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John Galliano and Selective Beauty fragrance partnership


									John Galliano and Selective Beauty fragrance partnership
Paris, March 5th, 2007

John Galliano, An iconic name recognized throughout the world, A sumptuous world of a fashion master influenced by an extraordinary juxtaposition of modern and historical references, the savage and the refined. A superb inspirational platform for creating a highly selective fragrance business with international appeal. John Galliano S.A and Selective Beauty S.A.S are pleased to announce that they have concluded an 11-year worldwide license agreement for the creation, manufacturing and distribution of fragrance products under the John Galliano brand name. Selective Beauty will be John Galliano’s laboratory for translating its fertile creative vision into a leading international fragrance brand, in line with the values and equity of his fashion house. This agreement is a strong stepping-stone in John Galliano’s strategy to further expand his business and establish himself as a key player in the fragrance industry. “A perfect synergy between two growing companies who share the values of excellence and creativity,” said Sidney Toledano, President of John Galliano S.A. "John Galliano is a perfect brand for our newly created Luxury Division, in which products must be exceptionally creative and qualitative”, stated Corrado Brondi, President of Selective Beauty S.A.S. “In terms of distribution strategy we will be extremely careful in selecting the right stores capable of helping us to create a high level of desire for this incredible brand”.

About John Galliano John Galliano’s graduation show « Les Incroyables » at the St Martin’s School of Art in 1984 was the start of a beautiful adventure in fashion that has continued to cast its magic for more than 20 years. After showing his collections in London in the nineteen eighties, Mr Galliano moved his company to Paris in 1993. In July 1995 it was announced that John Galliano would be the new designer for the House of Givenchy and only a year later he was appointed the designer for the house of Christian Dior responsible for both Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter. Meanwhile his own brand, John Galliano, achieved significant growth with the women’s prêt-à-porter and accessories and established a worldwide presence. The new century saw the launch of many exciting projects, including menswear, lingerie and the opening of the flagship store in Paris. Development of the fragrance will reinforce the strength of the John Galliano brand and take the company into a new era.

About Selective Beauty ( Selective Beauty is an international licensee and distributor of fragrances and cosmetics, founded in 2000 in Paris by Corrado Brondi and Christophe Cervasel, two former executives of the LVMH Group. Selective Beauty is the fastest-growing company in the license and distribution fragrance and cosmetics industry. The company has grown at a rate of 50% per year since its inception, with 30% organic growth (existing brands in existing markets). Selective Beauty employs 500 people and realized an invoiced turnover of €152 million in 2006. Since October 2006, the company is backed by the leading international private equity firm 3i Selective Beauty has direct access to 70% of the world’s fragrance and cosmetics markets through its own affiliates situated in the world’s key markets: USA, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. The remaining 30% is handled by 200 best-in-class distribution partners. Selective Beauty was advised for this partnership by investment banking firm Ohana & Co. Contacts: John Galliano
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