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									Repairmen Related Section of pack: Housing Aims: To practise phoning a repairman; to write an e-mail complaining about work done by a repairman. Repairmen task sheet Access 3 - Intermediate 1 3–4 50 minutes Photocopy task sheet.

Materials: ESOL level: SCQF level: Time: Preparation:

In class: 1) This worksheet works well as a follow-on to ‘Repairing the House’. If this material has not been covered simply pre-teach plumber and glazier. 2) Explain to the class that you are phoning a plumber and brainstorm what questions you should ask. 3) Hand out task sheet and ask Ls to put the conversation in the right order in question 1. Ls check in pairs but the tutor monitors carefully as 2 questions could easily fit into the dialogue in either order. The most important thing is that the questions are in the correct order. 4) Explain that a window is broken and you need to phone the glazier. Ls write a dialogue phoning the glazier based on the text they have just read. They then act it out. 5) Elicit what makes a good worker. Compare with question 2. Ls circle what makes a good worker, checking the words they do not know in a dictionary. 6) Ls read the thank-you e-mail in part 3 and then change it using the negative vocabulary in question 2.


The task helps prepare learners for the following summative assessment: Access 3 Transactional English Outcomes 1, 2 & 3 (DA9L 09) Intermediate 1 English Language Skills Outcomes 1, 2 & 3 (DA9J 10)

1. Put the conversation in the right order.

A Do you live in Inverness?

B My bath is leaking very badly.

C Do you have a call out charge?

D It should cost about £80.

E Hello, is that Dyno plumbing?

F Yes, 99 Young Street. G Yes, how can I help? H How much will it cost? I See you then. J Oh, not too far. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. K No, we don’t. L Thanks a lot I’ll see you in 20 minutes.
Circle the words that describe aood worker/ ood work.

2. A good worker is…..

expensive late qualified

cheap reliable

good quality unqualified fast

poor quality prompt unreliable slow

3. Read the thank you email below, from a satisfied customer:

Mr. Thomas, I chose your company because I read in your advert that all your employees are qualified glaziers. In the past I have had so many terrible experiences but your staff were fast workers and very reliable. The new windows make the house look much better. I suppose that is because they’re of good quality. I didn’t expect your company to finish the whole house so quickly and I’m sure the prompt delivery of materials helped. Thanks again for your hard work. Best regards, Ms. Smith

4. Write a short e-mail to complain about bad work. Use the negative words and phrases above.

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