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					Bitch Queens
bitch queens does not stand for—as one might assume—short skirts and girl power, but consists of four guys with a flair for rough and energy-loaded rock, enough Mascara and attitude to hold up with any old name of the L.A scene. They can and will show some impressive skills in short spasms cleverly built into their purposely rudimental songs. Musically Motörhead meets Backyard Babies and the Stooges meet the Datsuns. bitch queens is and always has been a live band, just waiting to blow any crowd off their feet. In more than 150 shows supporting bands like Dollhouse (swe), Randy (swe), Turbo AC’s (usa), Lombego Surfers (ch) or Trashmonkeys (ger) they have proven themselves to be one of Basel’s best and most interesting acts. Since 2009 Kid Krystal (Vox / Git), Captain A (Drums), Diamond Dan (Git), and Marc Steele (Bass) are on the road in a slightly new formation. So whoever thinks they already know the bitch queens should be prepared for a harder-than-ever kick in the ass.

«These guys rock like Backyard Babies meets Motörhead and a little Turbonegro.» Acey Slade, Murderdolls / Trashlight Vision «When The Bitch Queens hit the stage you know this is where the action is and it’s gonna be a sweaty night! Loud drums, blistering guitar solos and 100% Rock’n’Roll attitude is delivered up front and in your face. After a number of EPs The Bitch Queens are gearing up to record a new full length CD, turn up the amps and keep Basel on the European rock’n’roll map. This is the real stuff. Yeah!» Tony Padrone, Lombego Surfers «Finally a band from Basel has the courage to present themselves with a shitload of arrogance, trash, killer hooks and attitude. Love them or hate them, but you definitely can’t ignore them. Thank Fuck for the Bitch Queens!» Baschi, Fucking Beautiful / Dogs Bollocks «Bitch Queen is a rock’n’roll band from Basel that I heard first time a couple of years ago. They play a perfect mix between Dead Boys and The Hellacopters and their live shows are great! Dont miss them when they blow your town away!» Chris Winter, Dollhouse

Booking & Contact Melchior Quitt, Brombacherstrasse 8, 4057 Basel +41 79 226 55 32 Web – –

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