Healing – Ben Livingston/general health; Gloria Dotson/M.S.; Josie Bray/M.S.; Bob & Vickie Berwaldt/M.S.; Debbie/salvation (Stephanie Tarrant’s co-worker); Ed Meehan/kidneys; Paul Fournier/prostate cancer (friend of Mike Boober); Jeff Jones/cancer (Dave Forgie’s uncle); Jarid Niejadlik; Katie O’Neill/liver problems (Amber Boober’s friend); Vanessa Bronson; Ella Grace Bartlett/toddler with critical health issues; Sarah Marra/heart condition; Mary Syrette/liver and bone cancer (friend of Dan & Brenda Marra); Rafael Rivera/; Dan Saimeri/broken pelvis in 4 places due to motorcycle accident (Mike Boober’s co-worker); Missy Loranger (Hilde’s daughter-in-law in Texas)/stroke and upcoming surgery to remove a malformation in her brain; Chick Deschaine (Fran Deschaine’s 90 year old uncle)/dying; Korban (Jenna Deschaine’s friend)/intestinal problems. Special Prayer Requested – For Gloria Dotson’s brothers and sisters and her son, David, that they would seek and/or return to the Lord. Salvation for Alison Haak and Bob Goldenberg (friends of Pete & Robin Ashworth). Pray for Pam Warren’s dad who has just gone into a nursing home and for her mom who is now trying to adjust to this great change in her life. Employment – Jessica Roberts, Ben Livingston, Jr. Expecting – Katie Frageorgia, Jamie Bartlett, Chris Bartlett; Courtney Allan In College – Sarah Marra, Jessica Roberts, Ashley Graham, Alison Boober, Alicia Salemi, Jon Smuda, Kara Smith, Tara Howe, Rachel, Meghan and Jenna Deschaine, Hannah Purdon. U.S. Military – Nate and Denise Graham, Vanessa Kenney, Eric Lemoine, Dwayne (Gloria Dotson’s nephew), Josh Benoit, Deven Thomas. Pray for all of our troops. Missionaries – Pray for Helen Spear serving with the Mercy Ships ministry. Pray for missionaries all over the world for God’s protection and that they will be used mightily by the Lord.

Sunday School Sunday Worship Wednesday Bible Study 10:00 AM 11:00 AM & 6:30 PM 6:30 PM

Pioneer Valley Baptist Chapel
56 Perkins Street, Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 594-8650 Pastor Steven A. Graham

Sunday Worship Service

Time’s up! Your shoeboxes are due to Stephanie TODAY! If you forgot to bring it this morning, please bring it tonight. Thank you to each of you who participated. Let’s commit to pray for those children who will be receiving the boxes and, more importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

November 15, 2009
  It is scarcely ever   that we can intercede  with fervor  unless we enjoy habitual nearness to God. Charles Simeon

You and your children are invited to participate in the Ultimate Youth Night/Christian Skate TOMORROW night at the Skater City Indoor Amusement Park, 138 South Road, Enfield, CT. It is from 5:00 to 10:00 PM. Admission is $10 which includes roller skating, skate rental, and full use of the arcade. You can also buy 2 slices of pizza and soda for $3.00. In the arcade, you (or your child) can enjoy use of 10 Wii stations, Guitar Hero and DDR, just to name a few. Laser tag will be available in December. This will take place on the 3rd Monday of each month. It is a great time for you and your children to listen to Christian music, meet new brothers and sisters in the Lord, and enjoy each other. The event is sponsored by New Life Community Church, also in Enfield. Try it…you’ll like it!!!

Last week’s offering Amount Below Budget Amount Above Budget Fiscal YTD Gifts to Missions Amount Above Pledge Amount Above Pledge Fiscal YTD Benevolence Offering Miscellaneous Gifts Total Giving

$1,918.15 (314.55) 1,776.05 131.00 35.00 1,092.00 134.00 528 .00 $2,711.15

Pastoral visit
Pastor and Paula will be visiting with Pete and Robin Ashworth this Thursday evening.

Thank you for giving to the Lord!
*********** Happy Birthday wishes go out this week to: Ali Boober whose birthday is Thursday and Cindy Edwards whose birthday is Thursday as well! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADIES!

We are blessed to have two special speakers next Sunday. Pastor Jim Wenger will preach at the morning service and Andrew Guidara will preach at the evening service. Please pray for your pastor as well as each of these men that God will give them His message for us.

Don’t forget to make plans to share Thanksgiving Dinner with your church family on Sunday, November 29, immediately following the morning worship service. There will be NO evening service.

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