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									Single Equality Scheme 2009-2012
Consultation on the working draft September-October 2009 When developing our draft Single Equality Scheme, we wanted not only to ensure that it would help us to fulfil our public sector duties to promote equality, but that it would also fully support the achievement of our vision, mission and strategic plan 2008-2012. The goals and outcomes have been prepared deliberately to align closely with our strategic vision and plan. We are committed to ensuring that our Single Equality Scheme is outcome-focused: that is, we want to make sure that it genuinely helps to promote equality and good relations between different groups of staff and students, and that it helps to ensure that discrimination and harassment are eliminated at the University. The aim of the Scheme is to embed the principles of equality, diversity, respect and fair treatment into all that we do. We do not want to create new processes or layers of accountability or bureaucracy: rather, we want to embed equality into the processes and activities that are already in place. We want to create a culture where diversity is respected, and all our staff and students have the same opportunities to achieve their full potential here at the University of Stirling. It is with these principles in mind that we began to draft the Single Equality Scheme 2009-2012. The Scheme is still very much a working document. There are elements that still need to be written, and which we cannot finalise until we have involved staff and students and analysed their input and feedback. Therefore, we would now like to gather feedback on the draft from our staff and students. We hope that you will take this opportunity to become involved in the development of the Scheme whilst it is still in draft, and thus have a real input into the equality goals, outcomes and actions for the University for the period 2009-2012. We would welcome your feedback on any aspect of the Scheme, but in order to help guide your response, we have set out a number of questions below. Question 1: Are the five goals for equality (page 8) the right ones to ensure that we successfully promote equality, diversity and good relations? Are there any others that we should include?


Question 2: Are the 13 outcomes (pages 8-14) the right ones? Will these lead to the achievement of the goals, and to us being able to effectively promote equality for all our staff and students and throughout our main functions?

Question 3: Are the objectives that underpin the outcomes the right ones? Are there any others that we should include, or are there any that you disagree with?

Question 4: What specific actions could the University do you think the University needs to take to achieve any or all of the outcomes in the Scheme?


Question 5: Have you experienced any particular equality issues or barriers to fair treatment at the University? If so, please let us know, and please suggest what you think the University could do to tackle these issues or remove the barriers.

Question 6: What specifically could the University consider doing to:

a) Reduce the University’s gender pay gap (outcome 4). b) Provide our students with good awareness of equality issues and their and
the University’s rights and responsibilities in respect of the promotion of equality and the prevention of discrimination and harassment (outcome 6).

c) Provide robust support and advice to students on equality matters other
than disability e.g. gender discrimination; racism; homophobia (outcome 8).

d) Ensure that barriers to participation and progression in the research
application and assessment process are removed, and equality of access and opportunity is promoted (outcome 9)

e) Actively promote the University to potential staff and students from underrepresented groups (outcome 13)


Any additional comments?

Further involvement
Would you like to be involved in the future development of the University’s work to promote equality and to tackle unfair discrimination and harassment? If you would us to contact you when we are consulting on equality issues in future, please provide your name and contact details. We will only retain your details for the purposes set out above, and will not share them with any external organisations. Name: Email address: Alternative contact details: Staff/student (please delete as appropriate)

How to respond
You can reply to this consultation by answering the questions above and emailing/posting your response to the Policy and Governance Officer, room 4B44, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling or by emailing Alternatively, you can submit an anonymous response by submitting your feedback via the equality comments box on the equality and diversity website Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution.


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