Reorganization in Practice A case study of MORE Units by alextt


									Reorganization in Practice: A case study of MORE Units Student Name: Rashid Al-Dosary ID # 210213


Maintenance, Repair, and Operation Electrical Unit (MROEU) is established to serve the engineering cataloging of equipment and materials, general and spares, of commodities related to single and multi-purpose commodities, ranging from electrical, unique departments, plants, and communities. The existing unit structure is built on a traditional work-load distribution according to commodity Material Service Group (MSG). Every engineer and analyst is responsible for certain MSG(s) commodity. The existing unit’s structure was a barrier to the success of the unit and as a result, productivity diminished by time. There have been many complains that the unit is not a very responsive to the customer demands and not efficient. furthermore, there were some management processes resulted in work deficiencies in an existing structure such as lack of uniform work policy, slow decision making, failures to accomplish objectives, inability to meet schedules, excessive costs, and lack of specific knowledge or skill. The workload has surpassed the work projection and forecast. In addition, the implementation of new SAP system has led to increase of workloads. It was proposed that the unit is reorganized or aligned to include engineering focus groups and material management staff to facilitate the work assigned to the unit. Hence the idea of reorganization surfaced and had the approval and commitment from the upper management. Therefore it was proposed (2 proposals) that MROEU is reorganized into 3 groups where every group is responsible for specific similar activities pertain to their expertise or knowledge. • Proposal (1): To realign MROEU into three (3) main business groups and;

• Proposal (2): To realign MROEU into four (3) main business groups Proposal (1) has had the unanimous approval and had become the new official unit structure

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