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					Chapter 1 THE FINANCIAL ILLITERATE 1. What is changing in the life of the writer? What is the writer’s wife’s name? What is her occupation? What is the writer’s occupation?

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How long has he been in his occupation? Who is Tom Garret? Where does Tom Work? What does AWOL stand for in the book? What is the name of the writer’s sister? Why didn’t the writer’s sister go on to college? What two big ten universities was she accepted at? What changed her mind? What did Cathy do in order to get customers for her business? Explain in Detail


How much did it cost out of pocket


How did she begin to make a profit? Explain in Detail?

16. 17.

How much did she make that summer? What is the name of the barbershop that they go to? What is the owner’s name?


What did Dave want to talk to his father about?


How did Dave realize that his lack of financial knowledge had hit home?

Chapter 2 A SURPRISING REFERRAL 1. 2. How long ago did Dave’s father learn about finances? What does Dave’s father believe that every high school student should teach to its students? Do you agree or disagree with his position? EXPLAIN in DETAIL


Explain what happened in Dave’s father’s life that led him to seek financial advice?

4. 5.

Who did James Murry recommend for financial advice? Roy had a life changing experience come before him at an early age. Explain what that life changing experience was?


How did Roy build his barbershop clientele? What innovations did Roy use?


Why and how did Roy begin his quest for financial advice?

8. 9. 10.

Who was the person that Roy went to see? Why did Roy choose this person? What does is acronym that Tom used to tease Cathy about the money problems that she says that she has? What does it mean?


What has Cathy done with the money that she has made from her business?


How did Dave, Cathy and Tom figure that Roy got his Lincoln, Boat and House?

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