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									At the Regular Board Meeting held on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 7:30 p.m., the Trustees: Heard: # A presentation from Tony Tilly, President, Fleming College, and members of the Fleming Senior Administration Team, re the Partnership with the PVNCCDSB. Dr. Tilly highlighted the partnership with Specialist High Skills Major Programs, School/College/Work Iinitiatives, Pathways Steering Committee, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, professional development opportunities, and the Tools for Tolerance Program. A presentation from Tony Macdonald, President of Fleming College Applied Agency; Matthew Barrie, Fleming College Student; and Nancy Sharpe, Manager of Communications and Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy, re Tolerance Project. The project introduces target audiences to concepts of tolerance as a springboard for the long term development of their understanding of differences in each other. The project involves a reading buddies program, a pen-pal/email pal program and secondary school video essay productions to be implemented in the 2008-2009 school year. A presentation from Greg Reeves, Superintendent of Schools/Student Success Lead, and Nancy Sharpe, Manager of Communications and Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy, re Communication and Marketing Project for Student Success. The project involves the launching of a new Pathway to Student Success website The site has three segments focusing on the career realities for today’s youth, the importance of obtaining 16 secondary school credits by the age of 16, selecting secondary school courses that meet the interests and skills of students, and the different pathways for students to achieve success. In addition, the site introduces five animated characters who represent a drop-out, a student going to the workplace, a student apprentice, a college bound student, and a student heading to university. The characters profile the results of making choices about their individual futures. A presentation from Greg Reeves, Superintendent of Schools/Student Success Lead, and Nancy Sharpe, Manager of Communications and Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy, re Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). The ‘Class Connection’ - a magazine featuring the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, was introduced. The publication was produced to increase student, parent, teacher, and community awareness of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, and the value of skilled trades, to increase employer participation in the OYAP program, to give recognition to our




-2students and employers involved in the program, to honour the Skilled Trades Competition winners, and to provide resources and websites for students, parents, and teachers who require further information re Co-op education, apprenticeships, skilled trades, and careers. # A presentation from St. Mary’s Secondary School, Cobourg, Social Justice Club, re the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). Students, Pastoral Care Worker, Stan Muldoon, and Catholic School Council Chairperson, Pennie Wilhelm, urged the Board to join the Ontario Catholic School Board’s Affiliate in contracting the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) to monitor factory conditions. They requested that the Board further strengthen its Purchasing Policy to ensure Catholic values are upheld with all purchases the Board and its schools make.

# # # The St. Mary’s Secondary School, Cobourg, trip to Costa Rica, March 13 to 21, 2009. The St. Mary’s Secondary School, Cobourg, trip to Coburg, Germany, and Prague, March 10 to 21, 2009. The following recommendations from the Governance Committee: S S that administration continue on to the tender process for the addition to St. Anthony’s Elementary School in Port Hope. that, in reference to the report “Enhancing Public Trust and Confidence” released by the Ministry of Education, a letter be written to the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association asking them to condemn the actions of the trustees of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, and that other boards be urged to do the same.

# # #

The appointment of Trustee Joe Whibbs to the Aboriginal Education Steering Committee. The schedule for Board and Standing Committee Meetings for 2008-2009. That the following principal and vice-principal appointments and transfer, effective September 1, 2008: Principals Sheila Piggott Tammy Leblond Dawn Michie

System School Effectiveness Lead from St. Joseph's, Bowmanville to St. Patrick, Peterborough from St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary, Lindsay (Vice-principal) to Pope John Paul II, Lindsay/St. John's, Kirkfield from Holy Trinity Secondary, Courtice (Vice-principal) to St. Joseph's, Bowmanville

Rosemary Livesey

-3Vice-principals Guy Charette Frank Bradica Joe Kennedy from Good Shepherd, Courtice to St. Joseph's, Bowmanville from St. Elizabeth, Bowmanville to Good Shepherd, Courtice from St. Anthony's/St. Mary's, Port Hope to St. Mary's Secondary, Cobourg from Pope John Paul II, Lindsay/St. John's, Kirkfield to St. Anthony's/St. Mary's, Port Hope

Andy Sawada

Bernadette Maloney from Grade 8 at St. Teresa to Holy Trinity Secondary, Courtice Elizabeth Palmer Linda Bier Mark Collins from Mother Teresa, Courtice to St. Elizabeth, Bowmanville from St. Francis of Assisi, Newcastle to Mother Teresa, Courtice from Consultant - Learning Support Services to St. Francis of Assisi, Newcastle from St. Mary's Secondary, Cobourg to St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary, Lindsay

Sherry Davis

Accepted: # # # With regret, the resignation of Tracy Condon, Social Worker, effective May 9, 2008. With regret, the resignation of Pauline Vacheresse, Educational Assistant II, Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School, Courtice, effective May 30, 2008. With regret, the resignations of Donna Cassidy, Grade 4 Teacher, Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School, Peterborough; Elizabeth Jones, Secretary, Holy Family Catholic Elementary School, Bowmanville; and Maria Lambert, Educational Assistant II, St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School, Cobourg; effective June 30, 2008. With regret, the resignation of Frances Killen, Teacher, effective August 31, 2008.


Acknowledged: # The following highlights of system achievements: St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School, Bowmanville Staff at St. Joseph's in Bowmanville think it is important to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate compassion and kindness.

-4St. Joseph's Catholic Elementary School, Bowmanville (cont’d) Recently, a relative of grade 1 Teacher, Tennille Kirkpatrick, was deployed to Afghanistan to serve in a peacemaking role. Through correspondence, the soldier expressed to Tennille's family a sense of sadness and low morale amongst the Canadian soldiers. Students and staff at St. Joseph’s placed him and his comrades in their prayer book and mentioned them over the announcements during opening prayers. In addition, the students from grades 1 to 7 wrote beautiful letters, poems, and created pieces of art work to send to the soldiers. Many of these were put on display in the school hallways and classrooms for Catholic Education Week before being sent to Afghanistan. "I am certain that when the soldiers receive our students’ work, they will be excited and filled with joy," states Tennille Kirkpatrick. "Perhaps, for a small moment in such a dark time, they will smile and know that everyone including our Canadian youth are thinking of them and praying for their safe return. It warms my heart to see the effort put forth from all our students. They truly have embraced what it is to be compassionate and caring towards others. What a wonderful example of following in Jesus' footsteps". St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Kirkfield On April 24th, St. John's Catholic Elementary School in Kirkfield held the first Historica Fair for the PVNC Catholic District School Board. Students from grades 4 to 8 participated by choosing a topic in Canadian History. They researched their topics and created presentations that had written, oral, and visual components. Four judges from the community came to the Historica Fair and student projects were judged on visual communication, oral presentation, use of artifacts relevant to the topic, making links to broader Canadian history, and their use of resources. The primary students and many parents came to see the projects and attend the awards ceremony. Many of the grade 3 students are excited about being participants next year. Authentic turn-ofthe century snacks were served and winners received trophies for five categories. "Historica Fairs encourage students to explore Canadian heritage, in a dynamic hands-on learning environment," says Sheila Piggott, Principal. "Students use the medium of their choice to tell stories about Canadian heroes, legends, milestones, and achievements and present the results of their research at public exhibition." Below is a list of the winners from the St. John's Historica Fair: Overall Intermediate : Cole Hewitt - The Halifax Explosion 2nd Place: Krystyna Papatzikakis - The Group of Seven 3rd Place: Elissa Cadden: FLQ - The October Crisis Overall Junior: Jesse Berry - The Halifax Explosion 2nd Place: Austin Dupuis - Passchendaele 3rd Place: Justin Branker - The Toronto Blue Jays Best Military History Project: Cody Little - Tecumseh

-5St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Kirkfield (cont’d) Best Local History Project: Jack Webb - The History of Kinmount Best Women's History Project: Jamie Kyle - The Underground Railroad (Harriet Tubman) Many thanks to the staff and students for their efforts and to teachers Paul Hough and Laura Carson for organizing this wonderful event. Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Peterborough Congratulations to Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School students Alice Yang and Emily Bryans who were among 500 top young scientists featured at the National Science Fair in Ottawa from May 10 to 18, 2008. Students who reached the national competition were among the best and brightest young scientists in the country. Alice Yang, grade 12, earned a bronze medal in biotechnology and pharmaceutical science and $300 cash with her project, The Spice of Life, which found that cinnamon is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Emily Bryans, grade 9, of Holy Cross also took part in the national competition. Media were recently invited to meet the students at a photo session at Trent University. The students had an opportunity to meet the Co-Chairs of the Canada Wide Science Fair 2010 which will be held in Peterborough. St. Paul Catholic Elementary School, Norwood Congratulations to the St. Paul Math Olympic team who won top honours at the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board's Math Olympics held on April, 23 at the Catholic Education Centre in Peterborough. Ten teams from the district competed in the event. Each team had to consist of two girls and two boys, one each from grades 7 and 8. The winning Norwood team was coached by teacher Pat Vatta, and was made up of students Vanessa Crowley and Adam Vanderhorst (grade 7) plus Emily Angermann and Kevan McDougall (grade 8). The team will go on to Trent University on May 30 and 31 to compete in the all-Ontario Math Olympics. Good luck St. Paul. We are all rooting for you.

-6St. Paul Catholic Elementary School, Lakefield and St. Peter's Secondary School, Peterborough On Saturday, April 26th, St. Paul Elementary School in Lakefield set up a booth at the Green Expo at the Evinrude Centre as part of the Eco School Challenge. St. Peter's Secondary also attended. Of the three prizes awarded, St. Peter's Secondary School won a prize for implementing a program that benefitted the community, and the Eco Club at St. Paul's won "Best Overall Display". Judges included Paul Ayotte, Dean Del Mastro, and a representative from Peterborough Green Up. Students from St. Peter's and St. Paul schools spoke to the judges about the positive actions each school is taking. What a fine example of our Catholic Virtue ‘Stewardship' being put into action. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School, Newcastle On May 16, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School in Newcastle had an assembly to hand out prizes students had won at their "Together for Autism Guitar Hero III Contest". The idea for the "Together for Autism Guitar Hero III Contest" fundraiser came from a student who wanted to hold a contest in the school and give the money to a charity. With the help of his mother, the student demonstrated the game to staff and showed how it would work. Staff agreed to proceed with the fundraiser and approached the intermediate students who are Fitness Friends, and they agreed to help organize the event. The date was set, the songs were selected for each division to play, and promotional flyers, posters were distributed. The cost was $2.00 to enter. Staff were asked to wear a hat for the day and donate a Loonie to add to the pot. The event raised more than $250.00 in total. The student and his mother asked local merchants for prizes and received great community support including gift certificates to the theatre and video store, game power video store; however the best prize was a signed baseball bat from Gregg Zaun, the Blue Jays' catcher. The school decided to draw for this prize because it was so great. So, on Friday the prizes were presented and the student who came up with the idea, performed a song on stage to the whole school amidst many cheers and calls for encores. It was a great success and it is hoped that this will be an annual event. Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, Municipality of Clarington Barbara Colorosa, world renowned author of books on raising happy and well adjusted children, is coming to Clarington! On Monday, June 2, 2008 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at St. Stephen's Secondary School in Bowmanville, she will share her expertise with parents and community members. The event is sponsored by the Clarington Family of Schools Catholic School Councils. Admission in one nonperishable food item for the local food bank.

-7St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School, Cobourg Students and staff at St. Joseph are promoting literacy through a variety of events. On Tuesday April 29th from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. students came with their parents to the library dressed in their robes and PJ's for Literacy Night. A storyteller was present and lots of milk, cookies, and treats were served. Recently a Reading Challenge was issued at St. Joseph. The challenge went like this: If students read 1,000 books by Friday, May 2, one of the male teachers would dress up in a tutu in front of the whole student body. If the students read 1,250 books, a 2nd teacher agreed to wear a tutu, and if students read 1,500 books, a 3rd teacher would join the other two teachers in wearing a tutu. The results: 1,500 books

Teachers, Kevin Read, Marco Gagne, and Peter Richardson donned tutus and rose to the challenge by performing a dance recital to the hoots and hollers of the entire school. These three men should be applauded for their school spirit as, at the risk of their reputation, they provided the motivating factor to encourage the students to read. Great job students and staff at St. Joseph. St. Peter's Secondary School, Peterborough Students from St. Peter's Secondary School competed in the annual Regional Skilled Trades Competition on April 21- 23 at Fleming College. The results were as follows: Automotive Technology - Corey Dunsby won 3rd prize under the guidance of Teacher, Creig Edwards Graphic Design - Erin Edwards and Kathryn Durst participated. Kathryn Durst won 3rd prize, under the guidance of Greg Burke. Individual Carpentry - Troy Toms, Paul Rogers, and Mike Francis participated under the guidance of Teacher Bernie O'Brien. Culinary Arts - Connor Reinhart won 1st place, Alan Fawn won 2nd place, and Andrea Fisher won 3rd place under the guidance of Teacher Cathy Austrich. Team Carpentry - Brett Williams and Curtis Robertson participated. In addition, the robotics team came in 3rd and 4th at a Skilled Trades competition at Kenner on Saturday. They were under the leadership of Teacher David Young. Principal Kathy Ross says, "I am extremely grateful to the teachers for the numerous hours they spent training and guiding these students leading up to the competitions.” Well done, St. Peter's.

-8St. Peter's Secondary School, and St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School, Peterborough Great news at St. Peter's Secondary and St. Catherine Catholic Elementary Schools. At the annual Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough 20th Anniversary Awards Gala, St. Peter's Secondary School was presented with the Inclusive Education Award for the ‘Community and Transit Training Program' that demonstrates outstanding support for full inclusion of students with Down Syndrome. St. Catherine Catholic Elementary School was awarded for their support of an individual with Down syndrome. Congratulations to both schools on receiving this recognition. St. Stephen's Secondary School, Bowmanville Congratulations to Andrew Pomfret and Andrew Dillion-Walshe for placing in the top 3 at the Qualifying Competition for TV/Video at Humber College in April. The students edged out teams from the Toronto, York, Durham, and Kawartha Boards to win their spot. They moved on to compete in the Ontario Finals at Waterloo on May 6. This is the third year in a row that St. Stephen's Secondary has qualified for the Ontario Finals in Waterloo for TV/Video. Congratulations to these future TV/Videographers. St. Mary's Elementary School, Grafton The primary division worked very hard in preparing for The Spring-ish Show at St. Mary's. The students in all five classes eagerly prepared various songs, skits, poems, and jokes to present to the St. Mary's community on the night of April 29. The students also creatively collaborated with one another to form the first ‘St. Mary's Spring-ish Book' which they sold to raise funds for the Friends of Honduran Children. The Spring-ish Book was inspired by a picture book that the students have read titled ‘Ish' by author Peter H. Reynolds, and includes various pieces of student writing, such as How To's, recipes, and jokes. "The students did a really wonderful job with these activities and were excited to share them with parents and friends," state Christine Kotowycz, Principal at St. Mary's. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, Lindsay After a special Mass to celebrate Catholic Education Week, Grammy nominated and winner of Best Female Artist of the Year, fiddler Natalie MacMaster was a special guest at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School. She was joined on stage by sister-in-laws Erin and Maria Leahy of Leahy fame and entertained the students with selections of their music. Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board On April 23, 2008, the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board hosted its first local Math Olympics playdowns. Forty students made up of ten teams of grades 7 and 8 students participated in Math events which drew on their strengths from all of the Math strands. The events required students to compete individually, in pairs, as a team of four, and in a relay format.

-9Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board (cont’d) Special guests present for the day included Jacqueline Hill, President of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education, Sandra Jean Price, President of the Pine Ridge Mathematics Association (the Math Chapter for this area), and Dr. Cathy Bruce, Mathematics Education Researcher at Trent University. Awards were given to the top three teams. The St. Anne's Peterborough team consisting of Kristen LaRocque, Sarah Mandarano, Dylan Barnes, and Sean Stanlick, and coached by Special Education Resource Teacher Mary Jo Jones took third place. The St. Joseph's team from Bowmanville with members Paige Patterson, Andrew Collacott, Melissa Peterson, and Jaron Graveley, and coached by grades 7/8 Teacher Jonathan Berlingeri secured second place. And, first place honours went to team members Adam Vanderhorst, Vanessa Crowley, Kevan McDougall, Emily Angermann, and coach Special Education Resource Teacher Pat Vatta from St. Paul's School in Norwood. The St. Paul's Norwood team will now go on to compete in the Ontario Math Olympics which will be held at Trent University on Friday, May 30th and Saturday, May 31st. Thirty teams of grades 7 and 8 students from across the province will compete in events involving mathematical skills, patterning, and technology. Good luck to our team from St. Paul's Norwood.

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- 11 OTHER MEETINGS, CONFERENCES AND EVENTS Trustee School Visits Thurs. May 29 2008 St. Joseph, Douro Best Western Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre, Brantford
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Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ June 5, 6 and 7, 2008 Association 2008 Convention Annual Board Retirement Celebration *NEW DATE
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