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Happy Birthday__

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									16 Rowley Avenue Nepean, ON K2G 1L9 613.723.7936

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- Spring 2008 -

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The End of an Era- pg. 2 The Dollhouse Story- Pg. 2 Historical Books & Docs- Pg. 4 Poppy Plaque Continues- Pg. 5 Animation Collection- Pg. 6 Behind the Badge- Pg. 7 Nepean's Historical Peerage-Pg.10

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Happy Birthday!!
You are cordially invited to attend the Nepean Museum’s “Mad Hatter” Tea Party to celebrate the occasion of our 25th Birthday at 2pm at the Nepean Museum, 16 Rowley Ave. on Sunday June 1st, 2008. There will be tea, sandwiches, scones, confections, fun, frolic and prizes for best hats. Please bring a friend! R.S.V.P by Friday May 30th (613) 7237936 and book your place at either the 2:00 or 3:00 pm sitting.

New Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 10am – 5pm Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-4pm Holidays: 10am-5pm


The End of an Era
D. Aubrey Moodie, the “father” of Nepean passed away on May 17th of this year at the age of 99. There were some 400 people at his funeral held at Bell’s Corner’s United Church, representing the political “who’s who” of Nepean. Mr. Moodie was the Museum’s inaugural recipient of the “Celebrating Nepean’s Best” award held at the Museum on May 27th of last year. There were 200 people on hand then to pay homage to the man credited with bringing Nepean back from the brink of extinction in the 1950’s after another amalgamation by Ottawa saw Nepean’s prominent “Westboro” district (including our Town Hall!) absorbed. Mr. Moodie’s contributions to Nepean will still be felt for generations. His many “behind the scenes” efforts saw deal after deal struck in the best interests of Nepean. His legacies include the QueenswayCarleton Hospital and Algonquin College to name but two.

Place on September 12, 1998 to celebrate their 90th Birthdays and their 65th wedding anniversary. Mr. Moodie, his life, his times and his memories will live on in a special display celebrating his legacy at the Nepean Museum later this year.

Mr. Moodie is pictured here with his wife, Ella on the occasion of a special tribute held at Ben Franklin ____________________________________________________________________________________

The Joyce Guilbeault Dollhouse Story
Many of us have passions. We might be

passionate about gardening, collecting, automobiles or aircraft – big things. Some people like to imitate life – in miniature. Joyce Guilbeault, from Bells Corners, Nepean,

began a passion of her own in 1981. It started “small” enough, but grew into a lavish and accurately appointed dollhouse, complete with functioning lights, a working music box, hardwood flooring,


3 handcrafted petti-point oriental rugs and even miniature portraits of her family hung on the walls of the rooms. Joyce’s passion is genuinely unique. She wanted to challenge herself and set out to build all of the home and contents from scratch. She succeeded. Many collectors will purchase the contents of a dollhouse, piece by piece or in kits for a specific room. Joyce only did this for a few items in some of the rooms, as she couldn’t very well mold and fire a miniature ceramic sink without a significant investment. It is rare that someone chooses to part with a passion. A few years ago, through a friend of hers, Joyce decided it was time to share her passion with others. Her friend, Helen Cook, knowing that the Nepean Museum would serve as a faithful and capable custodian of the dollhouse, agreed to take it in to share Joyce’s passion with everyone. Since that generous donation, the dollhouse has been visited by hundreds of children of all ages. During its tenure in the care of the Nepean Museum, it has also traveled to the Centrepointe Library for a six month visit, to elevate the profile of the Museum and to share with library patrons, her passion. The dollhouse has once more been lovingly packed up and is now on view on the concourse level of the Nepean Sportsplex, just a stairway or two away from the Nepean Visual Arts Centre. The dollhouse is indeed visual. A splendid shade of sunshine yellow, it is under glass and well illuminated in the corridor for all to see the details of life in miniature as presented by Joyce Guilbeault, miniature artist from Nepean.

Here, Carolyn Wells, education officer and Sarah Forsyth, collections manager add the finishing touches to the dollhouse before it gets “sealed” within it’s large Plexiglas enclosure. It takes almost 2 hours to set up all the rooms with three people and 200 different miniatures.

Brock Gerrard, our contract collections manager proves that you’re never too old to play with dolls! Kidding Brock! Mr. Gerrard was hired on a term of employment to assist us with expediting the backlog of collections materials for the Wersch and Hydro Collections.



“Rolls Royce” Historical Items now on view at the Nepean Museum
High-end, high caliber items of historic value relevant to a Township, a City or a historical figure from Nepean are those items that we most often crave to share with visitors. When an occasion like the Nepean Museum’s 25th anniversary season arrives, we are delighted that hidden treasures that are in the care of our collegial institutions are loaned to us for all to see. Such is the case with the featured items in this article that will be on loan to us from the City of Ottawa Archives. These items that will arrive in late May of this year, right in time for our 25th Anniversary Tea on Sunday, June 1, 2008, are objects of this high-end historic caliber.

Nation’s Capital is from Nepean? It is the Nepean Township Council Minute book, beginning in January, 1836. The elegant writing surrenders the names of many of Nepean earliest and most prominent families and their status and standing as elected officials. Imagine how hard it was in 1836 to hold a Municipal election! This elegant bound minute book will also be joined by its brother, a bound edition of Nepean Township’s minute book from January 21, 1867 (the year of Confederation) to May 21, 1874. Hand written records are what historians call “primary documentation” – they are unquestionably authentic original records of a community’s historic identity. This is why autographs are such a popular form of collectible – they PROVE that someone famous (or infamous!) was once here. When they pass away, so too does the possibility of ever securing another original signature, making them more desirable in the collectibles marketplace.

Detail of the recently restored Nepean Township Minute Book beginning in January 1836. Ottawa oldest municipal record is from Nepean! Did you know that the OLDEST surviving official Municipal record in the 4

Detail of the red binding of Nepean’s 1867 minute book, the year of Confederation. These will be on view in time for tea June 1st! This is also why Municipal minute books are priceless historical

5 documents. They contain the handwritten record, the essence of proof that “we were once here” and “this is what we did.” March 5, 1876. This historic document will also accompany this special display. What still stands at the corners of Richmond and Churchill Avenues today? The end product of Harmer’s tender, which we now all know, love and embrace as the Churchill Seniors Centre, once Nepean’s Town Hall from 1876 until 1950. Today, as evidenced by an original “job posting” for a tender for the construction of the Nepean Town Hall of 1876, issued by F. W. Harmer, Clerk for the township of Nepean, on Many of the actions of the elected officials of the 1800’s are still with us today.


The Scotiabank sponsored Poppy Plaque Program is still going strong. To date, the Nepean Museum’s Board of Trustees and Staff have personally thanked over 800 Veterans for their service and sacrifice. In addition, we have been to 20 Nepean Senior’s Retirement Homes to ensure the participation of those men and women who reside there who are

entitled to receive a Poppy Plaque. Remember, if you are a Veteran who currently resides in Nepean, or lived here in years previous, you are eligible to receive one. To orders yours, as a registrant or as a spouse, please contact any member of the Museum staff at 613723-7936.




Apple Blossom Quilt Raffle

Donated to the Nepean Museum by quilter Sue Elder, a long time member of the Quilter’s Guild, this Queen sized double appliqué quilt has a value of $1,365.00. Tickets are available at the Nepean Museum for only $2.00 each. The draw will be held on December 31, 2008, and would make for a lovely New Year’s Gift!


Rare Animation Collections at the Nepean Museum
We’re proud to share with you the first of several special displays during this, our 25th anniversary season. This exhibition is in partnership with Disada Productions, a local animation company now in its third decade. Disada was a pioneer in Canada’s animation industry. Their former clients include Sesame Street, Yoplait, Ford Canada and even two original DISADA Polydor records characters much beloved by kids in the On view until 1970's an 1980's were June 20th of this "Winnie Witch and the year, The Giant Potato. 6

Nepean Museum is playing host to “HOW A CARTOON IS MADE”. This colourful exhibition shows the many production steps involved in making a classical cartoon film. Original character designs, animation drawings, backgrounds, storyboards and other production steps are currently on view. A special station designed for the kids permits them an opportunity to try their hand at tracing cartoons on a commercial light table. Disada produced Canada’s first newspaper comic strip to be a daily black and white and a color weekend feature. The characters, Winnie Witch and the Giant Potato will be familiar to readers of the now defunct Ottawa Daily newspaper, “Ottawa Today.”

7 The conveners for the exhibition are Peter Adamakos, the founder of Disada Productions and Brittany Miller, a recent graduate from the Advertising Program of Algonquin College’s Faculty of Arts, Media and Design program. The Nepean Museum is open

Also on view for your enjoyment are classic Hollywood Cartoons, showing vintage artwork, merchandising and publicity of famous characters from Disney, Warner Bros and other studios. There are rare animation-related items for sale, including original production cells and drawings and other popular original movie posters, buttons, books, figurines and more.

Front cover of original 1931 edition of "Mickey Mouse Adventures" Walt Disney Publications. Rare, DISADA Collection.

Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. Weekends 1pm to 4pm. Holidays 10am to 5pm.

Admission is free. Please visit our website to see other exciting projects planned for the 2008 season. www.nepeanmuseum.on.ca ___________________________________________________________________________________

“Sneak Peek” of the Gus Wersch Police Collection Currently on View.
When retired Nepean Police Chief E. Gus Wersch attended a special event at the Nepean Museum held on May 27th of last year in celebration of the life and career of D. Aubrey Moodie, long considered to be the “father” of Nepean, he was moved by the event to realize that the Nepean Museum would prove to be the logical repository of his personal Police archives and collection of Nepean Police memorabilia.

What makes this collection special and even more rare, is that it contains many original and ONLY surviving examples of the rank and career of a Police Chief for a popular municipality which, due to amalgamation, no longer exists. In the last several months of


8 2007 and into the deep snows of the winter of early 2008, Gus Wersch penned a 200+ page autobiography that chronicles his career beginning as a young Ontario Provincial Police Constable until his retirement as Nepean’s Chief of Police in 1988. titled “Behind The Badge” the working title of Mr. Wersch’s autobiography. The Nepean Museum is always seeking to enrich its historical collection with objects, items, artifacts and documents relevant to Nepean’s unique history. We were after all, the birthplace of Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital. If we can be of assistance to you in learning more about objects in your family’s possession, by all means, please feel free to contact Museum Curator Dan Hoffman at (613) 723-7936. This is YOUR Nepean Museum, how may we help you?

The Trustees and Staff of the Nepean Museum are deeply indebted to Gus Wersch for taking hundreds of hours of his retirement to document the objects and items now in our care. It is his wish and ours, that we share them with you, dear Visitor. This sneak peek of a larger and more thematically developed display planned for mid 2008 has been __________________________________________________________________

“Vintage” Nepean Bell Pennant.

Limited Edition Collectible

now available!

Ideal for your Nepean-based business, a former resident of our fair City or a good luck charm for sports teams from Nepean, this felt white on green pennant embraces the official colours and Bell emblem of Nepean. Made IN NEPEAN by the SAM Group on Colonnade Road. Price each $7.50. Measures (tassel end to tip) 20” long by 7” height. Show your love for our former City while supporting the historic Nepean Museum during our 25th Anniversary season. Order yours today at Nepean Museum (613) 723-7936.


Ottawa Senators Foundation
At the Nepean Museum’s Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, May 21st of this year, we were privileged to host Danielle Robinson,

Director of Communications & Community Relations with the Ottawa Senators Foundation. One of the Foundation’s principal interests is Roger’s House, the caring and support residence for children. Ms. Robinson’s presentation was very moving and


9 highlighted very well the good work done by the Senator’s Foundation. Here, Ms. Robinson receives a bouquet in appreciation for her time with the Nepean Museum from Curator Dan Hoffman.


"Nepean's Historical Peerage" arrives safely at the Nepean Museum.
The Nepean Museum is grateful to the relatives of Joshua and John Walker for recently entrusting us with the care of their family's

First World War Medals, purchased on the auction site eBay. Due to the important __________________________________________________________________

nature of these items and their historic link to Nepean, we will endeavour to do great honour to the fallen soldiers. Joshua and John Walker were from City View - one of Nepean's recognized neigbourhood communities. Joshua, was felled by a German sniper on May 28th, 1915 at Ypres, while his brother, John was felled on October 8, 1916. Both of the brother's names are inscribed on the War Memorial at Vimy and are remembered there in perpetuity by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Nepean Museum will be working with our colleagues at the Joshua left, John right War Museum in the months ahead to do justice to these two young men from City View. Their medals and death plaques will soon be mounted with the care and dignity they deserve for display.



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