Reading Logs and Accelerated Reader Books by pptfiles


									Reading Logs and Accelerated Reader Books
We started our Accelerated Reader (AR) program last week. We call our AR time Reading Renaissance. Our Reading Renaissance time is from 8:30 to 9:00 each morning and 30 more minutes sometime during the day. The children are reading and testing during these times. Your child will have two AR books checked out at all times. One is a classroom AR book (usually a paperback) and one is a library AR book (usually a hard cover.) They will read these books and then take a test on the computer. **Your child should be able to read and take a test on a short book (usually a 0.5 point book) each day. Even if your child is reading a chapter book, they can read a short book during AR time and test on it. Your child is only to read one chapter book at the time. They should test on the book they are reading before starting another one. We have found that reading two chapter books at the same time can sometimes confuse the child when they go to take a test on the computer. We try to get them to alternate books by reading a classroom book, then a library book, then back to a classroom book and so on. Each night your child should bring home an AR book. Their yellow log should be in their homework folder. Your child should read at least 15 minutes in the book. This is usually ample time to complete a short book. You will then sign the yellow log beside the book verifying your child read to you or read the book on his/her own for homework. Please do not fill in any other spaces beside the book and only sign beside the book your child read that night. **Getting their AR log signed each night is a homework assignment. Also any book that goes home needs to come back the next day with your child. They cannot get another book to take home until they return the book they left home. After your child has read his/her book, please ask some questions to see if they really understand what they have read. This will help you determine if they need to read the book over.

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