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01/05/2008 Volume 2 Issue 1

Presentations for Nagel School Year 2008
The whole family can get involved as Nagel School Lead the way!
Wow... You been a your hats off to our young divers! Here’s a photo seeing BCDA through our Well its have to takewhole year... Congratulations onof Gemma Francis joining in a course first year in business. of diving here in great company... With her class mates... We could not have done it without you! A whole year group of Nagel School took the plunge to get wet and enrolled on a full weeks course learning to We’re going to take dive anywhere around theto display at the endof aour bestonbitsofand special moments in this dive to obtain their licenses to the opportunity world! All that some of school day top the usual homework—thankfully they invited some of the teachers along shared in too so they could experience issue that we’ve to get involved our Ist Year..... exactly what it takes to achieve the recognition. Now, for them, School Outings have a whole new meaning as they continue to dive and develop their experience by just simply DIVING enjoying the Fish and Coral life we have off this coast. WELL DONE From ALL the TEAM here at BCDA.

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Opening their Eyes Wedded Bliss

Dive Vacations We Couldn’t do it without You!
Master Scuba Diver Challenge Courses for Fishermen DIVE TRIPS Servicing Your Gear.. Get in Early

Who’s New, Products Hollis Gear Con Ed;Night Diving Look at this Package! Need New Gear?

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Check this Out!

The Boss Diving Web Cam required Too!
More Sunken Treasure The Sound of Wedding Bells Star Performance

Air Cards, Ezibuy, Wetsuits to suit you... Winter Dives

Luxury Dive Trip, Events... Meet the Dive Crew
2008 Wall of FAME

Wall of Fame

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Opening their Eye’s to the Spectacular Abrolhos Islands; Here at BCDA; Erica our instructor
made sure all eye’s were fully open as all were introduced to the splendours of our Island Treasures. WEDDED BLISS....James and Michelle.... Married in idyllic setting. If you didn’t get to come to the combined Hen and Stag Night here is a photo of the setting provided for their special was truly a Beautiful occasion

We know how to Party!
UP & COMING DIVE VACATIONS What’s on ....and coming up.... Did you miss out? .... Make sure you don’t miss the next trip that we have going out to the Abrolhos. If you are still up for a Winter set of Dives we can ensure we provide catering for all your needs on one of our DIVE TRIPS that we have planned. Come on in and get diving the clear waters that come with seasonal dives are some of the best experiences you can have!

Courses for Cray fishermen Cray season kicked off to a Great Start! We were kept busy ensuring all equipment servicing And runs to the islands were buzzing—even Learning to Dive to ensure all could make the most of the Season ahead!

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Who’s New in the Shop?

Megan one of our Crew ..can Talk..... Discussion’s on her familiarity with all the latest gear and toy’s available on the shop floor poses the opportunity for all our divers to introduce to you under her power of persuasion Sharky’s Special Deals’ each month... Just for you! So watch out each week for all the latest news! As this month has already availed some tremendous product offers; with Sharky on your side ;Spear Guns gave some great discount for all those would be hunters.... As Megan says;....... This months offers have included some great deals; from wetsuits, rash vests - to equipment that suit all your diving will all love to access all the accessories you require for your future dives , be it from staying warm on a Night Dive or the torchlight to see the colours of the fish life... What’s in store next? We have something... whatever your next adventure!!! ‘Sharky’ will offer us to continuing supporting your needs down under

Featuring In Store Gear

V16 Fins

Geo Wrist computer

Torch Pack (Special Offer!) Surface Marker Buoys & Lift Bags Super Stretch 5mm Suits See 2 Mask & Ultra Dry Snorkel


Oceanic’s new Hollis range of Technical Dive Equipment is now here, Pop in and have a look at Tristan’s new set-up. Anyone would think it is Christmas—the all new technical harnesses has got all our deeper divers excited. With a range of technical equipment diving at depth is made simpler more streamlined and comfortable. Providing the lift loads you require. Technical specifications to suit all your diving needs. Continue your Education...

Do your Deep & Wreck Diver Courses this Winter!
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CONTINUING EDUCATION With the clear waters and darker evenings drawing near we are going to continue to maximise making the most of NIGHT DIVING our diving! By diving at night you’ll find that it is the perfect time to see some wonderful life. With the early evening’s introduction to train on our initial shore dives before jumping in for a great Adventure diving off the boat. We will be availing some great dives here at BCDA - you can be confident and comfortable with the right knowledge, training and equipment that you will be reassured that you will discover selecting to dive at night can provide you with some great experiences ... You’ll love it just as much as we do! As it offers one of our favourite times to dive; at night the photographs can prove it... Awesome!

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Why not select to combine Specialties from the huge menu we have on offer; Specialty Photography combined with Night diving where you experience specialised training with our on site heated indoor pool to assist your comfort whilst making for some awe inspiring Adventures. Night Diver Courses start from as little as $299-00 inc of materials... So why not contact us for more details to join in the fun!If you prefer the idea of day dives we still have lots going on to entice your taste for Adventure. Come in and see for yourself and select an appetiser... We have lots of courses to wet your appetite from our SERVICE MENU. The choice is yours ... Get qualified ...we have it all your JOURNEY AWAITS!!!!

The Boss Caught Diving too!!!
Yep... We all went on a great trip... Recently. We knew we were onto a good not one to miss out on the fun... the boss joined in too! Great dives, great company, great food and most importantly some great images captured by our divers the camera lens included this one of the rare ‘Tristan Fish’ only seen occasionally when circumstances allow.

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Do You Need to Set Yourself Up with Some GEAR?
Yep... Oceanic have done us proud again and are allowing us to provide you with a new set up at a great price ... Isn’t it time to upgrade to a new level... Look no further....

Look at his this Package....

Tristan maintains keeping some great specials—we like to look after all our divers and keep them happy doing what they like best ; DIVING in COMFORT!!! Diving is an equipment intensive sport if you’ve not had your gear updated, serviced or replaced... Remember this: Your ‘EQUIPMENT is your LIFE SUPPORT when diving beneath our wonderful Ocean’s so ensure you remain safe! Maintain your experience with High Quality Well Maintained Serviced Equipment. Nothing like an equipment failure or breakage where you’ll miss out on Saving Your Dive. With ‘Save a Dive Kit’ you can have Spares and repair kits we have the tools to assist you all sustain your stay in and under the Ocean on your Dives. Happy Safe Diving always guaranteed with the assistance, training and experience from our knowledgeable Crew provided within our Safe, Fun, Professional Dive Environment here at your very own BCDA

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Air Cards
Pay for your next air fills up front and we’ll provide Air for free ; Air Cards provide all our divers to have the opportunity to get more for their money. Buy 10 up front and we’ll provide two for free. It’s that Simple; Pay for your air fills we’ll do the rest... We draw up a card—so every time you come in for an air fill we’ll draw we simply stamp your card with our very own smiley every time you dive.. Easy hey!

Talking of taking things easy... Ezi - Buy!?
Avails our local community of divers to get all their new gear immediately. With a finance accredited based on your weekly commitments you don’t have to wait before you can afford the New Set Ups. See Tristan in store for some great deal packages and access the latest equipment on offer to keep you safe and diving. Planning Ahead for A Luxury Dive Trip Get ahead and plan for your dive trip with us.... YES we are going up to Broome in November onboard Odyssey a repeat performance of a great thing demand!!! to enable you to dive the Rowley Shoals.... A Luxury trip of a lifetime. Start saving now for a weeks worth of diving within the company of your friendly dive facility. We at BCDA love the company we keep and so do you - so come and join us on this trip to dive the pristine reefs... Inclusive of air fills, food non -alcoholic beverage in air conditioned cabins You’ll not be disappointed we have your diving needs catered for and can provide hire gear or better yet offer our onsite professional assistance for you to own your equipment from scratch according to your diving needs. We are now taking deposits to ensure confirming your reservation onboard.

Winter Dives

Will get Snapped UP!!!!!

Yes we continue to provide winter dives to the glassy waters of the Abrolhos Islands... Thankfully we have fantastic visibility this time of year out on a three day charter ;coming up ...starting with the holidays ... For July & August ! only just a few spots and they will rapidly get snapped up so be quick and get in early for what will be some awesome dives... If you missed out this time we are already booking for our September/October trips offering the best of what the Abrolhos has to offer can you afford to wait any longer? See what’s on your own doorstep... But sshhh it’s a great well kept secret :-). Page 6

Wall of Fame March/April 2008

Congratulations; Alyce, Lucy, Allan, Luke, Roland, Zane, Jason, Vicki, Lynette, Verona, Thayer, Jayne and Ben Nagel Staff & Students!!!! Junior Divers; Jake, Blair and Jacob, Jack Congratulations; Bernie, Michael, Gary, John and Robert Congratulations: Robert and John, Jayne and Ben qualifying in Night and Limited Visibility. Congratulations; Cathy, Ian, Ben and Jayne !

Since our last recruits we now have an up and coming course planned for the winter season ahead... Watch this space! Congratulations; John, Angela, Danni & Mark! Congratulations to Mark Gray on qualifying in your first Professional Level! Welcome; To Our New Crew Members Dave and Levah in training for their Dive Con Role.
Planning to do your Open Water here are some dates to consider; 9th, 10th 11th 17th 18th May (Weekend Course) or 23rd, 24th, 25th &31st May+1st June (Weekend Course.) 3rd - 6th June (Block course), 9th - 12th (Block course) 13th, 14th 15th, 21st 22nd June (Weekend Course), 4th 5th 6th &12th 13th July (Weekend Course). 25th,26th, 27th July&+ 2nd 3rd Aug (Weekend Course).
Contact info:
Batavia Coast Dive Academy 153 Marine Terrace Geraldton WA 6530 Phone: 08 9921 4229 Fax: 08 9964 2229 E-mail: Web: Opening Hours Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Saturday 8.00 am to 2.00 pm Sundays10.00m to 12.00 pm (Subject to weather)

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