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					Houston medical negligence Medical errors result in up to 98,000 deaths every year according to the Institute of Medicine; the Journal of the American Medical Association reports 225,000 fatalities annually as a result of medical mistakes. Regardless of which number is correct, the fact remains that too many families are destroyed and too many lives are affected by medical negligence. If you were injured or if a loved one suffered a wrongful death due to medical malpractice, please contact a Texas medical malpractice attorney </CM/Custom/Contact.asp> at the Debes Law Firm for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. In a medical negligence lawsuit, Texas law permits victims and/or the survivors to recover losses from the responsible parties for injuries sustained as a result of the negligence of a healthcare provider. We have the experience required to evaluate complicated medical issues and determine if you or a loved one was the victim of medical malpractice. If so, we are committed to protecting your rights and obtaining all of the damages to which you are entitled. What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice is generally an action involving carelessness on the part of physicians or other health care providers. It is a violation of an accepted standard of care recognized by medical boards, associations, clinics, and hospitals. Many of the injuries that occur are the result of time constraints placed on the healthcare providers and can include medication errors like prescribing excessive doses of medicine or the wrong medication; emergency room errors and surgical errors such as treating or performing surgery on the wrong limb or organ, or failing to remove surgical tools at the end of surgery; and failing to properly treat bed sores in a nursing home. There are many types of claims related to medical malpractice. Generally, a person must show that the medical provider violated a duty owed to the patient which resulted in injury. At the Debes Law Firm, we will put our dedication and experience to work on your behalf. While we are skilled at representing plaintiffs in all types of medical negligence cases, we have particular knowledge and proficiency in complications arising from: Gastric bypass and reduction surgery Birth injury Failure to diagnose cancer Infiltrated IV cases Pressure sores Nursing home abuse and neglect If you have been injured as a result of a medical procedure and believe healthcare negligence was the root cause of your injuries, we encourage you to contact our Texas medical malpractice attorneys </CM/Custom/Contact.asp> about a possible claim. We

provide experienced, personal, and dedicated legal assistance to fully assist you in the event of injury.

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