful forever homes where they will be loved and cared for many years to come. As we have taken our time and worked very hard to bring wonderful, healthy pups into this world we feel that it is also important to take the time to find just the right home for each of our pups. We ask that you take the time to share information about you and your family home so we can help to assure that both you and our puppy will be just the right match. Please do not include a deposit at this time. After we have reviewed your application and have a phone conversation with you we will place you on our puppy family list in the order received/accepted. We thank you for participating in this process. Today’s Date: Your Name: Address: Phone: Email: Family Members: What kind of activities do you or your family enjoy? Does anyone in your family have pet allergies? Please describe your home situation (apartment, home with yard, condo, etc?) Do you have a fenced turn out area or will you be walking your pup exclusively? Other pets in your home: Experience with past pets: Have you ever placed a pet in a Pet Shelter? If yes please explain.

Why are you interested in a Goldendoodle? Do you have a preference for color or sex? What kind of puppy temperament will fit best with your needs or the needs of your family? Active? Laid back? Are you willing to commit to spaying or neutering a puppy? What time will you have to commit to the training of a new puppy? What will your puppy’s day look like? What kind of care/attention will he/she receive if you are not at home during the day? What experience do you have training a puppy? What areas of training do you think you might need some help with? Are you willing to participate in Puppy Obedience Training classes? If so, where will you do this? Are you willing to contact us if you run into specific training challenges BEFORE you have serious problems? If you become unable to care for your doodle are you willing to contact us so we can assist you in finding another home? Under NO circumstances do we EVER want one of our baby doods to end up in an animal shelter.

It is our greatest hope that the puppies we bring into this world will live in homes where they are well loved and cared for. We believe that with good care and training each of our pups will provide you and your family with devotion, love, and endless laughter for many years. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your interest in our Goldendoodles. Judith and Bill Peabody Morningshine Meadows, Worcester, Vermont

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