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					Marketing Program Sales Training
“I came away from ITSMA’s training program with a number of practical ideas to take back to my team, and was pleased to have real world examples and case studies to back them up.” —Jim Budkie, VP, Marketing, Hitachi Consulting For over 10 years, ITSMA has worked with the world’s leading technology, services, and solutions firms to improve marketing performance. If you are looking to spark new thinking, acquire new skills, or gain insight into industry best practices, call Ajit Maira at +1-781-862-8500, ext. 145 today. Workshops Increasing Growth in Key Accounts: Designing and Delivering Account-Based Marketing This workshop is designed to provide participants with a step-by-step methodology to create, improve, and scale ABM programs.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is hot! More and more companies are increasing investments in marketing and sales programs that target individual accounts and prospects. Whether your company calls it 1-to-1 marketing, key-client marketing, relationship selling or something else, this laser focus on a single account is making a big splash in the industry by helping companies to generate demand, increase awareness, and improve their positioning in key accounts. Many companies have followed ITSMA’s three-phased ABM framework, developing well-planned, well-executed programs that generate increased demand and create the deep and trusted relationships with key accounts that lead to substantial, measurable results. This workshop details the phases within the framework and provides the practical tools and approaches to help companies succeed.

To learn more about our public workshops or to schedule a private company session, contact Jeff Sands at +1-781-862-8500, ext. 111, or

Taking Solutions to Market: Best Practices for Developing, Marketing, and Selling Solutions One of ITSMA’s most popular workshops, this course is continually updated with the latest insights from industry, from the ITSMA Solutions Council, and member research. Technology and professional services firms have moved more aggressively over the last few years to improve their ability to provide true solutions to their customer base. The shape of those solutions, differentiating and marketing them to target customers, and efficiently selling those solutions in an increasingly price-sensitive environment are challenging to say the least! Our solutions workshop is based on ITSMA's powerful Solutions Roadmap and Solutions Maturity Model, ITSMA’s annual research with customers on how they choose solution providers, industry best practices and benchmarks, and working experience with countless companies on solutions. This Workshop Covers the Solutions Marketing Gamut       Creating compelling solutions Understanding how to navigate the organizational challenges to developing, marketing and selling solutions Building awareness, interest, and confidence with solutions buyers Generating solutions demand with new and existing accounts Enabling your sales force to sell solutions more effectively and efficiently Developing a model to measure the costs and benefits of solutions, internally and externally

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