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Waterhill Farm by lonyoo


									Waterhill Farm

CONSIGNMENT BOARD Consignment board rate is $600 per month paid at the beginning of the month. The first month will not be prorated if the horse sells with in 30 days. The following month will be prorated depend on the sale date. Consignment board payment policy applies to consignment horses. SALE DATE Sale Date is the date the check clears Waterhill Farm bank account. TRIAL A trial is offered on all consignment sale horses. Waterhill Farm trial agreement policy applies. TRUCKING Trucking expense for the pick up of the sale horse is $2 mile. Once the sale horse is in Waterhill Farm possession the trucking is Waterhill responsibility. PHOTOS & VIDEO Photos and video will be done when Waterhill Farm feels the sell horse is ready for advertising. Photo and video fee is $40. COMMSSION Waterhill Farm received 15% commission of the sell price agreed upon by the seller and Waterhill Farm. The check for the sale of the horse will be written out to Waterhill Farm. Once the check clears Waterhill Farm bank account (10 business days) a check will be issued to the prior horse owner for the sale price minus the 10% commission, and any other unpaid services and fees.

BLACKSMITH/ VET: Waterhill Farm will use our Blacksmith and vet if needed at the owners expense. Any injuries will be treated by Waterhill’s vet, expense of the owner. COGINS & PAPERS A current cogins is required, if the horse does not have a current cogins Waterhill Farm will have a cogins drawn at the owners expense. Cogins fee $50. A photocopy of the paper will come with the sale horse. Once the sale is complete the papers will be sent to Waterhill Farm to than be forwarded to new owner. YES YES NO NO “To the owners knowledge does the consignment horse come with any prior injuries that could prevent the horse from passing a vetting?” Please explain accident & date. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ “Does the consignment horse come with clean x rays?”

Horse owner signature: _____________________________ Address: _________________________________________ Contact # ________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________ Drivers License # ____________________________ Date: ________________ Seller signature: _______________________________ Maryann Hurtubise / Jackie Hitt Date: _________________

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