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					UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA Learning and Information Services: Borrowing Regulations 1. Membership

You can join the University of Cumbria library if you are:        A student on a full or part time course, registered with the University. A member of academic or support staff, employed by the University. Acting as a mentor to University of Cumbria students A retired member of staff (including those of the University’s former constituent organisations) An Honorary Fellow, upon the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor A Member of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society An Alumni of the University (including those of the University’s former constituent organisations),upon payment of a fee.

If you are a member of staff or student at another institution you may be eligible to join under one of the reciprocal access schemes. If you are a member of the public you may use the library for reference or study purposes. You may borrow from the library upon payment of an external borrower fee. 2. External Borrower Fees

Full £50 Reduced (alumni) £35 Your membership is valid until the end of your course or period of employment. External and reciprocal scheme membership is renewable annually. You will be issued with a Cumbria Card. You are responsible for the return, in good condition, of all the items borrowed on your card and for keeping your card safe and in good condition. You must produce your card each time you want to borrow items from the library. You are expected to show your card to a member of LIS staff if asked to do so. You will be given a PIN number to ensure on-line transactions are secure. You are responsible for keeping this number safe. You will need it to renew items and place requests. University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 1

We will not issue items to your card if you are not present (except postal loans). If you are unable to come into the library because of illness or other circumstances please contact the library to make alternative arrangements. 3. Borrowing

Your borrowing entitlements are: Student Staff and Research Externals students (including reciprocal and access schemes) 20 4 30 3 3 5 unlimited 6 unlimited 0 3 0 0 1 3

Lending Teaching Practice 3 hour loans Dissertations AV equipment Inter library loans Reservations Renewals

12 30 3 3 5 unlimited 6 unlimited

If you are submitting your final piece of work you may request an extra 3 lending collection items for a fixed period. Please ask at the library desk for a form, which must be signed by your supervising tutor. If you have a disability or if you have specific learning needs you may have 1 week and 3 hour loans issued for extra time. Please ask the Student Advisory and Development Service to contact us to arrange this. If you are going on placement for more than 4 weeks you can request an extension of 4 week and 6 week loans. You may also request books to be posted to you while you are on placement. Please ask at the library desk for a form to register for this service. 1 week and 3 hour loans cannot be extended to cover placement. Part time students and students on designated Distance learning courses can request postal loans without registering for this service. You do need to register if you require an extension to 4 week or 6 week loans. You must return, or renew, all the items you borrow in good condition on or before the due for return date. You are responsible for noting this date. LIS will send reminders to your University email account. These are a courtesy and LIS do not accept responsibility

University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 2

for fines accrued if you have not received an email or if you have not accessed your email account. You can return items to any of the University of Cumbria libraries, except 3 hour loan items which must be returned to the site where you borrowed them. (please note nursing and midwifery students based at Whitehaven and Barrow, or on placement there can also return University of Cumbria items via the hospital libraries) You will be stopped from borrowing if you have:    4. Items more than 21 days overdue. Fines of more than £10 Fines unpaid for more than 28 days. Renewals

You can renew items as many times as you wish unless another borrower has reserved the item. You are asked to return the item at your own expense if you are unable to get into any of the libraries. External borrowers can renew items a maximum of three times You can renew items either      Online, via the LIS catalogue By automated telephone line 0845 602 6124. This is available 24/7 By telephone to any of the libraries At the issue desk By email.

You must have your Cumbria Card and PIN number to renew online or by telephone. Three hour loans and AV equipment can only be renewed at the Issue desks. If your account has been suspended you can still renew items. 5. Overdue Reminders and Invoices

We will send the following reminders: Renewal Reminder 1st overdue reminder 2nd overdue reminder 3rd overdue reminder 4th overdue/invoice letter 2 days before due date 3 days after due date 10 days after due date 21 days after due date. Borrowing rights suspended 28 days after due date Replacement cost of item. £5 non refundable administration charge added . Via email Via email Via email Via email Post

University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 3

Finance asked to follow Debt Procedures

When maximum fine reached, this is added to the invoice

You will be charged for each item that is overdue. 6. Fines rates 10p per day 10p per day 20p per day 50p per hour 50 p per day £5.00 per day £1.00 per day 50p per day + British Library charges

4 week loans 6 week loans 1 week loans 3 hour loans Overnight loans AV 1 day loans AV 1 week Interlibrary loans

There is a maximum fine limit of £10 per item. £20 for 3hour loan and AV items. If you fail to return an item within 21 days of its due for return date you will be stopped from borrowing until the item is returned or renewed. If you fail to return an item within 28 days of its due for return date you will be invoiced for the full replacement cost. There is an additional £5 administration charge for this letter. This charge is non-refundable If you still fail to return the item(s) LIS will forward the invoice to the Finance department for further action under the University’s Debt Collection policy. This will result in your IT account being suspended. The Finance department may take legal proceedings against you to recover the money. If you think you have returned an item to the library but it is still appearing on your loan record you must report this to desk staff immediately. We will check the library shelves every week for 10 weeks. If we fail to find the item you may then be charged the replacement cost If you lose or damage any items you will be charged for the full replacement cost of the item, or a suitable alternative title. You must pay within 28 days of receiving the invoice. If you have items stolen we will expect you to claim for the replacement cost through your own insurance. If you are in dispute about any fines or charges you can ask for them to be reviewed by a committee of senior staff.

University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 4


Standard charges for out of print items

Users will be charged the replacement cost of lost, damaged or non returned items. This may be for a new copy of the title, a second hand copy of the title or a suitable alternative title. LIS reserve the right not to replace a title. If no suitable alternative title can be found the following standard charges will be applied: Lending collection (including three hour loans) Packs/pamphlets Teaching Practice Collection Video/audio cassettes/cds/dvds CD Roms £20 £5 £15 £15 £30

You must report loss or damage of any item immediately. You will be charged any fines accrued until then. If you return an item you have paid for within 1 month we will give you a refund of the replacement cost of the item. If you return an item within 3 months you will be given a 50% refund. If an item is returned within 6 months 25% refund will be given. No refund will be given after 6 months. You must produce your receipt to claim a refund. No refund will be given on the £5 administration charge or on any fines paid. If you lose your Cumbria Card you will be charged £5 for a replacement. If you card has been stolen we will replace it free of charge if you have a Police Crime report number. 8. Requests

Requested items cannot be renewed in any circumstances. You must place requests yourself, using the online facility. You can request items from any of the site libraries. You can select which site you want to collect the item from. Part time students, distance learners or students on placement who have registered for the service can ask for requested items to be posted to them. You will be notified by email that a request is waiting collection. Requested items must be collected within 7 days. Requested items can only be issued to the user who has made the request.

University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 5


Interlibrary loans.

If an item is not in stock at any of the University of Cumbria libraries you can request it through the Interlibrary loan service. There is a non refundable charge for this. O5/07

University of Cumbria . Borrowing Regulations . August 2007. revised August 2008 Page 6