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									Lip Balm

Presented By: Jennifer, Mike, Judy, and Barron

 In the past, cosmetics that were not

made in the home were usually made by pharmacists  From 1200-1500 began being viewed separate from medicine  The period preceding WWI saw the introduction of sticks made from a base of oil and wax

Medication Sticks
 Medications and

ingredients that have been incorporated into sticks include:
    

Local anesthetics Sunscreens Oncology drugs Antivirals Antibiotics

 A Good Stick:  Spread easily w/o excessive greasiness  Uniform, stable, and free from molting  No sweating, cracking, or crumbling

Cold Sore Facts
 Cold sores, which are known as fever

blisters, are caused by the herpes simplex virus, type 1 (HSV-1).

This virus is related to, but not the same as, the HSV-2 virus which causes genital herpes.

 Approximately 40 million people are

effected by cold sores each year.  Cold sores generally appear around the mouth and on the lips.

Cold Sore Facts Cont.
 Most people are infected with the virus

by the time they are 10-years-old.  Studies in the United States indicate that 30 to 60% of children under the age of 10 years have been exposed to the virus.  The incidence of infection steadily increases with age, reaching 80 to 90 percent among adults 50 years of age and older.

Cold Sore Facts Cont.
 The symptoms and stages of cold

sores:  1) Tingling discomfort or itching 2) Redness and swelling 3) Eruption of lesion, 4) Oozing of lesion 5) Lesion dries and forms a thin yellowish scab.  Cold sores generally heal on their own within 8-10 days.

Trigger Factors
 The exact mechanism by which trigger factors

induce activation of HSV-1 is unknown.  But a variety of physiological, environmental and psycho-social events are commonly cited:
      

Emotional stress Sun exposure Fatigue Chapped lips Illness Trauma Menstruation Season of the year

 Viractin is the new cold


sore remedy from Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc.  They even offer to send you a free sample of the product if you fill out a survey or two.  We've seen this "first one's free" technique before... on the streets with your corner drug dealer.

m/  Did you know that 80 percent of Americans have the virus that causes cold sores?  And more than 60 percent of us have experienced an outbreak?

Pssst; Wanna Get Lip Balmed?
 Carmex is a cold sore  the alum and salicylic

and chapped-lip salve acid are included that was invented in because Carmex was 1936 originally created to use on cold sores,  made mostly of menthol, TO DRY THEM UP camphor, alum and wax  as Carmex junkies know,  Should regular sufferers of chapped lips be this yellow moosh is not spreading on a drying just another lip balm agent to heal their lips?  there are drying agents  Maybe not. in the balm

Carmex Ingredients
 Menthol - derived from peppermint oil.


It gives a cooling sensation when absorbed through the skin. It's the menthol that gives York Peppermint Patties their cold rush. Menthol is used in OTC cough and sore throat medications, and in Vicks Vapo-Rub. In Carmex, it eases the pain associated with the chapped lips.

 Camphor - a terpene alcohol. Used as "a carminative and a

stimulant in medicine." camphor also has some anesthetics properties.  Alum - it's used as an astringent, which doesn't really help us here, and as a styptic, which is useful if your lips are cracked and bleeding.  Salicylic acid - synthesized from phenol and a precursor to aspirin, it's also the "active ingredient" in willow tea. It has medicinal properties similar to aspirin. Probably included as a topical anesthetics.

Carmex Ingredients Cont.
 Phenol - a disinfectant, also somewhat of a topical anesthetic.

 

 



Used in gargles and over-the-counter cough and sore throat medications. Fragrance - to disguise the stink of all the above. Petrolatum - a.k.a. Vaseline. A good lip moisturizer, but it tends to wear away or get absorbed quickly. This and the mineral oil make the Carmex "flow" in cold temperatures. Lanolin - one of the best moisturizers of all time. Cocoa Butter - also one of the best moisturizers. Mineral oil – Can enhance gloss. Wax Base - This is partly a "filler," and it's partly an “extender”: it keeps the Carmex from wearing away. See the above entry on Petrolatum. The "wax base" is a heavier hydrocarbon. ChapStick lip balm is almost 100% wax.

Honey Butter Lip Balm iam=dpile&terms=%2Blip+%2Bbalm Ingredients Needed:
 2 Teaspoons Olive Oil  1/2 Teaspoon Grated Beeswax or Beeswax Pellets  1/2 Teaspoon Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter  1/2 Teaspoon Honey  Flavored Oil To Taste  1 Vitamin E Capsule  Directions

Melt the oil, honey, wax and butter over low heat. Allow a few minutes to cool and then add the flavoring and contents of the Vitamin E capsule. Stir to blend and then pour into containers. If you would like a firmer lip balm, add a little more wax to the ingredient list.

Many Products

Chap Stick Conspiracy

 Josie Bisset, of Melrose

Place fame, was quoted in a People Weekly article (May 6, 1996, page 108) that she never leaves the house without Chap Stick!  there is some evidence that Chap Stick and other lip balms are "gateways" to hard drugs

Chap Stick Conspiracy


For 26 years, I've harbored a craving for this inexpensive substance both day and night, winter, spring, summer and fall. No matter the hour or season, I need my Chap Stick David Eisnaugle The December 1997 issue of US magazine features an interview with actress Winona Ryder. The article mentions that she uses lip balm and even says that Chap Stick is her favorite brand. First Johnny Depp and now this! Stop now, Winona, before you destroy your career.



"Natural" Ice
 The product contains

fragrance, lanolin, ment hol, mineral oil, ozokerite, and petrolatum.  The cooling sensation of Natural Ice tells you it's working.  Appeals to heavy users, active adults, outdoor enthusiasts.  Heals and protects from sun/wind/cold.

 The cooling

sensation is nothing more than the menthol, which does nothing to protect your lips

 the newest addition to

 Introduced in 1990, the


product is available in three flavors: cherry, mint, and UV 17 sun protection  These products are "bridging the gap between cosmetic and health and beauty aid segments" according to Mentholatum

the Softlips line is Softlips Moisture this product is designed to be used under lipstick. They claim the use of this product will reduce the drying effects of lipstick.

 Packages of Blistex Lip

Medex (their Carmex clone) have the instructions "Apply up to 4 times daily."  Blistex said that it was because of a Government regulation which says that topical analgesics must have this instruction  Yet a company spokesperson said it can be used as much as you want

 Most shocking, however, is

the lip balm drug connection  Stars such as John Belushi, Boy George, Don Johnson, Jennifer Capriati, John DeLorean, and Dwight Gooden all made the Blistex list and had then subsequent drug problems.

Autumn Harp UnPetroleum
 Autumn Harp got the  the

unpetroleum ball rolling in 1987  founder Kevin Harper, believes Un-Petroleum provides a natural alternative to the lip products which normally contain petroleum jelly, mineral oil, or paraffin 

company's Un-Petroleum Jelly is made from Amazonian bassu oil and vegetable waxes which are blended with Tanzanian or Zambian beeswax natural fruit flavors are added, with original and harvest cherry flavors available

What is Addicting??
 You can diligently apply "medicated" lip balm several 




times a day and still suffer from chapped lips The tingling sensation you get from those products usually comes from menthol, camphor or phenol. "All those things are drying and irritating," says Paula Begoun, a wellknown critic of the cosmetics industry Known as counter-irritants, camphor and menthol dry out the lips, a necessary step for healing cold sores, but too extreme for ordinary dryness. Phenol's main purpose is to kill bacteria and help prevent infections and should be used only in severe cases, not on a daily basis. Users, meanwhile, often find the pleasant tingling habitforming.

What is Addicting??
 Alpha hydroxy acids, which were previously regarded

as too harsh for the lips, have now been formulated to exfoliate this delicate membrane.  Lip Revitalizer from Blistex ($1.89 at drugstores), introduced in October, contains two alpha hydroxy acids (lactic and glycolic acids) in a creamy base that you squeeze through a slanted applicator directly onto your lips.  Lip-licking is the problem. Try to resist the urge, because wetting the lips makes them dry out faster. Vaseline or Aquaphor are especially greasy, and using one on your lips may help you kick your habit.

Stick Formulation #9
 Carnauba Wax 10 g  Hard wax (good gloss)  White Beeswax 15 g  Stiffening agent  Weigh Ingredients  Melt the three waxes    

 Lanolin 5 g  Enhance incorporation of water containing ingredients
 Cetyl alcohol 5 g

 Castor oil 65 g  High viscosity  Decreases smearing


together Add lanolin and castor oil and mix well Cool to 45 C Added yellow color Tuttie Frutie flavor Kiwi fragrance

Stick Formulation #12
 White Wax NF 5 g  Stiffening agent
 White Petrolatum

 Weigh Ingredients
 Melt white wax in

USP 95 g

Very stable Produces good gloss

beaker on low heat  Add White Petrolatum and mix until uniform  Cool and Pour  Added Orange Flavoring

Stick Formulation #13
 White Wax NF 30 g  Stiffening agent
 Cetyl Esters Wax NF
 Weigh Ingredients  Melt white wax and

30 g  Mineral Oil USP 40 g
  


 

Resist rancidity Makes product more smearable Enhance gloss


Cetyl Esters Wax in beaker on low heat Stir in Mineral Oil Cool until thickened Pour Added orange #12 and purple #13 Peppermint oil

Stick Formulation #14
 Anhydrous Lanolin
 Weigh Ingredients  Melt white wax and

10 g  Cetyl Esters Wax NF 22 g  White Wax NF 28 g  Mineral Oil USP 40 g

   

 

Cetyl Esters Wax in beaker on low heat Add anhydrous lanolin and stir Stir in Mineral Oil Cool until thickened Pour Added #14 green color Almond fragrance Vanilla flavor


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