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No.HD/1602/I/868 The Secretariat of the Board International Hydrographic Bureau 4, Quai, Antoine, 1er BP-445 Monaco MC-98011 Cedex MONACO SUBMISSION OF IHO CATEGORY `B’ COURSE Reference: A. 1. Standard of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors (M-5) Ninth Edition. Pakistan Navy (PN) Hydrographic School at Maritime Training Complex

15 Nov 08

(MTC), PNS BAHADUR, trains the survey officers and sailors in Hydrography and allied disciplines with a view to prepare them for efficient hydrographic data collection, processing and production of fair sheet. The theoretical portion of these courses is covered in the MTC whereas for practical training the students are attached with survey vessel, National Institute of Oceanography, Meteorological Deptt. and Pakistan Navy Hydrographic Department. PN Hydrographic School,

under the guidelines of PN Hydrographic Deptt, has prepared the syllabus for Category `B’ accreditation of Basic course for Officers in accordance with IHO publication M-5. The course has been titled ‘Hydrographic Survey for Production of Nautical Charts’. 2. MTC is an ISO 9001-2000 certified naval training institution which also

conducts courses for allied trainees since 1982 in various disciplines of naval warfare; Navigation, Communication and Hydrography etc. Prior professional

training, English language courses of different categories are also available for students through trained staff in a modern Language Lab. MTC is also equipped with different simulators and training aids for theoretical as well as practical training. Details of relevant administrative and training facilities/ labs available with MTC are listed as Annex ‘A’.


The IHO accreditation for course titled ‘Hydrographic survey for production of

Nautical Charts (Category `B’)’ is aimed at the following: a. To have an indigenous capability to conduct IHO accredited Category

`B’ course in Hydrography. Gradual enhancement is also planned to be able to conduct Category `A’ courses in the coming years. b. To contribute in enhancing hydrographic surveying capacity of

interested states from the region and beyond. 4. In this regard, the Cat ‘B’ course will initially be offered to interested countries

free of cost (01 seat each). Additional seats will be at half the rates implemented by the Govt. 5. Foregoing in view, it is requested that addresses of the Board Members and

date of submission to the Board may please be provided for further processing of the case as per M-5 article 3.1.3.

Encl. (As stated).

Z M TIPU Commodore Hydrographer

ANNEX A TO NHQ LETTER NO. HD/1602/I/868 DT: 15 NOV 08 Training & Administrative Facilities at Maritime Training Complex 1. Laboratories/Simulators. a. Hydrographic and Data Processing Labs having 08 terminals with Hydropro, Hypack for SSB and 6042, Terramodel / Terravista, Fledermaus & Hysweep softwares. b. c. d. e. 2. Cartographic Training Section. Language Lab. Bridge Pilotage ECDIS / WECDIS

Accommodation and Messing. a. Bachelors and Married Officers Quarters (MOQs).

b. International standards of Messing Facility for 200 students through trained Cheff and Stewards. 3. Allied Administration Department.

The department looks after all the administrative affairs of the allied students including traveling and other admin support. 4. Sports Facilities/ Recreational Facilities. a. b. c. d. e. 5. International Standard Swimming Pool. International Standard Golf Course. Shooting Range. Fitness Center. Bowling Arena.


In house medical centre is available with round the clock medical coverage. In addition, a 50 beds hospital (PNS RAHAT) is located near the Complex. 6. Transportation.

MTC has a fleet of transport to facilitate / support student’s training programme outside the Complex. 7. Miscellaneous

Bank with ATM facilities, Shopping centre, Naval College & School are located in the close proximity of MTC. Further, the naval area is fully secured / guarded in all respects.