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									Nucleic Acid Microarray Survey
1. Please characterize how often you use nucleic acid microarrays in your research or work? Frequent use – daily Regular Use –once or twice a week Occasional Use –once or twice a month I do not use nucleic acid microarrays – exited from survey

2. For which of the following are you using nucleic acid microarrays? (check all that apply) Basic Research Diagnostics Genomics Drug Discovery Other (please specify)

3. Which best describes your current nucleic acid microarray facility? My lab performs microarray experiments with our own reagents and equipment My lab performs some of the steps and a core facility performs some My lab uses a core facility for all steps of the microarray process My lab is the microarray core facility Other (please specify) 4. For which of the following applications are you using microarrays? (check all that apply) Gene discovery Disease diagnosis Pharmacogenomics Toxicogenomics Genotyping (SNP detection) Comparative Genome Hybridization (CGH) Other (please specify)

5. When you think of commercial DNA microarray, which three companies immediately come to mind? (please fill in as many as you can) Company 1 ___________________ Company 2 ___________________ Company 3 ___________________ 6. What organisms do you study in your microarray experiments? (check all that apply) Rat Mouse Bacteria Yeast Human Drosophila Plant Other (please specify) 7. Please estimate how many microarrays you hybridize per week.

Less than 10 10 – 20 21 – 50 51 – 70 71 - 100 More than 100 8. How do you expect the total number of arrays hybridized to change over the next 12 months? Increase by > 50% Increase by 25% - 50% Increase by 10 – 25% Increase by 1% - 10% No change Decrease by 1% - 10% Decrease by 10% - 25% Decrease by 25% - 50% Decrease by > 50%

9. Which of the following do you use to prepare your target for microarray experiments? RNA isolation kits cDNA labeling kits RNA amplification kits Fluorescent dyes Fluorescent nucleotides Other (please specify) 10. Which brand of RNA isolation kits do you use? (check all that apply) Agencourt Agilent Technologies Ambion Applied Biosystems Arcturus Bio-Rad Clontech GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham Biosciences) Gentra Systems Invitrogen Miltenyi Biotec Qiagen Roche Applied Science Stratagene Takara Mirus Bio Other (please specify) 11. Which brand of cDNA labeling kits do you use? (check all that apply) Affymetrix Agilent Technologies Ambion Enzo Life Science GE Healthcare (Amersham Biosciences) Invitrogen PerkinElmer Qiagen

Roche Applied Science Stratagene SuperArray Bioscience Other (please specify) 12. Which brand of RNA amplification kits do you use? (check all that apply) Affymetrix Ambion Arcturus Enzo Life Science GE Healthcare (Amersham Biosciences) Genisphere Invitrogen KREATECH Biotechnology Other (please specify)

12. Which of the following fluorescent dyes do you use? (check all that apply) CyDyes Alexa dyes Fluorescein Rhodamine Other (please specify)

13. Which best describes the array types you use? (please choose only one) Commercially available pre-spotted arrays only Arrays spotted in-house or in a core facility only Both commercially available pre-spotted arrays and arrays spotted in-house

14. Which of the following commercial array types do you use? (check all that apply) Whole genome arrays SNP microarrays Pathway-specific arrays: Apoptosis Cancer Cell Cycle Cytokine Signal Transduction Stem Cell Toxicology Common Diseases Other (please specify) Other (please specify)

15. Is there a model organism or particular pathway for which you cannot find a commercially available pre-spotted array? Yes No If yes, please list the organism or pathway below.

16. Which brand of commercially available pre-spotted arrays do you primarily use? Affymetrix Bio-Rad Clontech Eurogentec GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham Biosciences) Illumina Jivian Biologics Miltenyi Biotec Nimblegen Qiagen Sigma-Genosys SuperArray Takara Mirus Bio Other (please specify) 17. In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge when using pre-spotted arrays? Poor quality control Backorders Lot to lot variability Availability of arrays for my model organism Availability of arrays for a particular pathway High cost Other (please specify)

18. Are you currently using miRNA arrays? Yes: For less than 3 months Yes: Between 3 – 6 months Yes: Between 6 – 12 months Yes: For more than 12 months No: But plan to in the next 12 months No: Do not plan to at all

19. Which of the following do you use to process your microarrays? Microarray hybridization chambers Microarray slide washer station Microarray dryer Automated hybridaztion/washing/drying station A core facility or service does all my array processing 20. What brand of automated hybridization station do you use? Affymetrix Amersham Biosciences (now GE Healthcare) Miltenyi Biotec Other (please specify)

21. Which best describes your microarray scanner? Our lab owns the microarray scanner we are using Our lab shares a microarray scanner with a few other labs We use a core facility to scan microarrays

Other (please specify) 22. What brand of microarray scanner do you use? Affymetrix Agilent Technologies Alpha Innotech Bio-Rad GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham Biosciences) Genetix Molecular Devices PerkinElmer Other (please specify) 23. What resolution do you most commonly use when scanning microarrays? Less than 5μm 5μm 10μm 15μm 20μm 25μm More than 25μm Other (please specify)

24. Which best describes your microarray analysis software? Analysis software that came with my scanner Third party software A core facility/service/someone else does the data analysis

25. Which of the following do you plan to purchase in the next 12 months? Microarray analysis software Microarray scanner Automated hybridaztion/washing/drying station Microarry processing and analysis services Pre-spotted arrays – whole genome Pre-spotted arrays – pathway specific RNA purification kits for target preparation cDNA labeling kits for target preparation Automatic microarray printer 26. Select the top three attributes that might cause you to switch to a new microarray platform. (choose only three) Quality of Oligonucleotides Length of Oligonulceotides Selection process of probes for each gene Amount of sample required Number of probes per microarray Size of spots Sensitivity Ability to customize arrays Detection chemistry Selection of catalog microarrays Better Technical support/Customer service BioInformatics/Analytics software

Price per microarray Other (please specify)

Demographic Questions
27. In which type of institution do you work? Academic Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Government Private Research Clinical Diagnostic Testing Other (please specify) 28. Which title best applies? Account Manager Business Development Director/Manager Consultant Department Head Graduate Student Lab Director/Chief Scientist Lab Manager Postdoctoral Fellow President/CEO/Owner/VP Principal Investigator Process Engineer Procurement Manager Professor/Instructor Research Associate Research Director/VP of Research Staff Scientist Technician Other 29. Which of the following are your key areas of research or work? Bioinformatics Microbiology/Virology Immunology Genomics/Genetics Cell Biology Diagnostics/Pathology Drug Discovery Administration Biochemistry Marketing/Sales Pharmacology/Toxicology Molecular Biology Bioengineering Neuroscience Proteomics Purchasing None of the Above

Other (please specify) 30. Which best describes your purchasing authority? Authorize Recommend Evaluate No Purchase Role

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