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									Action Plans
Workshop Table 6 – Glasgow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A lot of activity and infrastructure that we don’t need to replicate Health and Social Care sector – emphasis on job outcomes Important to recognise distance travelled Support still required for those far from work (who may never get into work) Need to mainstream the initiatives that work Need to monitor and evaluate Don’t confuse flexibility with no parameters – we need to have a framework It’s not just about new – its about faster, better, bigger Lack of coherence in what’s being done Service user involvement – to be meaningful it requires capacity and empowerment/ staff training

Workshop Table 7 – Edinburgh 1 2 3 4 Employability and Health/ Social care joint training – both ways – health for employability and employability for health Hardest to reach – volunteering, placements, ILM, work experience (paid) – need for more of all of this Service user involvement – focus in strategy on service improvement. Focus on service delivery, on improving experience for the individual. See Equal Access site for report.

Workshop Table 9 – Perth and Kinross 1 Local Government and NHS Tayside (with all local employability agencies) need to target resources more effectively to potential employers to create more openings for jobs The ‘hardest to reach’ individuals have been reached! Real focus needs to be about working with local employers in order to establish creative/ innovative new opportunities for meaningful opportunities for disadvantaged individuals Establish effective structures and processes for service user involvement Check In Group in Perth will develop a proactive approach in recruiting employers who can offer 3 to 6 hours employment per week Be less complacent. Need to work as a vocal group to change employment ‘culture’ within large local employers (e.g. Perth and Kinross Council and NHS) Check In Group to join local Perth and Kinross employment partnership Mike O’Donnell to be contacted to help advise on a couple of specific proposals


3 4 5 6 7

Workshop Table 11 – Lanarkshire 1 2 3 Feedback to Routes to Inclusion Group Approaches to joint working Service user involvement and options for common approach including soft measures

Workshop Table 12 – Dundee Culture Change Look at models of good practice e.g. Paisley locating a Job Centre Plus advisor in a doctor’s surgery. Look at engagement of key agencies from their perspective e.g. health improvement agenda. Discussions with health management re target setting as a means of driving cultural change. Undertake staff survey linked to our plans for joint CPP training across partnership Develop a training needs analysis and ‘champion’ model of key people in partner agencies to build capacity. Look at employability remit across all public sector departments/ agencies. Develop an evidence based approach to show effective practice. Marketing materials to be developed to raise general issues/ awareness and agency specific aspects of employability targeted at front line staff. Investigate Scottish Centre for Regeneration case studies on co-location to inform the future development of the Dundee collocated centre (Available here) Develop our Corporate/ Public Sector Academy model. Develop partnership agreements for Fairer Scotland Fund provision to bring about culture change/ changes in practice. Engaging the Hardest to Reach Need to reflect part time/ reduced hours working (e.g. a few hours a week as opposed to 15 to 40 hours per week). We need to look at support for people and employers who wish to do this. Need to ensure that those we are reaching and engaging with are receiving the support they need to progress. We need to look at key worker/ case worker to support client on their employability journey. Individual worker specific or agency specific. Need a client tracking/ management information system = probably on a phased approach with a ‘bolt on’ client function later. E.g. Fife’s client tracking system. All agencies need to look at how they engage with the hardest to reach and to what extent we are genuinely engaging with this group. We need to look at how we balance work with the hardest to reach with achieving targets. We need to ensure that we are moving individuals forward and helping them. This is based on Common Assessment Framework to identify client needs to be able to measure whether the need has been met. We feel that we are reaching and engaging with the hardest to reach. But where is our evidence for this? We need to populate the employability pipeline model with provision available to identify gaps. Develop materials to market pipeline to clients and partners. Involving Service Users We need to assess business impact of service user involvements – is there any research to inform us on this? Recognise that different groups will involve different levels of service user involvement. Use Fairer Scotland Fund partnership agreements to build service user involvement into the process. Acknowledge that good practice ‘How to...’ SUI guide needs to be available for providers. We also need (as a partnership) to get service user involvement. We need to build SUI into our CPP European programme. Find out more about work of the Scottish Evaluation group re SUI.

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