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					Article Marketing Internet is a growing rapidly day by day. There are hundreds and thousands of new videos, articles, press releases, e-mail, websites, blogs, press releases, banner advertisements, and other marketing tools being created for marketing purposes. Therefore, internet marketing is one of the best ways to market your product or service and gain mass reputation or visibility for your product or service in order to attract customers or visitors. There are many techniques of internet marketing. In fact, email-marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing, Viral marketing and many other marketing ways are tools of internet marketing which is one large concept of marketing. Article marketing is one of the greatest tools of internet marketing. There are hundreds and thousands of articles created for the purpose of marketing and advertising which is simply known as Article Marketing in today’s internet world. Article marketing is done through many Bloggers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts too in order to gain visibility of their sites in search engine, which makes article marketing one of the best methods of marketing in the world of internet. Like we know there is no purpose of a great product with not enough techniques and tricks of marketing. One such great trick and technique is Article Marketing. In this it may be a direct form of advertisement of a product/service or an indirect method of advertising a product or service. It is always advisable to include Article Marketing in your internet marketing carrier for your website. When it comes to websites, writing article about the relevant product or service and linking the article or advertising a website through the article will bring numerous visitors and customers to buy your product or service. Therefore, most of the Internet marketers or in other words online marketers use Article marketing in their marketing carrier to expand their effects and sales. In addition to that writing direct articles in order to have a direct advertisement of a product or service a website or a company offers. This has a direct impact on the marketing level of the site, product or service offered. Both, direct forms of article advertisements or marketing and indirect form of article marketing is available in the internet. It is clearly visible that all articles we read in internet may be and may not be true. Most of them are written for marketing purposes, but not all. However, article marketing has a great effect on bringing large volume of visitors towards the marketed product or service in no time.

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