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July 2008
Volume 18, Issue 7

Clover Connection
4-H Fair is Near
The mad rush of June 27 when record sheets, project manuals, manuals and financial papers had to be turned in has come and gone … now several youth are working diligently on the completion of their final projects for exhibition.

Inside this issue:
4-H Notes

Important 4-H Dates


4-H Project Check-In/ Judging Schedule Fair Information & Junior Leaders



Project Notes


Volunteer Corner


The blue and white signs are cropping up around the county. If you have not picked one up to put out in your yard, we still have more available in the Extension Office. Come and join us at the Steuben County 4-H Fair from July 18-24. Highlights at this year’s fair includes: IGX Interactive Gaming, Demolition Derby, Rodeo, Free Concerts (Cook & Bell, Greg Rhodes & Seth Cook; DeWayne Spaw; and the Monument Quartet), Truck & Tractor Pulls, Horse Pulls, Nick’s Kids Show, Combine Demolition Derby, Open Class exhibits, 4-H judgings, and all the good home cooked meals served from the basement of the exhibit hall. Enclosed you will find a complete schedule of events for the entire fair. Please take a couple of days and stop out to the see us at the fairgrounds on beautiful Crooked Lake.

Steuben County

4-H Fair July 18-24

Weekly passes are available in the Extension Office for $10.00 in advance. The passes will jump to $15.00 on Friday, July 18.

Demolition derby and rodeo tickets are also available in the Extension Office. These tickets are also available at Brooks Trans Guard, Dave’s Diesel, DeKalb Financial Credit Union, Harold Chevrolet and Key Bank. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 412.
Special points of interest: • • • • • •
Steuben County Fair 2008—July 18-24 Queen Pageant—July 15 at 7 PM Exhibit Hall Watch Schedule Trash Pick-Up Schedule Open Class Entries due by July 11 Extension Homemaker Bulk Food Order Form

Battle of the Barns
A new and exciting opportunity for youth to have fun while competing creating new and lasting friendships … Battle of the Barns will occur at 2 PM daily on Fair Week. Get excited and start creating your teams for activities that will help make fair more fun for all! Specific details about Battle of the Barns is inserted into this newsletter. 4-H Club will host these activities, don’t forget to thank the clubs for their time and creativity in putting this event together! Superintendents and team captains get your barn teams together, this is going to be an awesome time!

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Volume 18, Issue 7

Club Notes
Meeting scheduled Tuesday, July 8 at 7 PM at Board Room of the Community Center. This meeting will be full of demonstrations. All members are to bring in at least one item for the silent auction. Don’t forget, the Camouflaged float for the 4th of July Parade, arrive at Tri-State early for the float set-up, the parade begins at 1 PM and we need members to hand out fair fliers and rodeo/demolition derby tickets. All members are also asked to bring one case of soda per family to the fair for kids day.
Saturday, July 19 9 AM – 1 PM—Angola Topnotchers 1 PM - 5 PM—Cuntry Critters 5 PM - 9 PM—4-H Explorers Sunday, July 20
9 AM - 1 PM—Jr. Leaders & Jr. Fair Board 1 PM - 5 PM—Fremont Ready, Willing & Able

The 4-H colors—the official emblem is green with white H's. The white symbolizes purity. The green represents nature's most common color and is emblematic of youth, life, and growth.

5 PM - 9 PM—Metz Happy-Go-Lucky Monday, July 21 9 AM – 1 PM—Tiny Clovers Mini 4-H 1 PM - 5 PM—Orland Creative Kids 5 PM - 9 PM—Flint Arrows

Thank You Notes
Now is the time, before the fair, to pick up a package of thank you cards from the store. 4-Hers should send thank you notes to the sponsors, buyers, superintendents, club leaders and anyone who helped with your projects. Also, if you receive trophies, the trophy sponsors names and addresses are located on the bottom of your trophy. Without your efforts to thank these donors, the 4H program may lose sponsorships and support. Please do your part and don’t let that happen! If you need help with an address, please call, email or stop by the Extension Office, we are willing to assist you with finding the address.

On Saturday July 12 we will meet behind Fremont Elementary School to walk in the Fremont Music Fest Parade at 10:45 AM. Please bring a permission slip with you. Contact Leaders: Liz Opdycke 833.4783 or Kay Kunce 316.1422 with any questions.

Tuesday, July 22 9 AM - 1 PM—Otsego Go Getters
1 PM - 5 PM—Pleasant Lake Clever Clovers

5 PM - 9 PM—Fair Board Wednesday, July 23 9 AM - 1 PM—Conquerors 1 PM - 5 PM—Bit & Bridle 5 PM - 9 PM—Extension Homemakers

Meeting scheduled Wednesday, July 23 at 11:30 AM, followed by demonstrations at noon at the fairgrounds.

Ag Quiz Bowl
4-H Clubs or FFA Members—Get your friends together and form a team! Test your agricultural knowledge by participating in the Ag Quiz Bowl on Monday, July 21 at 1 PM in Rensch Hall. Teams of 4 youth in Steuben County (do not have to be 4-H members. Farm Bureau sponsors the Ag Quiz Bowl and awards the winning teams with prizes! Registration forms are due to the Extension Office by Friday, July 11.

All 4-H clubs and the Extension Homemakers are asked to watch over the Exhibit Hall during the fair. We’ve attempted to arrange the schedule so that the times do not conflict with a majority of your club members’ judgings & club events (meals, etc.). Please encourage parents as well as members to help out. At least two (2) people upstairs and two (2) people downstairs are needed. Volunteer parents and 4-H members please contact your club leader to help with this responsibility.
Friday, July 18 5 PM – 9 PM—Hamilton Fighting 4-Hers

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Volume 18, Issue 7 Page 3

Important 4-H Dates
July 1—State Fair Entries for boer goats, dairy goats, meat goats, pygmy goats, dogs, cats, poultry, rabbits, waterfowl, and horse & pony. July 7—5 business day extension ends by 4:30 PM, all manuals, workbooks, questions sheets and financial records are due to the Extension Office. If not turned in you will not be allowed to exhibit at the fair. July 12—Pre-fair Clean-up fairgrounds starting at 8 AM July 18-24—Steuben County 4-H Fair July 25—Post-fair clean-up July 29—Non-Perishable State Fair Projects to State Fair. Items must be dropped off at the Extension Office between 1-3 PM. August 4—Perishable State Fair Projects to State Fair. Items must be dropped off at the Extension Office between 7 AM and 8 AM. August 6 to 17—Indiana State Fair August 19—Steuben County State Fair Projects must be picked-up at the Extension Office. September 8—Fair Board Annual Meeting & Volunteer Recognition Banquet
“Looking for a few camp counselors.” GREAT

October 11—State 4-H Congress in Indianapolis for Junior Leaders

Queen Pageant
The Miss Steuben County Pageant will be Tuesday July 15th at 7:00 p.m. in the Steuben Community Building Auditorium. There are 9 contestants, all Steuben County 4-H members. When attending the pageant you will enjoy an Opening Number performed by the 9 contestants, Professional Wear Competition, Evening Gown and Onstage Question and the Announcement of the Winner. This year’s queen will reign over the Steuben County Fair and participate in the 2008 Miss Indiana State Fair Pageant on August 17th.

Support the ladies, come to the queen pageant!

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Volume 18, Issue 7

4-H Project Check-In/Judging Schedule
Saturday, July 12

• 6 PM—Exhibit Hall Judging: ATV, Forestry, Genealogy, Horseless Horse Friday, July 18

• 5 PM—Bicycle at the Community Center
Parking Lot Tuesday, July 15

• 8 AM—12 Noon—Livestock Entered • 1 PM—Dog
Saturday, July 19

• 4 PM—Consumer Clothing at the Community Center Pillar Room

• 6 PM—Fashion Revue at the Community
The 4-H colors—the official emblem is green with white H's. The white symbolizes purity. The green represents nature's most common color and is emblematic of youth, life, and growth.

Center Auditorium Wednesday, July 16

• 8 AM—Swine • 10 AM—Rabbits • 10 AM—Rocket Launch
Sunday, July 20

• 9 AM—3 PM—Achievement Winner Display Set-Up

• 3 PM—Achievement Winner Interviews • 6 PM—Junior Leader Project Check-In • 6:30-8 PM—Exhibit Hall Project Check-In
(EXCEPT: Berries, Crafts, Foods, Garden, Herbs, Microwave & Potato) Thursday, July 17

• Noon—Poultry • 3 PM—Agricultural Tractor Driving • 5 PM—Beef
Monday, July 21

• 8 AM—Started Calf • Noon—Horse & Pony • 5 PM—Consumer Clothing • 5:30 PM—Fashion Revue • 6:30 PM—Sheep
Tuesday, July 22

• 8 AM—Exhibit Hall Check-In for Berries,
Crafts, Foods, Garden, Herbs, Microwave & Potato.

• 9 AM—Exhibit Hall Judging: Aerospace,
Berries, Cake Decorating, Crops, Floriculture, Garden, Herbs, Home Environment, Microwave, Potato, Vet Science, Woodworking

• 8 AM—Swine Carcass at Mishler’s Packing

• 9:30 AM Exhibit Hall Judging: Foods • 10:30 AM—Exhibit Hall Judging: Bees,
Clowning, Electric, Gift Wrap, Recycling, Scrapbooking

• 8 AM—Goat Show • 10 AM—Horse & Pony • 1 PM—Cat Show • 6—8 PM—Lactating Dairy Entered
Wednesday, July 23

• 11 AM—Exhibit Hall Judging: Consumer

• Noon—Exhibit Hall Judging: Consumer
Beef, Entomology, Personality, Photography, Weather

• 9 AM—Dairy • 9 AM—Compact Tractor Driving • 10 AM—ATV Rodeo • 10—10:45 AM—Mini 4-H Check-In • 11 AM—Mini 4-H Judging • 3 PM—Small Animal Supreme Showmanship Thursday, July 24

• 2 PM—Exhibit Hall Judging: Cat Poster,
Collections, Computers, Health, Shooting Sports, Wildlife

• 4 PM—Exhibit Hall Judging: Ag Tractor
The changes to project judging times have been underlined.

Poster, Aquatic Science, Chicken BBQ, Child Development, Geology, Goat Poster, Sewing, Small Engines, Sportfishing, Soil & Water

• 8-10 AM—Release Exhibit Hall Projects • 10 AM—Livestock Auction

• 4-7 PM—Poultry Check-In

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Volume 18, Issue 7 Page 5

Junior Leaders
The fun will begin on Thursday, July 3rd at 9 AM setting up the Exhibit Hall for the fair. We will then work our way to work on the Pop Stands to prepare them for the fair and the DHRA Truck Pulls. We will also be doing some community service on the fairgrounds. Kiss-apig tickets will be distributed at this event, plan on selling 5 tickets prior to the fair. If you need more than 5 please let Neasa know. On Saturday, July 5th from 1 PM until approximately 10 PM we will be selling food and soda at the pop stand for the DHRA Truck Pulls. Please plan on working your scheduled shift. Our annual picnic will be held on Sunday, July 13 at 6 PM at the fairgrounds, so grab a passing dish and your family members to come out and have a grand time as we touch upon all fair activities and for the week of fair! At this meeting pop stand work schedules and project schedules will be released.

Fun at the 4-H Fair
The high energy 2008 Adrenaline Jam Tour, produced by Interactive Game Experience (IGX), is coming to Angola, from July 19 to July 22 for the Steuben County 4-H Fair and features four great days of electronic gaming entertainment! The attraction is free to all ticketed visitors and will be open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. all four days. The super-charged 2008 Adrenaline Jam Tour includes: 1. Nintendo® Wii™, PlayStation®3, and Xbox 360™: 2. PlayStation®2, the original Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube ezVision video glasses: 3. Guitar Hero and EyeToy® 2: 4. 17 game ports including two 42” monitor ports and 5. eMusic free downloads with an eMusic/IGX credit card for each player who visits the Adrenalin Jam exhibit. Card provides 35 free downloads within 2 weeks of registering the offer online. The newest features in electronic gaming are included in the 2008 Adrenaline Jam Tour and provide players a more interactive experience. Gaming consoles include peripheral products such as the Sony Eye Toy which projects the player into the game through light and motion technology, the new Sony Guitar Hero 2 which makes everyone a rock star. At any one time up to 17 of the latest games from major game publishers. The games rated “E” (Everyone), “T” (Teen), “T10” (Teen) and/or “C” (Children) provide a variety of interactive challenges for (fair or event) visitors of all ages.

Fair Volunteers Needed
The Fair Board is looking for adult volunteers who are willing to help out with a wide variety of jobs during the week of the fair. Examples of volunteer help needed is:

∗ Gate Workers (evenings) ∗ Exhibit Hall Door Bouncers for Pre-Fair Judging

∗ Event Security (Rodeo/

Demolition Derby/ Combine Derby) Ticket Takers (Rodeo/Demolition Derby/Truck Pulls/Draft Horse Pulls/Combine Derby)

∗ Event

Talent Contest at 4-H Fair
We want you! We are looking for a variety of acts such as singing, dancing, tumbling, clogging, cheerleading and baton twirling to compete at the Steuben County 4-H Fair on Tuesday, July 22 at 6 PM. There will be three divisions at the Steuben County 4-H Fair: 1. Junior Division (Ages 12 & under) 2. Senior Division (Ages 13-21) 3. Legal Division (Ages 21 and up) For group performances the division will be determined by the oldest performer in the group. The language and actions of performances must be appropriate. There will be 13 categories for all divisions: Vocal Solo-Female; Vocal Solo-Male; Vocal Group; Instrumental Solo; Instrumental Group; Solo Dance; Group Dance; Novelty Solo; Novelty Group; Tumbling Solo; Tumbling Group; Clogging Solo; and Clogging Group. Performers do no need to be 4-H members! County Fair Talent Contest winners of the Junior and Senior divisions have to be Indiana residents and will advance to competition at the Indiana State Fair. More information and the Entry Forms are available from the Extension Office.

∗ Miscellaneous
If you are interested in assisting please contact the Extension Office, give us your name, contact number and what day(s) you are available to help.

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Volume 18, Issue 7

Project Notes
Health Papers for Animals … Not required

4-H’ers it is your responsibility to make sure you have made contacts to buyers of your animals to be sold during the auction. Postcards to be mailed to potential buyers are available from the Extension Office. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Swine Dairy Milk/Cheese Goat Milk/Cheese Started Calf Rabbit Roaster Rabbit Fryer Sheep Laying Hen Geese

The fair is right around the corner, make sure you are ready!

enza; and Potomac Fever.

this year. However, all animals must be in good health. If you have poultry all birds must be accompanied by a NPIP Flock Certificate or the “Indiana County Fair Poultry Exhibitor Form.” Furthermore, all Horses and Ponies must current year vaccinations of Eastern/Western/Tetanus (EWT); Rhino InfluPOULTRY Check in your birds at the fairgrounds on Thursday, July 17 between 4 PM and 7 PM. SHEEP REMINDERS All sheep must be slick shorn within 5 days before the start of the fair. Sheep must be free of ringworm. SMALL ENGINES The Small Engines superintendents are geared up to work with the members in the project. Workshop dates are scheduled at 5:30 PM on the following Tuesdays: July 1 and 8. All workshops will be held at Dave’s Diesel 1201 Wohlert St, Angola. For information, Rick Smith or Mike Beard at 665.5396.

10. Turkeys 11. Ducks 12. Poultry Broiler/Roaster 13. Beef Steer 14. Dairy Steer 15. Pygmy Wether 16. Dairy Wether Auction checks will not be released to 4-H members for 2 weeks after the auction. This will ensure the money has been collected from the buyers.

Trash Pick Up Schedule for 4-H Barns
All barns are asked to help keep the fairgrounds clean the week of the fair. The barn schedule is listed to the right. Please work with your barn superintendents to help. Trash is to be picked up by 9 AM the morning of your day of service. On your day of service you also need to watch the trash cans to make sure they get emptied if they fill up throughout the day.
With all barns helping with one day’s trash duty, the work load is easier on everyone.

Sunday, July 20 Goat Barn & Dairy Barn Monday, July 21 Sheep/Swine Barn Tuesday, July 22 Started Calf Barn Wednesday, July 23 Poultry & Rabbit Barn Thursday, July 24 Beef & Dairy Steer Barn

Saturday, July 19 Horse and Pony Barn

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Volume 18, Issue 7 Page 7

Volunteer Corner
PROJECT SUPERINTENDENTS BATTLE OF THE BARNS As shared with Leaders during leader meetings in November, clubs were asked to “organize and run” a day of the battle of the barn activities during the week of the fair. Days the activities will be conducted are: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please talk with your clubs to see what activity you may want to do and what day and let me know. As stated before activities each day must be different so ideas and days for clubs to run the activity need to be identified to the Extension Office as soon as possible in order for your club to get your choice of activity. Battle of the Barn activities to-date are: 1. Fear Factor (Fremont) 2. Card Tournament (Orland) 3. Field Day Games (Cuntry Critters) 4. Yard Games (Flint Arrows) 5. Cowboy Horseshoes (Bit & Bridle) CLUB LEADERS Gather your troops to watch over the Exhibit Hall for your clubs designated time. Times were mailed to you and are also listed in the Club Notes section of this newsletter. Fair signs are still available in the Extension Office for 4-H families to start put out in the community. Stop in and get your today! I would like to ask each of you to attend a REQUIRED Superintendent meeting in July. 2 meetings remain for superintendents to try to fit your schedules, it is very critical that each superintendent attend one of the meetings to prepare for the fair. Meeting dates are: Tuesday—July 1 at 7:30 PM, or Monday—July 7 at 8 PM. Please check and mark the date on your calendar and let me know which meeting you will be attending! If you are unable to attend please stop in the office to review materials covered! ADULT 4-H VOLUNTEER DAY AT THE STATE FAIR Registration is from 9:30—10 AM in the Farm Bureau Building, which is located on the north side of the track. You will receive an Adult Volunteer Recognition Ribbon and Family of Sponsors coupons for volunteers. Now is the time to make your plans. Call your 4-H volunteer friends and plan your trip together. A limited number of complimentary adult tickets to the fair are available…contact the Extension Office to reserve yours NOW. NORTH CENTRAL REGION VOLUNTEER FORUM T h e 2 0 0 8 North Central Region Volunteer Forum will be held November 6-8, in Columbus, Ohio. Preliminary information regarding the Forum is located on the Ohio 4-H Web site at: NCRVF/index.html. Registration information is available on this Web.

Thank you for all of your time and efforts with the 4-H program.




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Fair Clean-Up
Just a friendly reminder … pre—fair clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, July 12th from 8 AM until things get finished. Plan on bringing tools to be used in helping clean-up, items suggested are: rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, brooms, weed eaters, gloves, etc. Post-fair clean-up will take place on Friday, July 25 from 8 AM until things get finished. Everyone is encourage to help do their part!

DHRA Truck Pulls—”Border War”
Join in the excitement of the Diesel Hot Rod Association “Border Wars” Truck Pulls on Saturday, July 5 at the 4-H Fairgrounds. The pulls will occur in the Big Arena and Junior Leaders will have a concession stand with hotdogs, burgers, chicken, candy bars, chips and soda available. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 4-12. This is an event you don’t want to miss!
For more information contact Rick Smith at Dave’s Diesel

260-665-5396 or

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