270 To Win

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					270 To Win
Overview: This activity allows students to act as campaign strategists and design a plan of attack for accumulating the 270 votes needed to win the presidency Essential Question: In what ways can a candidate meet the goal of the 270 Electoral votes necessary to win the presidency? Lesson Plan: 1. Use the attached scenarios in conjunction with C-SPAN’s 2008 Electoral College Map to have students strategize and design a plan for winning the presidential Election. 2. Put students into groups, and assign a specific scenario to each group (there can be more than one group with the same scenario). 3. Have the groups come to a consensus on the best possible way to win the Presidency based on the scenario. Have students present the information to the class. 4. As a concluding activity for the day, you could have students answer the following question: Make your own predictions about which states will vote Democratic or Republican in 2008, and which states will be battleground states.

Additional Resources: Scenarios C-SPAN Electoral College Map Link to 2000/2004 Election Results

Description: This document contains a lesson plan for learning about the electoral college, where it takes 270 electoral votes to win the election.
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