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									Your tender envelope must be addressed in the format of the template below Or you may print the label and adhere to the outside of the envelope if required. PLEASE NOTE
When submitting this Tender you must      Complete and return the original documents You must submit and complete all appropriate parts of the tender. You must Submit one hard copy of your submission. You must not return the ITT via email or fax as this will invalidate your submission The completed documents must be returned in a sealed envelope that bears no name or other distinguishing mark revealing the identity of your company or delivery firm (such marks include identification within postal franking impressions or details revealed through the use of express delivery systems).  Where the ITT is too bulky to be placed in the envelope provided, a plain package is to be used and the envelope provided securely adhered to it. Where you receive the ITT by email the enclosed envelope must be used.  The completed Tender must arrive by no later than 12.00 o’clock midday on the date shown below. Please note if you deliver the Tender you will be solely responsible for ensuring that it is presented to the return address at the time and date stated on the envelope. You are advised to ensure that you obtain a receipt as proof of the date and time of delivery. Any ITT received not complying with these requirements will be rejected.




Janet Read c/o Central Post Room Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council Civic Centre Darwall Street WALSALL WS1 1TP

Closing Date and Time Thursday 27th August 2009 at 12.00pm midday

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