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					                                        GP Views Pathology Results

These instructions explain how a GP can view their own pathology results.

 Step    Action                                                  Result and Note

   1     Click on the Workflow menu then click Pathology         The Pathology Inbox screen appears

   2     Click on the Reports Ready to File tab

   3     Make sure there is a tick in the Only show reports      The results will be listed on the screen.
         assigned to or directed to me box
                                                                  INFO: The results are colour coded
                                                                  as follows:
                                                                  Red – Outside normal range
                                                                  Blue – Normal
                                                                  Black – Unknown (i.e. no bounds)

   4     Double click on a report to view the details            The Pathology Report details are displayed

   5     Double click the Blue Demographics box to view          The patient record will be displayed
         the patient’s record

   6     When you have finished viewing the patient record
         click the Return To Result button

   7     Click the File Entire Result button                     The File Pathology Report screen appears
           WARNING: You have to go through
           each of the tabs before you can file
           the result

   8     Select the appropriate Result Indicator (e.g.
         Normal, Abnormal etc)

   9     If action is required untick Take No Action then tick
         all required actions

  10     Type any comments in the Comments/Patient
         Message box

  11     If there is no follow action click Immediately
         Archive This Report
         If follow up actions are required untick Patient To
         Be Informed

  12     Click Ok
                                                                  TIP: If the Match Pathology
                                                                  Requests window opens tick the
                                                                  request s that the result just filed
                                                                  relates to

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