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Mafia Wars is becoming one of the popular text based game on the internet now. Most of the players all over the world play this game for pure entertainment. However there are players who play mafia to make loads of money. It is no wonder that Facebook mafia wars cheats is becoming the favorite game of choice among many users of social networks sites like Facebook. For any type of games played online, there are some secrete codes available that helps the players to advance to higher levels in the game. Among many cheat codes available over the net, Facebook mafia wars cheats codes is the one of the famous codes that has gained good reputation in helping the players to get through the game faster than ever. With the availability of those secrete codes, the players also need to understand some basic tactics required to go ahead with the game. Those include: 1. Growing the mafia family size 2. Family defense 3. Increasing the wealth of the family 4. Using points strategically The crucial aspect that any player needs to understand is to work hard and try to become a mafia Boss. The boss has the responsibility to grow the size of mafia family as big as possible and make sure that there are no weak members in his family. It is the responsibility of the boss to make sure that his family members are provided with the strongest weapons and other items in order to attack the prospective opponents. His main intention should be to increase the wealth of the family in order to buy more properties. These are some of the key roles played by a mafia boss. If you master yourself with these tactics, no wonder that you too will become an expert in Facebook mafia wars cheats. As said above, Mafia Wars is a popular game played online. Do you wish to explore more about this game? Well, go ahead and read my article on Facebook mafia wars cheats and learn some secrets to advance to higher levels in mafia

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