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					Sew Hot! has been doing HB Junior Lifeguard embroidery since 1999 and has donated over $10,000 in dollars, goods and services over the past decade in support of the program.

Embroidered per HBJG instructions for name and placement. Font and color chosen for best look w/uniform. First initial and last name or last name only please, per HBJG instructions. Remember: Instructors call JGs by their LAST names! 5 items for $30 with $3 per package donated back to the HBJG program

Sew Hot! 2009 HBJG Embroidery Package

Package= sweatshirt, shorts, T-shirt, backpack + extra t-shirt or hat (Full first and last name, last name only, or initial and last name on HBJG towel = $9 extra) Items can be dropped off 24/7 at

20622 Goshawk Lane HB (Peterson School tract)
Just leave them at the door! 714- 374-5531 Check your order status at $20 late fee/bag applies after 8 p.m. on 6/11/09 No bags accepted after 8 p.m. on 6/14/09

Additional items with package, or fewer than 5 items = $6 per item There will be a $1 per item upcharge for names over 10 letters each. Sorry, but JG towels cannot be substituted for a package “item.” Include your HBJG towel in your backpack and it will be finished with your uniform order. Be sure to leave towel name instructions (usually full first and last name.) Sorry, we do not embroider lycra suits or rash guards. It could damage the material and voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Please remove everything except items to be embroidered from backpack. Complete order form below. Be sure to retain top portion. When backpack is dropped off, tag one backpack per number. The tags are at the front door. If you have multiple packs, use one number per pack, please. You only have to fill out one Please remember your order form. Place form in pack pouch. Tag top of bag with number. Check the Sew Hot! website at number! You need it to or voice message (714 374 5531) to check your order status and pick up track when your order is times. There will be instructions, order forms, and numbers at the front door. Drop orders off 24/7 ready and for pick up. – no need to call ahead. Garments do NOT have to be washed first. We will accept packs at Thanks! the advertised price until Thursday, June 11th @ 8 pm and take LATE FEE packs until Sunday, June 14 @ 8 pm ALL LATE BAGS MUST BE PAID IN FULL (INCLUDING LATE FEE) WHEN DROPPED OFF. We will strictly adhere to deadlines and late fee charges. Sorry! We cannot schedule the work if we don’t know how many bags we have, hence the deadline. Thanks for understanding!
Remove here: Make checks payable to Sew Hot! It is OK to pay at pick up, we’d rather have your order “in line.” Please drop items off promptly if you want them embroidered. ALL LATE BAGS MUST BE PAID IN FULL (INCLUDING LATE FEE) WHEN DROPPED OFF. The late fee and cut off deadline are strictly enforced. Sorry, but it’s the only way we can schedule the work so that all orders are completed by the JG start date. PLEASE REMEMBER TO RECORD YOUR ORDER NUMBER!!! Contact Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ Amount Paid/Due: ______________ FIRST INITIAL AND LAST NAME OR LAST NAME ONLY PLEASE!!! FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME ON TOWELS. First Set (Clearly print name to be embroidered): _____________________________________________________ Order #: __________________ Second Set (Clearly print name to be embroidered): ___________________________________________________ Order #: __________________ Third Set (Clearly print name to be embroidered): _____________________________________________________ Order #: __________________

My order number is:

Email (optional) We’ll email you when your order is ready! ________________________________________Have a great summer!

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