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					1) "OUR SECOND AND LAST ADAM".. 1 COR.l5/45. We do not hesitate in the slightest degree when we state without reservations, that Adam is a historical individual. Nor are we in any shape or form embarrassed by the whole world that seemingly embraces the gigantic lie of "Evolution." It remains a "Theory" - even though it is taught as an indubitable fact. There is a whole body of scientific expertise that stand on the brink holding this fabulous idea, who would abandon the theory instantly except that they know the only alternative is special creation, and that is a position they will not hold for a strongbox of gold ingots. Proud necks cannot bend to Holy Scripture, as Augustine discovered and confessed many centuries ago. OUR FIRST ADAM. Adam was created a King. Without serving as a prince, he at once inherited a universe. Alone he ruled, and all creation served him with no trace of insubordination. But he was a "moral" creature! He must needs be tested for no other creature shares a conscience. Having received this inestimable privilege from the Lord God who is the very essence of all morality, and made in His image, Adam must undergo the initial test of human obedience. As Adam was the first historic character so Eden - every tree - the serpent - and the rivers - were all literal objects. Whatever fruit it was that Adam stole it was ordinary and without magical elements. That was the only tree out of bounds to him and it was an easy prohibition with no complications whatsoever. Alas! his deliberate preference was an assault upon His own Creator, though this volitional gift was flawless before his

reprehensible ambitious choice. His own human faculties ceased to operate on the spiritual level, and now a sentence of death - threatened well in advance - was now issued by the ethical decree of God Himself. Sin and death intruded by means of the ear, and so death invaded the species like a noxious cancer with no respect of persons, infecting both sexes, claiming every infant, sweeping through all nations, and displaying mercy to none, be they kings or counsellors, lords or ladies, ancient or infant, rich or poor, wise or foolish. All fall under this divine curse. And there is no exception. Adam represented all his species. When he fell all fell with him! Here is divine justice. All males and females that are born into this world are contained or enclosed within Adam, and so for that very reason we die sooner or later. Death reigns as a King Rom. 5/14. Adam's disobedience was the original transgression, and all other mortals partake of the penalty Rom.5/12. Death ensued the moment the will of Adam shuddered as the needle in a compass when brought within range of magnetic power. God did not smite Adam as though with a plague. God had made man constitutionally perfect, but if the first man exposed himself to temptation, he would then wither, and thus waste away. God must never be blamed for having created Adam vulnerable for that was the essential purpose why he was made in the beginning to be independent, yet without fault. That which signified the changed condition in the constitution of our first parents was their nakedness. This was a natural state prior to their great crime Gen.2/25. But now, both were ashamed of their bodies! Why was this so? A new law began to operate in their consciences. This new law changed them drastically within. Death came upon them suddenly both spiritually and physically but the effects would only be detected by the

course of time. However death was accompanied by "concupiscence," or "lust," and although this law is not confined to sexual emotions, it is recognised by that mode more than by any other. It is a bondage that wrecks our relationships in this world, and doubtless shame is the argument why most males and females allow themselves to be clothed, and so retain decency in society. To fight against shame by suffocating conscience is to wage war against modesty and privacy. Nature has been corrupted at the very source of our human origin. This is a fountain that has turned bitter from Eden onwards. We are born by” evil concupiscence" Rom.7/8: Col.3/5: 1 Thess.4/5. Even so, it must be understood that this condition, depraved though it is, is our own individual responsibility, and we can never exonerate ourselves by blaming human nature when our volitional faculties have been compliant! Upon the subject of freedom our whole mysterious existence hangs, for "Freedom" is at the heart of Godhead. Having now fallen into a bondage that encompassed every fundamental area belonging to our human nature - physical, mental, and spiritual - this depraved and servile condition has been transmitted from the head of the human family, and death is the fatal punishment that is apportioned to us all. Without any exception to this rule, God has declared His indignation against the human race, and eternal wrath must always be enkindled against all individuals who stand guilty of breaching the law of God. To violate His holy law is to violate God Himself, for His law is the whole of His being. Being found to be enclosed in Adam from the moment of our conception in the womb, is to provoke His displeasure. Yet at the same time, it is no preclusion - and no contradiction against the divine love that ever burns at the centre of His being for His own creatures! Sorrow, the sorrow of the cross,

is forever present in the Father of all mercies. Indeed, it is true to say the shadow of the cross has been forever over the heart of Godhead! God suffers!:Rev.13/8. Adam forfeited everything. He was excommunicated and driven from a house so elegant and sublime then saw the door close behind him, obviously intending to signify the irrevocable grief of eviction. Adam was now an exile and a prodigal. Guilty, bankrupt, solitary, he went into a "Far Country" Lk.15/13. But within his heart he travelled with doubts, forebodings, illusions, maladies and with a prospect of death! There is no hope for Adam or the human race. Hell is the only subject he can contemplate; the only prospect he anticipated - with this exception Gen.3/15. Even before a rainbow had appeared in the sky unto Noah, Adam and his wife through faith alone, could see the rainbow encircling the throne of their Great God Rev.4/3. Posterity had been promised! Sometime and in some place, Someone would come with a salvation so great: Heb.2/3 that everything would be reversed. Upon that Messianic promise a new hope arose in their hearts. Faith was riveted firmly in that solitary pledge, and upon it they ravenously feasted year by year. OUR SECOND ADAM. Our first Adam sinned uniquely. His sin ruined his total constitution, and his sinful nature passed over unto every human being, and thus we all die without exception. But his sin assaulted God, so that every sin, whatever the character, is aimed against God, whether the sinner knows it or not Psm.51/4: Lk.15/21. We must aggravate the nature of sin even more, for when he sinned his sin was infinite! He had sinned against Infinity! God being infinite, so His law is immeasurable, having no bounds or dimensions. Hence the

sin of Adam cannot be atoned for by creatures, either of time or space, for the creature is finite and in bondage to vanity Rom.8 19/22. Moreover, inasmuch as sin has entered into the world to such a degree as to enter the very vitals of every heart, this disobedience has spread mightily from the crown of our head unto the souls of our feet from the centre to the perimeter of every soul! No creature is free from the power of evil, therefore he is incapable of propitiating a Holy Deity who demands an absolutely immaculate offering. Infinity of atonement alone pacifies the One who is "Infinity!" Only God could and would atone for an infinite transgression. Only God qualified! Such was the love of God that God Himself had already made provision for this horrifying catastrophe now known as the "Fall of Man." He alone would take the full responsibility of this disaster! And so God being infinite would conciliate Himself and restore mankind to an affable relationship with Himself! But even now the arrangement was altogether unsatisfactory. There appears to be no justice in this arrangement. God had not sinned. Man must make amends according to the course of regular justice. "Wonder of wonders, I can say no less," said John Bunyan, our God determined to remedy this insoluble predicament by becoming Man! A moments reflection will help us understand the reason. Adam had sinned, therefore the human race sinned. He alone is responsible for a violated law, therefore he alone must find a way or a means of making restitution to a God whose honour had been flouted. But now sin had rendered all men culpable and paralysed. All are now entirely disqualified. Man now holds an indefensible position from which he cannot abscond - his cause and stance is a hopeless one! God who is flawless, unblemished,

inviolate, and who is also the essence of infallible justice, will become Man, without a blemish from the original stain! He will then regain His prestige. Broken law will be redressed by taking upon Himself the full weight of a divine curse and punishment. By His death infinite vengeance will meet with infinite obedience. God shall be just, and yet the One who will justify sinful mankind! Man will be discharged, restored and then receive eternal life! Christ Jesus the Lord possesses in Himself both divinity and humanity and was amply qualified to undergo the severity of divine wrath. Indeed He alone could sustain the full volume needed to atone for our transgressions. In brief, the infinity of divinity, enjoined with the infinity of humanity, took the entire load of infinite reprisal against human sin. None else had infinite righteousness in both natures, and neither the divine or human natures contained in the One Person Jesus Christ, felt the slightest reluctance to undertake such a vehement task. And yet, it must always be remembered that in spite of the way we surmise, the remedy for redemption was no reckless determination! The drama of redemption had been designed in eternity. Without an assurance of this truth, we will overlook a major segment of God the Father Almighty who must always be seen as the main Projector of the Gospel of His Son John 3/16. But the stable - the cross; - the tomb; and the resurrection of the Son, were all events that had been executed in eternity no matter how impossible it appears to us finite creatures 1 Pet.1/2O: Rev.13/8. From texts such as these we are enabled to understand that God has never existed but what this death by crucifixion has always been a crucial part of Godhead. There is no other way of explaining it except to state unambiguously, that at the very heart of God's existence in His wonderful Three Fold Modes of being, as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, there

has always been a cross! And if that be the case we will be convinced that the Cross of Christ was not made for the world, but the world for the cross! This being so, it means also that the cross was not so much an intervention to save the world, as a means whereby God could reveal Himself and to exhibit His own nature before a universe of seraphic and human creatures! What a God is this that we possess! One who by His very Character is an intrinsically humble God, meek, lowly, tender, gracious, "easy to be entreated," compassionate, merciful and kind Ex.34 6/7. Faithless men - especially apostates - are veritable strangers to this great God of Heaven and Earth. Harbouring inveterate hatred, the grand misconception of the Almighty is the common one related to suffering. They rage at the God they say is non-existent. They never consider that this is totally absurd, and they fail utterly to see that in spite of their mental anomaly, it is indeed a deep prejudice against God that provokes them. To inform them of their gross misconception of God, that He actually came into the world for the purpose of suffering for those who suffer both physically and spiritually, is similar to igniting a keg of gunpowder. That there are people upon the face of the earth who believe in a God of sublime compassion, without a fragment of selfishness, One who is activated only from impeccable motives, perfectly just, having an essential nature of pure goodness, they dismiss as being sheer ranting of brainless idealists, or visionaries who are enslaved by myths that have been exploded by Voltaire, Darwin, or Fraud. In spite of their philosophical erudition, everything in life sounds their death knell. So captivated are they by crude rationalism, that they even laugh at the very idea of a suffering Creator who has assumed human nature, endured

the insults of those He came to save, agonised on two planks of wood having been impaled by three iron nails, and finally - and above all - having to experience a dereliction that all eternity will never comprehend! And yet they cannot outrun the One who follows closely on their heels, for He knows that time is on His side! Jesus Christ came as the new King and the Second Man, or again as the "Last Adam." There will never be another. As we all were encased in Adam, children having inherited death from him, so Jesus Christ has become our Sovereign King - John 18 36/37. Moreover, He has now replaced "our Father Adam" in the mercy of God by whom we all die both physically and spiritually. Our Father in heaven has replaced him with another "Father," who is Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, and he is called "The Everlasting Father" Is.9/ 6. Furthermore, our Everlasting Father "SHALL SEE HIS SEED" Is.53/1O and new born children shall increase by untold billions the family of the living God, and He shall be glorified for evermore Is.8/18. In all things He is now our Representative. Jesus the Lord of Glory became my rebellion; my mortal wound; my prodigal; my death; my misery; my condemnation; my punishment; my own guilt. And without His veracity, His impeccability, and His own divine-human uprightness being forgotten - He took upon his own shoulders the full weight of my own damnation! He is now my very "Life," "Light," and "Love," and all that belongs to Him is mine! Was He in the womb of the Virgin? So was I! Was He in the Temple and held in the arms of Simeon? So was I!. Did He suffer under a Roman Governor whose name was Pontius Pilate? So did I! Did he endure interrogation under Caiaphas and called an impostor? I did also! He suffered untold grief, unspeakable physical, mental, and

spiritual agony, and so did I! With Him I died; with Him I rose; with Him I ascended into heaven, and with Him I reign with all my enemies, torments, anxieties, fears, and guilt, now at rest under my footstool! He became all that I ever was, so that I may become every thing He is. Does He manifest the glory of Godhead? Through Him I do the same! Does He rule the universe? By Him I do so too! Was He an heir of all things visible and invisible? With Him I am a "Joint-Heir" by His grace Rom.8/17 and nothing throughout ten million worlds can prevent this promise from being actualized. How did this transformation - this substitution this exchange, take place? He took me out of Adam's dilapidated building, from a house that was dissolving all around me - a squalid house, a real brothel, and a den of thieves and installed me as a true member of the House of David, His own House, and His own precious Family. Our second Adam was not born of the Virgin Mary in the customary and commonplace manner of a physical relationship. Our degenerate and unbelieving society of unashamed agnostics are becoming more and more venturesome as they sneer at Christians who are positive that such a conception was altogether unique and creditable. Our confidence is not undermined when we are told that the service of Joseph could never be dispensed with. On the contrary, our Second Adam simply could not gain an entrance into this world if Christ could not dispense with the services of the male gender! Because at a stroke the Redeemer could set on one side the agency of man to enter this three dimensional existence, He therefore rejected the active principle of generation that belongs to the masculine sex. By such a proscription the Lord God reveals His displeasure with the proud activated labour principle

belonging to Joseph who represents the rejection of all works as a means of salvation. He represents Adam who is the father of death. As Christ has refused Adam and all his works, so Joseph being a son of Adam is rejected from becoming the active agent of His own birth. This is reserved for the Holy Ghost. No mere man of a corrupt line must generate a "seed of the woman" Gen.3/15 for his seed is a seed of death, and his offspring a degenerate child of wrath Eph.2/3. Joseph, though regenerate and godly, could only produce a son "in Adam" From the eighteenth century onwards, theological monstrosities, have either expressed their indignation or laughed most heartily at such a moronic invention. Neither believing the sacred script, and thus never feeling, knowing, or confessing, their foul state by nature, they were given the power to subvert the gospel - John 3/27 in one of those vital areas to do with the grossly sinful nature of Adam after his "Fall." With gigantic contemptibility, they scorned the perfect, uncontaminated, nature of Jesus Christ, that was conceived by the Virgin Mary, even though His nature and His alone can remove a spiritually dead soul out of Adam, awaken it by a new spiritual regeneration inside Himself, then establish securely the new born child within the family of our Lord Jesus. This commenced with that unfathomed and unfathomable stoop of our glorious Creator. Not only transcendent over the whole universe, He was also imminent throughout the universe. Geographical places and geometrical distances were no problems to Him. His descent to earth was no descent! God never travels anywhere for there is no place where he is absent. Our First Adam was created by no marital relationship with Eve his wife, but was made from

the soil of the earth. He never knew babyhood or adolescence, but was an adult at the moment of his creation. Our Second Adam likewise was not the product of sexual intercourse, yet He was "conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of the Virgin Mary," passing through every stage of normal growth, physically, mentally, and spiritually Luke 1/35 - 1/8O. His advent into this world was similar to a military operation inasmuch as there had been a long drawn out preparation for His coming which can easily be called an "Invasion." When all is said and done our First Adam had declared war with the God of Heaven and Earth by invading His province - the single tree which stood in the middle of the Garden Gen.3/3. It stood there as a warning and belonged pre-eminently to the Lord God. But Adam stood and considered that God had some hidden agenda that deliberately curtailed his freedom. Thus, evil insinuations arose in his mind and heart to such a great height that he saw God as his enemy and invaded His territory. Hatred began to fester in Adam as a great cancerous growth Rom.8/7. Jehovah had long made preparations by eternal decrees to be reconciled with His foe - though the entire responsibility for this estrangement and bitterness was his alone - for the simple reason that Adam and all who existed in Adam and came from his loins, were always beloved by Him. Holy wrath that fermented against sin, that raged against the destruction of His own handiwork, seemed to work against man, including atrocities, wars, natural disasters, meteorological calamities, plagues, plus the innumerable incidents and circumstances that often bring very grievous mental suffering. All these things seldom bring mankind to repentance, but God Almighty must deal with His creatures by a perfect righteousness that appears to declare the utmost of His ferocious indignation Rom.1/18 etc. God

prepared in secret. For all the prophesies scattered here and there in the O.T. the great invasion was understood by a mere handful. God found a Maiden who became the bridgehead of His glorious enterprise. Her wonderful and crucial assent was vital for His sacred mission. With her own approval the Lord God descended into her womb and from that point His saving advance began. Mary spoke for the whole church of God! Our Second Adam was approved by His Father. The divine voice was heard on the banks of the Jordon attesting all His qualifications with one single statement - "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." Baptised by John, our Second and Last Father Adam, identified Himself with His sinful family Is.9/6: Is.8/18: Is. 53/1O for as our Elder Brother He must fulfil "all righteousness" Rom.8/29: Col.1/15: 1/18: Heb.2 11/12. Already, His will to be baptised declared the substitutional role He had come into the world to play, and although John the Baptist was shaken quite visibly by the appearance of our Lord who stood before him, there was no refusal to baptise Him with the multitudes. John knew that withal the mystery surrounding the One who requested baptism, for Him to be baptised with his baptism of repentance could only mean outward identity. He dipped Himself into the waters for the sole purpose of identifying Himself fully with those who were in need of absolution. Christ admitted no infraction to John, for He was without sin entirely, yet His water baptism intimated His future crisis when He should take upon Himself the entire responsibility of our fallen nature. Likewise every subsequent misdemeanour that His people have committed since, He so readily charged to His own personal account and nailed both corrupt nature and every misdeed to a wooden gallows of interminable torture. Adam atoned for Adam.

From His baptism this "Son of Man" - the Prototype of all men and the One who deliberately substituted Himself for the delinquent human race propagated by the First Adam engaged in an encounter He had never experienced before, and perhaps never encountered in the same degree again until Gethsemane and Golgotha. In the place of Eden, serene, ideal, luxuriant, and a veritable Utopia, there lay before the Second Man a landscape of rough mountains, a bleak uninhabited desert with hard and lofty rocks that had no inviting features, that seemed to frown upon every stranger, while stones and pebbles seemed to have mouths that screeched protests against all intruders who had dared to disturb the sleep of demons. Here was the battle ground. Here Adam was to be tempted once again and under circumstances the most disadvantageous and daunting. In these dire circumstances and in this hazardous location we are well aware that the engagement was the decree of the Saviour Himself. Satan would never have challenged the Son of God himself as if by some stretch of his imagination he could actually entertain the notion of being successful. No. This encounter was ordained. Satan was compelled to comply with the challenge of One who had now adorned Himself with human attire. Even the Saviour was under authority to obey the will of His Father, and He went by the Holy Spirit who drove Him Mk.1/12. Christ Jesus, the "Son of Man," the "Seed of the woman:" Gen.3/15, therefore "the Son of Adam" - though totally free from all Adamic degradation - had imposed upon Himself a forty day fast. When He was most vulnerable, with His physical strength almost gone, and in order that He might

prevail, not by His Godhead, but rather by His innate Manhood, the Tempter was allowed to approach and slyly suggest to Him that He convert stones into bread. Bodily appetite for illicit promotion was the proud aboriginal disobedience that was the prime reason of all our human sorrows and spiritual pain. In spite of His divinity it was no easy thing for Him to resist, otherwise the temptation would have been without any authenticity, and, to all intents and purposes, useless for promoting His great worthiness. Next, Satan had the power to change the landscape in a moment of time from a howling wilderness to an enchanting place that represented the world with it's empires, governments, places of breathtaking beauty, together with wonders of nature, historic scenes of great importance, and a multitude of sacred spots that Christ would remember during the pilgrimage of His own people. It was offered to Him by Satan who had abused his angelic authority, usurped his allocated ministry, assumed a role of dominion which God suffered him to retain, and now believed he had the right to give it to whom he pleased. Jesus Christ could possess everything providing the Lord offered one slight sign of homage, namely, to fall down at his feet and acknowledge his power and glory. Just a momentary bow would disqualify Him from saving a world of men and women who were in love with the world and followed godlessly each trinket and bauble, whose destiny was hell fire. One nonchalant, diffident, unpretentious, and casual, breaking of the first law, was all that was necessary to avoid the unmentionable sufferings of the cross! However the Lord was not fooled by the emptiness of this world and though greatly esteemed by the gross sensuality of Satan’s heart, to His Creator and Lord it was penetrated through and through with worthless vanity. Next - though Matthew probably had the correct

sequence where the second temptation in Luke was the third and last in Matthew - Satan continues in the visionary realm and brings the Temple in Jerusalem before the eyes of Jesus the Lord of the Temple. Quoting scripture - though omitting those words, ”In all thy ways" - the Devil suggests very powerfully that Christ should throw Himself off the pinnacle in a sensational and dramatic manner, for the people would see the miracle, accept Him to be the Messiah, and "His Father's business" involving ignominy and pain would be unnecessary. To support his craft, Satan quoted scripture, "He shall give His angels charge concerning thee, and they shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone" Psm.91 11/12. Once more the justification and outlandish ingenuity of this evil was evident to Jesus. Faith and presumption are distinguished by a very thin line, and presumption must always be a precarious and subtle way of tempting God. God had ordained in the O.T. that His Son, the Messiah of Israel, would triumph not by worldly power, or by worldly wisdom, but by the weakness of human flesh. Christ our Lord knew that this world is a world of naivety, stupidity, plain and hollow superficiality, that ever dominates the mind and heart of all people everywhere, and always means inevitable demolition. Christ came to produce an immortal kingdom in the heavens Luke 17 2O/21: John 18 36/37 and those who are foolishly dreaming of an earthly one will pass away from this world to learn humbly of their very great mistake and grievous error. Jewish notions of a worldly empire will never cease as long as foolish teachers carry on believing Christ came to bring a worldly kingdom into being!


Having resisted "principalities and powers," or systems, empires, and movements belonging to demonic powers Eph.6/12: Col.2/15 the Second Adam began His inimitable and dominant ministry to all Israel, by Word of mouth and healing power, to numerous crowds or private individuals. Three years of ministry both in Galilee and Judea saw an astonishing anomaly among His hearers. Regarded as a Prophet by the poor, the uneducated, and the bulk of population belonging to Galilee and Judea, He was totally rejected by those who considered themselves learned in the law of Moses. To them He had stolen the limelight from the clergy and was daily bringing the Synagogue and Temple worship into disrepute because much that went on in those sacred buildings He trenchantly dismissed as the false worship of hypocrites. He saw the ruling sacerdotal coteries such as the Rabbi's, Priests, and Levites, together with Lawyers, Pharisees, and Sadducees, as possessing a religious grip on human consciences and exploiting them for ungodly gain. Thus, as those three preordained years of ministry sped their course, changes of a very serious nature began to take place, especially when it was clearly seen that the ordinary people wanted Him to become their King! He avoided their mistaken notions of an earthly kingdom by escaping unseen from their midst. But the reigning authorities by this time were dumfounded and puzzled by this extraordinary Adam, who called Himself the "Son of Man." The One true Man was hated! This Adam had come to repair the broken law of God shattered into tiny fragments by the First Adam. In Himself, by thoughts, words, and deeds, this Man fulfilled the law entirely without one single deviation and without the slightest variation. No spot sullied a mind that was white as the driven snow. No blemish


polluted His speech for "never man spake like this Man" Matt.7/29: John7/46. No deed He ever performed was tarnished by human infirmity or by false motive. Was His impeccability capable of pleasing a God who must visit every transgression with severe retribution? Indeed it was capable of making Him immune from universal guilt, for He was alone in His innocence being utterly unfettered from original and inbred sin by the First Adam. No condemnation was His. Withal the assaults upon His untarnished character by the malignant Evil One He was altogether irreproachable before His Holy Father. However, it was for this reason He alone was perfect, for He came into the world not for Himself but to perform the will of His Father Psalm. 4O 7/11 and for the total restoration of His Father's honour and glory - John 8/49. This He did by a virgin birth, by having every root in His human nature uncontaminated, by living without fault in outward works, gestures, words, or deeds. And yet, for all His divine-human holiness, He came for His people, for He saw them in shameful misery, in prisons of guilt, and in vices of infamy. All were helpless to save themselves, all were lost, and all lived in dreadful fear of gentile idolatry, and religious superstition. He alone measured up to all the qualifications required to amend the divine law and restore the divine honour. Jesus Christ was as the Father - "holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners" Heb.7/26 and "was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin" Heb.4/15. Assuredly, there was no one like Him, for He had been prepared long before creation came into existence. But sadly and inevitably, there must be a human satisfaction made to a God whose righteousness must be satisfied. Someone must pay the full price, and only God had the resources. Retribution must descend upon the innocent. It must be paid

by a human, for it was a human being who violated God, desecrated His holy nature, and dragged down into the mire the name of God. Yet no one was suitable, even in the smallest degree, and so the most compassionate Deity, the most tender-hearted nature of the Godhead, was constrained by His grace alone to remove the responsibility of man, by lifting from Him an unsupportable burden that no individual man could carry - save Jesus Christ our Lord, the God-Man, who willingly undertook to assume full accountability for the First Adam and his progeny. Naked Adam fled for cover in the trees of Edom, because He found he was naked, but this Second Adam exposed Himself to the jibes, the blasphemies, the disgust, and the malignity of all who stood around that place of execution - and He was naked as when He came from the womb of His blessed mother! He was naked before God His Father. This meant He was now exposed to judgment. Crucified Adam was in the Dock! Adam now absconded Himself from the celestial bench to the place of condemnation and without reservation pleaded "Guilty" before the manifold Judges of official ecclesiastical powers, the imperial realm of angelic hierarchies, and above all, before the Father who conceived the stupendous drama of "Redemption" long before creation began! Wrath had come upon Him to the uttermost. He never complained or protested to either God nor man. He dare not speak to defend Himself when He was outrageously abused during His counterfeit trial of unspeakable injustice. He "opened not His mouth" Is.53/7 - and refused to condemn His Judge or jury for this very reason, He knew His divinely commissioned role! His Father had destined Him to become

the "Sinner above all Sinners," and for this reason He would not defend Himself against charges that were so evidently false. How could He save the world containing sinful humanity if He endeavoured to protect Himself from capitol punishment when He knew very well that only by His death humanity could be saved? He interposed Himself between the grave consequences of a broken law and a God who intended to curse all, with no distinction of rank; no differences in religion; and no variations in behaviour! Could God be blamed? God forbid! Responsibility belongs solely to Adam the First, and to those who have added unto the initiating infamy that entered into the race of human species. Christ volunteered from the love of His eternal heart to undergo a process by which Man could reverse the pronounced curse Gal.3/1O: 3/13 and He alone, the Second Adam, could perform this monumental feat by the union of divinity and humanity. Therefore He was silent before an ecclesiastical court and the representative of Roman legislation. His silence, though seemingly offering evidence to His accusers of His guilt, nevertheless bore witness to His innocence from the human standpoint. From a human standpoint the courts were guilty, and Christ was guiltless of every accusation laid against Him. He must be innocent and the Jews and Romans must be guilty indeed of His death Acts 2/23: 2/36. Still, here is the crucial principle of this supreme farce, and the perennial drama in the history of every legal prosecution - the Father judged the Son to be guilty, and the Son agreed unreservedly in the verdict! Only by the cross can pernicious, depraved, and abandoned, sinners, be saved. Jesus Christ must offer Himself as guilty, though the Father was fully aware of His innocence, and made it perfectly clear that He would receive nothing but innocence. Even so, the Father attributed to His only Son,

the character of a sinner blameworthy, degenerate, corrupt, polluted - in every way as Adam the First became when he ate that forbidden fruit with such fatal consequences. Hanging on two planks of wood, held aloft by cruel nails, racked with pain, exposed to jibes, jeers, insults, aspersions, and every crude and coarse lie human ingenuity could invent, this Second Adam was the victim of divine vengeance. Under the heat of a midday sun, withal nature groaning in sympathy with this great permutation of divine wisdom and justice, the innocent Lamb of God was now spiritually and supernaturally transformed into a victim of eternal magnitude and infinite dimensions. "God forsaken of God" was the comment of Martin Luther when he struggled to understand all the issues that belonged to the atonement. God's life always included a cross but now the whole world of rational beings will know that God entered into human suffering as only the Godhead could. No individual can ever accuse the Almighty with immunity from suffering as though He was indifferent or casually disposed towards it. His dear Son - as Isaac in the hands of Abraham on Mount Moriah conformed to all the points of the law, allowed Himself to be judged falsely by men, judged correctly by God, and finally trusted in His mercy. Broken law had been mended. God has now been appeased. His honour is restored, and His beloved Jesus Christ "restored that which He took not away" Psm.69/4. At the cost of excruciating agony, God, in some inexplicable program, banished His Son into that affluent "Far Country," a country that harboured prodigals, nourished them while they were viable, and then abandons them when they become a nuisance by begging or borrowing! On the day of "Atonement" Lev.16 a strange ritual was enacted. Aaron received two goats. Lots were cast in order

to detect which one must die and which one should live. Having cast the lots upon both goats, the lot which fell upon the goat that belonged to the Lord in a peculiar sense, was ordained for death. From this goat Aaron would take the blood into the Holy Place and with his index finger sprinkle the blood upon the mercy seat situated above the Ark of the Covenant. Again, with his finger, Aaron would sprinkle the blood upon the ground before the Ark seven times. Before him was then brought the living goat, upon whose head were placed his two hands. Then Aaron confessed to Jehovah all the iniquities of the twelve tribes of Israel, and in so doing loaded them totally upon the living goat, which was then banished into the wilderness by the hand of a strong guide. Such a strange ceremony would have been inscrutable to Israel had it not been for the original blood sacrifice offered by Abel in Genesis chapter four. Even so, only the dawning of the Christian church two thousand years ago fully displayed the spiritual meaning. Those two goats represented the Lord Jesus Christ. It was the immutable decree of God the Father that His Son should bear the iniquities of the whole world John 1/29. Therefore the lot of death fell upon the first goat. It was the blood of this goat that purified and reconciled the sanctuary with all rites and rituals. Transferring the trespasses of Israel to the second goat was a portrayal of Christ on a Roman gibbet of execution and receiving upon His body the full toll of our guilt. As for the driving of this sin-laden goat into a barren, bleak, and sun-scorched wilderness, it illustrated the burial of Christ, His banishment from the world, His place with the wicked in hell, and the hidden face of God Almighty. He had become the Scapegoat, and the One who alone qualified by His innocence. He had become a substitute for all - as the ram caught in the shrubbery on Mount Moriah became the

substitute for Isaac when his father was about to plunge his knife into the heart of his only begotten son. But with Christ there was a return from the intolerable desert. A second decree went forth from the Father that His Son should never see corruption Psm.16/1O. He called unto Him after a three day and night period, saying, "Thou art my Son this day have I begotten thee" Psm.2/7. And so, the Son came forth from the tomb and from the world of Hades to prove that He is the Son of the living God Rom.1/4. His Father revealed Him openly as the true Messiah who had triumphed over death and the grave, together with regions of the universe where principalities and powers appear to reign Col.2/15. This clarion call into the realm of decay and death, to revive the Holy Body was similar to the spreading of Elijah over the son of the widow belonging to Zarephath. Three times he went and lowered himself over the body of the boy, and each time cried unto the Lord God until his spirit returned. Likewise, and perhaps even more significantly, Elisha visited the son of the Shunammite woman who had been brought back from the fields, then died with a sunstroke complaint. Elisha went to him as he lay upon the bed. He closed the door behind him. After praying to God he rose and performed the same ritual as Elijah, but he only covered the body with his own on two occasions. Both times; his eyes; his mouth; and hands were pressed down upon the eyes, mouth, and hands, that belonged to the boy. The first time, the flesh of the boy became warm, and the second time the boy sneezed seven times then opened his eyes. Do we not have here a figure of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, when the Father, through the Holy Spirit, came down upon that blessed body, spread Himself over the whole corpse and resuscitated all

His mental and physical properties? Let us admire greatly the tender love of our Heavenly Father when we see that in this Shunammite son the resurrection of Christ is shown so beautifully and graphically? Blessed are those who discern! A Second Adam, received back from the dead, the King of all Kings and Lord of all Lord's, is now justified from all those vile and villainous accusations that caused the Son of Man to suffer, with sufferings unimaginable from those who had little or no sensible feelings of their own. The Prisoner has now come from the dock of judgment a New Man with no defamations against His Character. His justification promoted by His Father is the justification of all His people, for who will now lay anything to their charge? Rom.8 3O/31. His resurrection is His acquittal. No longer does He bear a great mountain of iniquity. He came forth without one allegation surviving. So shall He appear at His second advent. His Majesty, flaming with love for His own, and tender pity for those who once refused Him, will testify to all mankind that He was "Worthy!"