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									                    MODULE EVALUATION : QUESTION BANK

Please note:

   The questions below are a resource for Sections C and D of the module questionnaire, and
    are grouped according to the main areas covered in the module monitoring form.
   Tutors are free to select and amend items as appropriate to their teaching context, and/or to
    devise questions of their own.
   In Section C, there should be at least one item/question on each main area.
   The overall number of items/questions should take into account the time available for filling in
    the questionnaire and the conditions under which it is being completed.
   Some items are written in the form of questions (plus ratings options), while others are framed
    as statements (with which students would agree/disagree).
   When creating your own questions, remember it is best to ask (1) only one thing at a time, and
    (2) only questions about which it is possible to do something about the responses.

 The learning outcomes gave me a clear idea of the purpose of the module.
 There was a good match between the module programme and the learning outcomes.
 How useful were the assessment tasks for achieving the learning outcomes?
 The learning outcomes helped me to know what to focus on in my studies.
 At what stage did the expectations of this module become clear to you? Tick the
  relevant box: 1 = from the start; 2 = by week 3 (first assessment); 3 = by week 7 (class
  test); 4 = by week 10 (final essay); 5 = by week 12 (revision workshop)
 I feel I have gained a better understanding of the subject matter.
 How helpful has this module been in developing your academic / groupwork / learning /
  research [etc] skills?
 Doing this module has increased my interest in the subject.
 I can see the relevance of the knowledge/skills developed in this module.
 This module has helped me to apply the knowledge/skills gained to tackling/solving
  different/new/practical/real problems
 Compared with similar modules I have taken, the learning outcomes seem appropriate
  to the module and level of study.
 Through this module I have developed knowledge/skills/qualities useful for future
 Thinking about your learning experience overall, to what extent are you satisfied with
  this module? (5= extremely satisfied…..1 = not at all satisfied).

 How well did the module match your expectations?
 How well did the different parts of the module (lectures, seminars, assessments) fit
 The topics studied were interesting / inspiring / exciting.
 I could see the relevance of the subject matter to the module aims and outcomes.
 There was a clear link between the lectures and the seminars/pracs/labs/workshops.
 How helpful were the lectures and seminars for doing the assessment(s)?
 The problem-based / work-based / fieldwork learning activities improved my knowledge
  and skills.
 The module was well organised.
 Compared with other modules I am doing/have done in this subject, the module seems
  appropriate for this level of study.
   How useful has this module been in terms of contributing to the overall learning
    required for the course you are studying?

 The amount of work required is fair and manageable.
 The number of assessments is: 1 = about right; 3 = too much; 5 = not enough.
 There should be more continuous assessment in this module.
 I was able to keep up with the required reading.
 The balance between coursework and exams is about right.
 I am able to manage the module workload so as to meet assessment deadlines.
 How would you rate your ability to organise yourself in this module? (1 = never a
  problem…… 3 = sometimes a problem……. 5 = always a problem)
 The work required was appropriately distributed across the module.
 I was able to complete additional work (e.g. seminar preparation) required by the
 I felt able to participate fully in the group work required.
 Rate your work on this module in terms of average number of hours study per week
  (excluding classes): 1 = 8+ hours; 2 = 8 hours; 3 = 6-7 hours; 4 = 5-6 hours; 5 = 4 or
  less hours

 How helpful were the lectures/seminars/pracs/labs/workshops for aiding your
  understanding of the subject/ enhancing your knowledge and skills?
 The lectures were well presented/understandable/interesting/delivered at a pace I
  could follow.
 How useful were the lecture overheads/slides/online notes?
 The tutor helped to make seminars/labs/pracs/workshops a useful learning experience.
 The lecturer stimulated my interest in the topics/module/subject.
 How useful were the tasks/activities in seminars/labs/pracs/workshops for your learning
  in this module?
 How helpful were the reading lists for essays/seminars/tutorials/projects?
 The module was taught in a way that I could understand.
 How helpful was the tutor in encouraging/assisting students to participate in class

 How helpful was the tutor in terms of giving guidance to [individual] students?
 The lecturer was approachable/ready to help/showed concern for the students.
 I was usually able to see the tutor for help when I required academic advice.
 The tutor's office hours were generally scheduled at convient times.
 How useful were the [one-to-one] tutorials/supervision meetings/email communications
  for helping you with your essays/reports/coursework/projects/research?
 Having access to additional support/skills development was useful.
 How helpful were the additional skills workshops/library sessions/IT classes/induction
  sessions [for placements/field trips etc]?

 The way that lectures/seminars/pracs/labs/workshops were run facilitated student
 Adequate chances were provided for students to ask questions.
 I felt encouraged to make use of opportunities for active participation.
   Students were given opportunities to make connections between the module
    [content/tasks] and their own experiences.
   How would you rate your ability to prepare for seminars/essays/group projects? (1 =
    never a problem….3 = sometimes a problem….5 = always a problem)
   How useful were the small-group activities/groupwork tasks/peer assessment exercises
    in terms of enabling participation by all students?
   The seminar topics/readings/preparation tasks aided the participation of students.
   My participation in learning activities was made easier by the behaviour/responses of
    the other students in this class.
   I usually took part in class/small-group activities/exercises.
   Rate your attendance in terms of percentage of classes attended, using the following
    scheme: 1 = 75%-100%; 2 = 50%-75%; 3 = 50%; 4 = 25-50%; 5 = less than 25%
   Opportunities for student participation were about right.
   How did you deal with material/tasks you found difficult? 1 = talked to my tutor; 2 = talked
    to other students; 3 = attended support sessions; 4 = gave up; 5 = worked harder

 How useful were the [different forms of] assessments for developing your grasp of the
  subject matter/the knowledge and skills required in this module?
 The assessments were relevant to the module aims and outcomes/ I was able to
  understand the purpose of the assessments.
 The assignment topics were interesting/promoted my interest in the subject matter.
 The tutor tried to address to my learning needs in relation to the assessment/s.
 The coursework/class tests helped my preparation for the exam.
 The amount of time allocated for class tests is fair and adequate.
 How helpful were the guidelines on assessment tasks/doing coursework
  research/writing and referencing/presenting reports?
 How useful were the suggested readings/sources for doing the assessments?
 The assessment criteria helped me to understand what was required.
 I was able to understand the assessment criteria.
 How useful were the assessment criteria in terms of assisting you to understand what
  to do and how to do it?
 How helpful were the self-assessment/peer-assessment exercises?
 The marking of assessments was generally fair.

 How helpful was the feedback during the module [in terms of enabling you to
  understand strengths and areas for improvement]?
 The tutor's comments on assessed work were clear and helpful.
 I was able to make sense of my marks in the light of the tutor's feedback/assessment
 The tutor provided helpful feedback on students' contributions to class / seminar / prac /
  groupwork activities / exercises / debates/ discussions / tasks
 How would you rate the tutor's ability to give useful feedback to students on their
  responses to issues discussed in seminars / pracs / labs / workshops?
 The feedback on coursework was received in time for me to benefit from it.
 I have been able to learn from the tutor/peer feedback on assessed work.
 Feedback on assessments has helped me to see how to improve and build on my
 The essay/report [etc] assessment grid is a helpful way to give feedback to students.
 Feedback given to me in module sessions was clear and helpful.
   The tutor responded helpfully to feedback from students on how the module was

 The guidance given in the module booklet helped to clarify module structure and
 From the module booklet I gained a better idea of the expected learning (e.g. reading
  and research required for classes and assessments)
 How useful were the online materials supplied for this module?
 The online tasks/discussion groups made a positive contribution to my learning.
 I am able to access (from campus or home) online materials/tasks when necessary.
 How helpful were the study materials/reading packs/workbooks/glossary of concepts
  for aiding your learning in this module?
 The books and other sources available in the library were very useful.
 There are sufficient copies of key texts/core readings (assuming that everyone does
  not leave the work until the last minute).

 The rooms for lectures/seminars/pracs/labs are satisfactory/suitable.
 The computer/IT/lab equipment is adequate.
 How useful are computer & IT facilities for aiding your learning in this module?

GENERAL (for Section D: qualitative comments)
 What did you enjoy most about this module?
 Did you experience any difficulties? If so, please explain.
 What suggestions would you make for improving this module?
 What new ideas/insights/skills have you gained from this module?
 What relationship could you see between this module and other modules you are
  taking this semester/year?
 What have you gained from this module that is useful in preparing you for the world of
 How has this module contributed to your overall learning for the course you are
 What advice would you give to students taking this module (next time)?

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