chooses Rexam for John Galliano fragrance

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					Selective Beauty
chooses Rexam for John Galliano fragrance
Selective Beauty for John Galliano – one of the world’s most influential and respected fashion designers – is launching its first fragrance and has chosen Rexam to supply the intricate closure and pump assembly for its package. “The intricate design detail had to This was a tall order ... literally. be flawless, and seamless supply The company wanted the perfume chain coordination was critical.” package to convey Galliano’s design — Elisabeth Benoit, cosmetic closures aesthetic and fondness for textiles and sales director, Rexam Personal Care textures, as well as the designer’s renown for producing spectacular global fashion shows. “The intricate design detail had to be flawless, and seamless supply chain coordination was critical,” said Elisabeth Benoit, cosmetic closures sales director, Rexam Personal Care. “Our one-stop sourcing and technical capability – in terms of both manufacturing expertise and field support – was vital to the success of this launch.” Rexam’s Center of Excellence in Simandre, France, provided the worldclass expertise critical to the success of this demanding package. For example, the gothic “G” over-actuator is crafted of weighted polypropylene and molded a deep black. The metallization of the complex shape, an English rose with highly detailed relief, is another example of the technical ability the Rexam team delivered to help elevate this fragrance packaging to an art form. The product launched in Europe in late 2008, and worldwide rollout will continue through this year in select retail outlets.


Rexam launches fifth annual Foam Formulation Challenge
It’s time for the fifth annual Rexam Foam Formulation Challenge. The company is currently inviting entries for breakthrough baby care products based on its EZi mechanical foamer. Open to manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors and formulators, the Rexam Formulation Challenge awards a corporate prize of €10,000 and a personal award for the actual formulator – a weekend trip to Holland during tulip time. Formulations will be evaluated by an international panel of industry experts who will determine the winner. “Our patent-protected EZi foamer is an easy-to-use, no-drip and water-resistant ‘one hand’ dispenser perfect for body washes, shampoos and soaps,” said Casper Kleiman, product manager – foam, Rexam Personal Care. “It is an appealing platform for baby care products, where parents need ‘EZ’ and dependable dispensing when caring for their little ones, and another example of how we create breakthrough dispenser designs that distinguish new products and provide fool-proof, superior operation.” For program specifics, including submissions requirements and critical deadlines, please contact Wendy Winder at


Rexam vials earn highest test scores

Tests show that Rexam Screw-Loc vials meet or exceed all testing standards.

A recent independent study confirmed Rexam’s ongoing commitment to delivering quality and safety in prescription packaging. Conducted by Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (PHSI), a pharmaceutical consulting firm in Pittsburgh, Pa., this study concluded that Rexam Screw-Loc amber vials scored highest in the three categories tested -- child-resistance, moisture permeation and light transmission, all critical factors to patient safety and prescription drug stability. Eight leading prescription packaging brands were tested. The study consisted of a pass or fail comparison to the standards set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for child-resistance as well as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for moisture vapor permeation and light transmission. In all three tests, Rexam Screw-Loc amber vials scored the highest achievable ranking. The test results demonstrate that not all packaging is created equal. “The tests show that Rexam Screw-Loc vials meet or exceed all testing standards,” said PHSI vice president, Donald Dietz, R.Ph. “Choosing a prescription package that meets CPSC and USP standards is important for the dispensing pharmacist.” Rexam’s prescription packaging is widely used by community pharmacists across the United States.

Resin update: Markets see record price decreases
Over the past several months, resin suppliers have seen dramatic shifts in both the demand and cost elements of their business. In July, crude oil prices peaked over $145 per barrel and resin prices followed suit. Since then, crude oil prices have fallen to the mid$30s, driving costs down for all products in the petrochemical chain. At the same time, demand for resin has dropped off significantly due to lower end-use demand and the anticipation of continued lower prices. There are signs that we have reached the bottom of this cycle. Resin producers throttled back production to the point where any spot-resin opportunities have dried up. Demand in Asia is picking up, which is usually a leading indicator to US demand. Does that mean higher prices in the near future? Most major resin producers have announced price increases for January. It is still unclear whether they will be successful or not. This will depend on whether their prices have fallen too far compared to costs, and whether usage will pick up based on refilling pipelines and an uptick in end-user purchasing. The expectation is for some price “bounce” in the first quarter, but the size and timing is yet to be decided. For more information please contact Kirk Rumsey at

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