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									PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION TO COLCHESTER INSTITUTE. Through Authorized Agents in Nigeria-Learning Resources Nig Ltd 1. Application forms and information can be collected free of charge. Collection and submission of forms. Mondays-Wednesdays 10 am- 4pm Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd 88, Awolowo Road, Unit b4, 1st floor, Ikoyi, Lagos. Telephone: 08058019039, 01 8542943. Contact e mail: info@learningresources.com.ng Our Website: www.learningresources.com.ng Application forms can also be downloaded from the Colchester Institute’s website www.colchester.ac.uk/international and submitted with relevant credentials in Nigeria to Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd. 2. Application forms should be submitted with support credentials to include:  A copy of your passport confirming full name and Date of Birth.  Two passport sized photographs of applicant.  Original educational certificates and transcripts.  Reference letter from sponsor / credible referee.  A letter of reference from your current school or last school attendedthis letter should confirm results stated in your attached credentials.  Evidence of strong long term financial support *Applications for Art and Design, Media, Music and Performing Arts will also need to submit portfolio evidence such as verified photographs of work, CD / DVD recordings etc. for consideration by the academic admissions tutor at Colchester Institute. 3. A fee of N30, 000 is to be paid to Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd on submission of completed forms accompanied by all relevant documents. This fee which is non refundable is for verification, processing and administration, including currier to the UK. The fee should be paid into the Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd at any Access Bank. Please call our office for account number, evidence of payment [ the cash Deposit slip], is required when submitting credentials. A receipt will be issued. 4. Within 3 weeks of receiving the submitted forms Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd. can be contacted with information on the status of the application.

5. Successful applicants will receive a letter of admission from the Colchester Institute via Learning Resources Nigeria Ltd. 6. Successful candidates will then be required to pay a full year’s tuition fees following which the Institute will provide the relevant documentation for student immigration/ visa application. 7. Where a visa application is unsuccessful, the fee paid will be refunded, less an administrative fee of £100. 8. Applicants who wish to appeal visa refusal may apply for addition documentation if required, and this will be considered by the Institute on a case by case basis.

Resources person for Immigration Advisory services. Jumoke Solesi [Mrs] Tel: 08032015980. A legal practioner with nearly twenty years at the Bar has had varied international professional exposure especially in the field of immigration. An expert in immigration law, Jumoke worked in the United Kingdom Home Office for the last eight years initially as a Presenting Officer and later as a Chief Immigration Officer at Heathrow Terminal 1. She recently returned from New Delhi, India where she worked as an Entry Clearance Manager at the British High Commission. She is currently the Managing Partner with Abridge Consultants (an Immigration Advisory firm ). The use of our resource person is optional. Applicants are free to apply directly to the embassy.

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