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									Acker’s Acres Angoras

Beth Acker & Mark Chabe 359 Gloucester Hill Road, New Gloucester, ME 04260 207-926-4921 Email: Website:
28 years raising Angoras; currently have ~110 German and German-French Hybrids, whites and many colors. I spin, knit, dye, give spinning & dyeing lessons. Usually have for sale: Rabbits, fiber, yarn, kits & patterns, handcrafted fashions and cages. Coming soon-Mark will be making spinning wheels, grooming tables, skein winders, drop spindles

Cormier’s Angoras

Sheri Cormier 194 Ward Road, Augusta, ME 04330 207-622-5036 Email: Raises Germans Angoras. Spins and knits. Usually has rabbits, fiber and yarn for sale.

CrowsRise Farm

Karen Cornell

205 Greenleaf Road, Anson, ME 04911 207-696-3345 Email:
website: 22 years raising Angoras; currently have 15 English. Usually have for sale: rabbits, fiber, yarn, kits & patterns, garments. Since 1987 I have created fluffy warm yarns and garments from my English Angora Rabbits. I comb the soft fur from them to handspin and handknit into durable hand-washable clothing. 100% Angora or Angora blend yarns, mittens, hats, sweaters, and more. Also felt hats. Custom made upon request. I also will work with your dog hair.

All About Angora/Points North Wool Farm Liz Grover
182 Temple Road, Temple, ME 04984 207-491-7155 Email:
15 years raising Angoras; currently have ~25 French & English Angoras. Liz is a spinner and fiber artist who harvests wool from her own sheep, llama and Angora rabbits. She processes the wool with traditional methods. In addition to selling the raw wool, hand spun yarn, and jand made accessories, she teaches all aspects of the traditional craft to individuals and groups of all ages. Liz is always willing to consult with owners about Angora care. Some of Maine's best French & English Angoras

Oasis Farm Fiber Mill

Angelhare Rabbitry

Donna Blanchard 616 Convene Road, Sebago, ME 04029 207-787-2526 Email: 3 years raising Angoras, currently have 5. Enjoy raising (and spoiling) Angora rabbits for well socialized pets and for optimal fur bearing for spinning. We sell babies in the spring & early fall. We specialize in custom outdoor rabbit hutches at affordable prices. I will knit hats & scarfs to order and would love to spin your dog’s fur.

Diane Knowlen 266 Hidden Lake Road, Otisfield, ME 04270 207-539-4604 Email:
20 years raising Angoras; currently have ~20 French x German & purebred German Angoras. I spin, knit & dye. Products for sale: Angora/wool blend yarn and rovings, patterns, knitting kits and bunnies [in the warm months]. I have a set of MiniMills processing equipment and can process your fiber into roving or yarn as you prefer.

Off The Wall Emporium

Basketful of Bunnies

Michaele Bailey 49 Pember Road, Levant, ME 04456 207-884-7065 Email:
11 years raising Angoras; currently have 15 English, German, French & French/German crosses. Show quality English Angoras for sale.

Karen Hawkins 963 South High Street, Bridgton, ME 04009 207-647-3734 Email: Website:
Breeds: English, French, Satin & German Hybrid Angoras Products: angora fiber, angora yarn, hand spun, knit and woven items Activities: spin, knit, dye, weave

Building up herd of purebred German Angoras. French/German cross Angoras in many colors for sale. Angora fiber always available. Occasionally handspun yarn. Mittens knit to order.

The Barber’s Bunnies
844 Waldoboro Road, Bremen, ME 04551 207-529-5977 Email:

Anna Barber

Maine Angora
Your Maine Source of Everything Angora
Quality Rabbits, Fiber, Yarn, and Handcrafted Fashions

9 years raising Angoras; currently have ~12 German Angoras (German Import Lines) and hybrid colored Angoras. Usually have for sale: rabbits, fiber, yarn and needle felted items.

PHF Custom Cages & Supplies
Mary Merriam Perley Emery 150 Lake Street 64 Durgin Rd Auburn Me 04210 S Paris, ME 04210 207-713-1311 207-743-9569 phfcages@midmainecom Website: 2 years raising Angoras; currently have 2 Germans, with more to come Usually have for sale: rabbits, fiber, cages & supplies. For 9 years PHF Cages has provided many breeders, from Maine to New York, with a wide variety of supplies and cages for their rabbits and other small animals. We will gladly work to get you started as a hobbyist or to outfit an intensive breeding program. We offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Spinnakee’s Farm

Betty Stover

1180 Tasker Road, Augusta, ME 04330 207-622-5343 Email: Website: 20 years raising Angoras, currently have ~ 20 Germans. Betty has been involved in creating inspiration though fiber. Her barnyard is home to several varieties of fiber producing animals: German Angora rabbits, a Cormo sheep, a Romney wether, Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown sheep and colored angora goats. Usually has for sale at her shop on the farm: rabbits, fiber, yarn, kits & patterns, garments, needle felting and locker hooking items. Gives lessons at the farm on Thursdays.

Maine Angora Producers is a group of independent farms and fiber artists. Visit our website for more information, current members and event dates. We welcome visitors to our farms and fiber studios, but please call ahead for an appointment. Look for us at the following events as vendors and demonstrators. [2008 Dates]
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Underhill Fiber Farm

Jenny Smith

50 Wilson Road, Gorham, ME 04038 207-892-2617 Email: Website: 5 years raising Angoras; currently have 6 French X Germans Raising quality angoras for fiber and personalities. Customer service and happy bunnies are our goal. On our small family farm, we raise a wide variety of animals. For fiber animals, we currently raise and sell Angora rabbits, Romney cross sheep, registered Pygora goats, and Pycazz goats. Hand spun yarns and fiber for

spinning is available as well! We welcome visitors, questions, and custom orders.

April 19 April 24 May 10-11 May 16-18 May 24-25 June 7-8 July 18-20 July 20 August 7-9 Sept 5-7 Sept 19-21 Sep28-Oct5 Oct 25-26

SheepFest [Denmark] Maine Spinners Registry spin-in [Fairfield] New Hampshire Sheep Festival NorthEast Livestock Expo, Windsor Mass. Sheep Festival Maine Fiber Frolic [Windsor Fairgrounds] Waterford Fair Maine Open Farm Day Maine Fiber Arts tour [2009] Fiber College [Searsport] Common Ground Fair [FiberFarms Tent, RabbitBarn] Fryeburg Fair [Fiber Center & Rabbit Barn] Annual Angora Free Seminar & Open House at Acker's Acres [New Gloucester]

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