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					Treasure Lake Property Owners Association Newsletter

Winter 2008

TLPOA Coal Project
In an effort to help the property owners stay informed regarding issues currently under consideration by the TLPOA Board of Directors, the following summary of information presented by the Coal Special committee to the public is provided. The project area involves approximately 500 acres of land lying in a NW direction from the Marina and the breast of Treasure Lake Dam and continuing to the land bordering Cayman Landing. On June 25, 2007 at a TLPOA Board of Directors’ meeting– Motion E: “Coal Extraction and Land Reclamation Resolution” was passed by a 2/3 majority and the motion read as follows: “Mr. Chairman, I move that the board of directors by a two-thirds vote in affirmation resolve to continue the initiative regarding proposed coal extraction and land reclamation for an area designated by Treasure Lake as undeveloped and that as soon as practicable a town meeting for property owners be held prior to a vote by the association’s membership.” On August 24, 2007 the Coal Special Committee Chair asked General Manager Matt Begley to review the proposed lease to Amfire and offer comments and recommendations. Two items in particular were noted by Mr. Begley: “There is no beginning date for active mining after the permits are granted. I my opinion, they (Amfire) do not have to begin active mining to the end of the term to renew.” In response to this the committee recommended one year to begin active mining after issuance of permit. Mr. Begley also noted regarding the hours of operation“…if mining hours are longer, project will be completed in a quicker fashion. When they begin mining will also be an issue especially if it is in the summer. This will be a major issue.” Mr. Begley stated he is in favor of the coal project based on being proactive in preparing the land for future use. Some of the principal terms of the lease are: Term – Initial and Primary Five Years Royalty - 6% Mining methods – Surface Mining Distance from Dwellings – 600 Feet Seismic Monitoring – Homes and dam adjacent to permit area Hours of Operation - 5 am to 12 pm Blasting – 8 am to 6 pm Back up Alarms – Strobe lights when permitted by MSHA rules Dust Control – Using water buffalo trucks Foreman on Site while active mining is in operation During the discussion phase of the coal project, the emphasis has shifted from coal mining for financial reward to land reclamation. A 3,000 ft. long high wall exists in the Northern area of the project. Additionally, there are smaller high walls in the Southern area. A high wall is a drop off left by prior mining activity. It is important to note the whole area has

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Our Mission
Treasure Lake, ‘the community for all seasons’ shall provide year round residential and recreational opportunities professionally delivered in a fiscally sound secure environment that will enhance the quality of life for owners and guests. Adopted July 28, 2003 1

Telephone Numbers
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Do you want to have a Garage Sale?
Garage sales can be scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays April thru October, except the holiday weekends of Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Garage sale permits and signs are available at the POA building A permit is $5, which includes 3 Signs additional signs are $1 each Limit (2) Garage sales per year

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association
Main Office Fax Reception General Manager Executive Assistant Members’ Services Recreation Manager Facilities Manager Compliance Officer Accounts Receivable Maintenance Security (Front Gate) Fire Company Marina Gold Course Pro Shop Silver Course Pro Shop Golf Taverns 19th Hole Duffers Recreation Tennis Shack Silverwoods Indoor Pool Cayman Landing Lodge Ice Cream Shack Lakeview Lodge Ski Lodge Crown Resorts Sportsman’s Club Treasure Lake Church 371-0711 375-9072 ext. 100 ext. 101 ext. 102 ext. 103 ext. 106 ext. 109 ext. 110 ext. 115 371-1602 371-1895 371-1897 375-9144 375-1813 375-1807 375-1808 375-1809 375-1810

Thinking about:
· Installing or altering a fence on your property, or · Changing the exterior color of your residence, or · Cutting a standing tree over 6” in diameter (dead or alive) on your property only, or · Building or installing a porch, deck or any addition to your home, or · Building or installing a shed, garage or carport, gazebo, pavilion, etc., or · Building or installing a boat dock or retaining wall Please remember to obtain a permit at the POA office. Call 371-0711 for information and/or questions.

375-1717 375-1714 375-1742 375-1710 375-1709 375-1769 375-1806 375-1800 375-0234 375-4321

Zito Media (Cable) TESI (water & sewage) (886) 562-2163 375-1777 Penelec (lights out) (800) 544-4877 Penelec(customer service) (800) 545-7741 Veolia Waste Services National Fuel(natural gas) 7 2 265-1975 (800)444-3130

DuBois Regional Hospital 375-4321 Pittsburgh Poison Control (412) 681-6669

A Winter Reminder
The Fall leaves are gone, the drab, gray and black of the trees is clearly seen. Without a doubt the next step in the progression of the season is the white flakes falling from the sky causing many driving problems. The Treasure Lake Maintenance Department is prepared for the winter season with its snow, ice and even an occasional ray of sunshine. Just to refresh your memory when dealing with winter conditions we would like to offer a few tips: 1. If you tailgate a snowplow, chances are the driver will not be able to see you in his mirrors. Occasionally the driver must stop and back-up a few feet to push a large pile of snow off the road. If the driver can’t see you in the mirrors he assumes no one is behind him, the driver stops, backs up and crunches the front end of a your vehicle because you were too close. 2. The whirly-bird that distributes the salt and antiskid on the road surface has the ability to throw the material 45 feet. Avoiding damage to your vehicle’s paint and windshield mandates staying back from the plow truck at least 100 feet. 3. Allow extra time for your commute when ice and snow conditions develop. 4. TLPOA equipment drivers, under constraints of our insurance coverage, are not permitted to pull or push a vehicle. Thank you for your cooperation during the winter weather and be careful out there!

Upcoming Events
Sportman’s Club
February 5, 2008 March 4, 2008 April 1, 2008 7 pm @The Club 7 pm @The Club 7 pm @The Club 7 pm @The Station 7 pm @The Station 7 pm @The Station

February 12, 2008 March 11, 2008 April 8, 2008

Ladies of the Lake
February 6, 2008 11:30 am @DuBois CC March 5, 2008 11:30 am @DuBois CC April 2, 2008 11:30 am @DuBois CC

Comunity Improvement Club
April 1, 2008 7 pm @POA

February 1-3, 2008

New Tennis Pro
We want to welcome Mike Sciabica as the new tennis pro for Treasure Lake. Mike has coached tennis for the boys and girls teams at Clearfield High School for a combined total of 34 seasons. Six of his former players played collegiate tennis, four went on to become high school coaches and one is currently an NCAA Division 1 head coach. Mike is a USTA-certified tennis official, a Tournament Referee, Chair Umpire and Collegiate Official. He will be offering group and private lessons for ages 5 and over. Mike will host a “Meet the Pro” day sometime in May. We wish to welcome him aboard!! Call 375-1742 if you want more details!

Regular Activities
Mon., Tue., & Thurs. 7:30 am @ POA

Bridge Club
Mondays & Thursdays Wednesdays (1st & 4th) 7 pm @POA 10 am @ POA

Quilters Club
Wednesdays 1 pm @POA New members welcome For information call 371-0711

Salon, Spa & Boutique
Purchase a gift certificate for your Valentine to use on services or merchandise.

Marnie’s Marnie’s


Coal Project from page 1 continued
been previously exploited by “family miners” who have mined the area with both deep and surface mining, with the resulting incidence of acid mine discharge being released into Narrows Creek. To be useful in the future the area needs to be reclaimed and the mining disturbances stabilized. Why do the project at all? The project is being considered for three reasons: Revenue generation Reclamation of land for future development To be proactive in solving environmental issues What are our options? We, the TLPOA have a very serious environmental issue: reclaiming lands previously mined that have produced acid mine drainage and high wall conditions on the TLPOA owned property. In response to this issue we may: 1. Do nothing and ignore the possible environmental and liability issues. 2. Dispose of the land. 3. Recover Northern area only. 4. Proceed with the coal extraction program. It is the recommendation of prior and present Coal Special committees that TLPOA Board of Directors should proceed with the coal extraction program and the project should produce $500,000 income for TLPOA and should ensure area is reclaimed and usable by 2020. Will there be State and Federal monies available? Not at this time. Despite recent publicity, state and federal funds to reclaim this land are highly unlikely for many years to come. It is the opinion of the Coal Special committee that “We, The TLPOA should be proactive in our approach and get this project moving to a successful completion.” If you have any comment or questions regarding the proposed coal project please contact the TLPOA Administration office at 814-371-0711 ext. 102 or by e-mail at You may also view the entire coal slide presentation on our website at . Please logon to the right hand side of the homepage and select the Coal Project Information menu item.

Treasure Lake Lions

The Treasure Lake Lions Club donated funds to the Free Medical Clinic , the Salvation Army , The DuBois Food Pantry, and the Treasure Lake Boy Scout Troop at their annual meeting in November.

Winterfest Weekend February 1-3, 2008
The Winterfest Weekend activities schedule: February 1 (Friday) Ice skating at the front pond from 5 pm–7 pm; Bonfire at bottom of sledding Hill 7 pm-8:30 pm The Rum Dums will be playing at the ski lodge beginning at 9:30 pm. February 2 (Saturday) Kids cardboard sled derby All sleds are to be made of cardboard and tape only. 2 pm - 2:30 pm kids 9 and under 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm kids 10 and older Kids Crafts in the back of the ski lodge from 1:30 pm – 3 pm. Guitar Hero 3:00 -5:00 p.m. at the ski lodge Jump in the Lake fundraiser 3:30 p.m. at New Providence Beach Ice skating at the front pond from 3:30-6 pm. February 3 (Sunday) 12:30 pm At Captain Kidd park come an enjoy hot dogs and marshmallows and all events. Also Try cross country skiing 1:30 --2:30 pm Snow permitting-Snow Sculpture contest Further details are available by calling 375-1742. 4

To Place an Advertisement in the Treasure Chest Call TLPOA Office at 371-0711

Statement of Revenues and Expenses
May 1, 2007 to November 30, 2007
Actual Budget
2,167,002 530,052 125,491 630,286 330,655 1,616,484 550,518

37,690 51,536 449 56,337 (39,278) 69,044 (31,354)

Administration & Maintenance
Revenues (Assessments & Other Income) Expenses Administration General maintenance Road maintenance
Security Sub Total 2,204,692 581,588 125,940 686,623 291,377 1,685,528 519,164

Net excess (deficit)

Beaches, Marina, Parks, Recreation
Revenues Expenses Net excess (deficit)
166,690 184,134 (17,444) 169,577 218,833 (49,256) (2,887) (34,699) 31,812

Revenues Expenses Net excess (deficit)
12,687 104,503 (91,816) 13,487 123,447 (109,960) (800) (18,944) 18,144

Cayman Landing
Revenues Expenses Net excess (deficit)
189,667 351,994 (162,327) 205,648 334,079 (128,431) (15,981) 17,915 (33,896)

Ski Lodge, Country Club, Taverns
Revenues Expenses Net excess (deficit)
55,019 128,620 (73,601) 15,855 85,162 (69,307) 39,164 43,458 (4,294)

Golf Courses
Revenues Expenses Net excess (deficit)
1,006,010 871,101 134,909 987,250 871,800 115,450 18,760 (699) 19,459




Note: This document does not represent the cash available from operations needed for debt service and capital projects. 5

Committee Meetings
Property Control
February 12, 2008 February 26, 2008 9 am @POA 9 am @POA

Golf Committee
(The second Wednesday of every month)

March 12, 2008 April 9, 2008

7 pm @POA 7 pm @POA

Finance Committee
(The third Tuesday of every month)

Borough Special Committee
(The third Thursday of every month)

February 19, 2008 March 18, 2008 April 15, 2008

6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA

February 21, 2008 March 20, 2008 April 17, 2008

6 pm @POA 6 pm @POA 6 pm @POA

Infrastructure Committee
(The second Tuesday of every month)

Wildlife Special Committee
(The second Thursday of every month)

February 12, 2008 March 11, 2008 April 8, 2008

6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA

Safety & Security Committee
(The first Tuesday of every month)

February 14, 2008 March 13, 2008 April 10, 2008

7 pm @POA 7 pm @POA 7 pm @POA

Recreation Committee
(The first Tuesday of every month)

February 5, 2008 March 4, 2008 April 1, 2008

6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA

February 5, 2008 March 4, 2008 April 1, 2008

12 noon @POA 12 noon @POA 12 noon @POA

Coal Special Committee
Meeting called as needed, pleae call POA office to determine meeting date.

Cayman Landing Committee
(The second Saturday of every month)

Judicial Committee
Meetings called as needed. Please call POA office to determine meeting date.

February 9, 2008 March 8, 2008 April 12, 2008

9 am @POA 9 am @POA 9 am @POA

Board of Directors
Dick Rehermann, President John Barry Abbott, Vice President Lori Corcoran, Secretary Ed Moran, Treasurer Rich Harknett Marti Laudato Mike Nedzinski Bill Reznor Randy Zartman Matt Begley, General Manager

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association
Offices Open
Monday -Friday 8 am - 4 pm (814) 371-0711 Fax (814) 375-9072 Offices Closed
Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day

Trailer, Boat & RV Storage
Are you looking for a secure place to store your trailer, boat or RV in the off season? Cayman Landing Campground offers secure storage for the boats, trailers and RVs of property owners. The vehicles are stored within a locked, chain link fence and the area is regularly patrolled by Treasure Lake Security. This service is offered to property owners as an easy and convenient solution to storage problems. The cost for this service is only $1/ day or $15/month. To take advantage of this service or to get more information, please call the Cayman Landing office at 814-375-1742.

TLPOA Meetings
Board of Directors
(The fourth Monday of every month)

February 25, 2008 Pre-Meeting Meeting March 24, 2008 Pre-Meeting Meeting April 28, 2008 Pre-Meeting Meeting

6 pm @POA 7 pm @POA 6 pm @POA 7 pm @POA 6 pm @POA 7 pm @POA

Board of Directors Work Sessions
(The third Monday of every month)

Gary and Sons, Inc.
Of Falls Creek 1-800-922-7946 814-371-4885
Think About adding equipment that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! CALL US TO FIND OUT HOW !!!

February 18, 2008 March 17, 2008 April 21, 2008

6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA 6:30 pm @POA

Coffee with the Manager
(The first Wednesday of every month)

February 6, 2008 March 5, 2008 April 2, 2008

9 am @POA 9 am @POA 9 am @POA

. . . . . .

Complete Sales, Service, & Installation on ALL types of High Efficiency Home Comfor Equipment FREE In-home Energy Analysis, Does it pay to replace your Heating/Cooling Equipment? Does anyone suffer from Allergies/astma? Ask about our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing 24 hour 365 day Emergency Service Nights-Weekends-Holidays 1000’s of Parts (New & Used) Yes, we do Geothermal Visit Our Huge Showroom Mon-Thur Fri Sat Sun 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 6 pm 10 am - 2 pm Closed

To Treasure Lake Lions Club for doing such a wonderful job decorating the Island again this year for the holidays. 7

One Customer at a time
800.325.BANK -
Remember to visit our Treasure Lake ATM located beside Coldwell Banker Realty!
Member FDIC

Frontier Properties
We Acquire Treasure Lake Lots
Must be current on taxes For Details: Call (480) 515-5805 or e-mail us at frontierproperties 814-371-1376 Treasure Lake Interdenominational Church

Sunday Worship 8:00 am, 9:15 am & 10:45 am

Your living connection to Treasure Lake while you are away.
Regular house checks - water plants, check locks, etc. Provide or arrange for all indoor & outdoor services. Call Sharon anytime 814-375-4347.

Design · Build · Expert Renovations Emergency Service - In House Design Services Available 109 Main Street Falls Creek Tune into “Your Home” on WCED 1420 Every Monday at 9:05 AM

814-375-9388 or 1-800-870-9338

To Place an Advertisement in the

Treasure Chest
Call TLPOA office at 371-0711

Treasure Lake Property Owners Association 13 Treasure Lake DuBois, PA 15801


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