Wii Guitar hero Star power pedal modification Guitar hero III by lonyoo


									Wii Guitar hero Star power pedal modification Guitar hero III & Guitar hero Aerosmith & Blockhead Max-V Guitar
This is an unobtrusive method to adding a star power foot pedal to a Wii Guitar hero III / Aerosmith, or Blockhead aftermarket guitar using an already existing telephone-style jack on your guitar. I do not know why this telephone style jack is there, maybe for another system (PS3/Xbox?). Once completed no one will be able to see any modification is made from the outside of your guitar and all functions will continue to work. Tools needed: #10 torx bit driver or very small sized flat head screw driver very small sized Philips screw driver wire cutters/strippers (millers) small tip soldering gun & solder Simple steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. open case cut wires to telephone-style jack at main printed circuit board (pcb) solder wires onto select ( + - ) buttons location on main pcb close case Plug in and shred up the score

If you’re like me, first you try to do it, then you read the directions. Not the best idea. My instructions are very simple. With each instruction I’ve included hints. Do yourself a favor and read through them first. The hints are there to help you. Entire process takes about 5 minutes. For the Blockhead Max-V guitar, the principals are the same but the instructions are a little different. All the case screws are Philips and there is no need to remove the faceplate. The last page has 2 pictures for the Blockhead Max-V guitar. Follow all the instructions and disregard the subtle differences. This may work if Blockhead makes any other guitars, but the Max-V is the only one I own, so It all I know. Detailed instructions below…..

1. Open case a. b. c. d. e. f. Disconnect and remove Wiimote. Remove guitar neck unlock the front face plate/pick guard from the rear (picture A) gently remove face plate remove 4 Philips screws on front near neck (picture B) remove #10 torx screws. These torx screws are a little deep in the case, too deep for the average screw gun/drill bit set. ( I used a small flat head & pliers to get them started) One of the screws is covered by a “void if removed” sticker. This voids the warranty, which is usually only 90 days anyway.

Picture A

Picture B

Philips screws Unlock button



2. Locate telephone-style jack coming out of the side of your guitar. (picture C) Follow the wires (covered in white on GH3/Aerosmith/GHWT guitars) (red & black wires on Blockhead guitar)) to the main printed circuit board (pcb). Cut the wires on the under-side of the main pcb. (picture D)

Tel style jack


Cut wire to tel jack at main pcb → Note stub of wire under pcb I left to show location

Picture C

Picture D

3. Trim wire about 1/8 of an inch and split the wires about an inch or 2. (picture E)

Picture E

4. Locate your select ( + & - ) button pcb. Follow to where connected onto main pcb. (picture F)

← Select button pcb. Follow the wires to where connected onto main pcb

Picture F

5. For GH3/Aerosmith/Blockhead guitar, re-route telephone style jack wire to select buttons connection point at main pcb.

6. Solder telephone style jack wires onto OUTER solder points of select button contacts of main pcb. (picture G) a. There are 3 points where the select buttons are connected. Use the OUTER 2 points. Nothing is done to the middle connection point. b. Use extreme caution as to not burn board, not solder points together and not loosen wire underneath. c. Do not attempt to heat the solder points. d. Melt a bit of solder on the tip of your solder gun and use that to fasten while holding your new wires onto solder points. Contact time with the solder points for me was about 1 second. e. I was able to do this with a medium sized (1/4 inch) solder gun. A pencil sized solder gun in preferred. f. I held the solder gun left handed on the left point and placed the wire with my right hand, and held the solder gun right handed on the right point and placed the wire with my left hand.

Picture G

7. Close the case. Make sure the Wiimote cable is still resting where it should be and the guitar straps lugs are still in place. 8. Plug in foot pedal into telephone-style jack and you’re ready to shred up the score!

Tel style jack


Blockhead Max-V guitar

Completed modification

← Select button pcb. Follow the wires to where connected onto main pcb

Blockhead Max-V guitar

Phone cord: Once you complete the modification on your guitar, you will use a 4-pin modular phone style wire into the phone jack on the guitar. Bare the wires at the other end to connect to your foot switch. For me, the colors to connect were green on one side of the switch and black on the other side of the switch. It’s possible to have a phone cord end that was installed upside down, so then it would be one side red and the other side yellow. You could even put red & green together on one side of the switch and yellow & black on the other side of the switch. This is all low voltage so you cannot get a shock or harm your guitar if done incorrectly. You could always plug the cord into the guitar, start a song, achieve star power and cross the bared wires to know which ones to use. Foot switch: I use a heavy duty, weighted ”Linemaster” clipper model 632-S. Found new/used on ebay for as low as $10.00. Linemaster does make many types of switches that look similar. Other models may work too, but don’t buy one for hydraulics.

Almost any momentary switch will work. It just needs to be big enough to press and not slip away. I’ve read about a “trucker’s horn switch” available at most automotive supply stores for $5.00 - $10.00, probably not weighted enough though.

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