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					Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Rescue Foster Program
PO Box 50367 Eugene OR 97405 Telephone 520-0295 or 345-7511

Foster Parent Duties and Responsibilities Required Participation From Foster Parents
1) Provide Basic care for the dog: Food, shelter, grooming, exercise, love! Take Dog to vet appointments, Assist LUV-A-Bull as much as possible with rehoming the dog (see below) Remember – our goal is adoption – Do anything you can to make your foster dog more adoptable!!! 2) Communicate with L-A-B and Liesl regularly on the dog’s status, keep receipts & paperwork, 3) Be available to potential adoptors to meet the dog

Optional But Hoped-For Participation From Foster Parents
L-A-B dogs are listed on PETFINDER. You may choose to advertise the dog on your own using CraigsList, flyers, and other methods. Please provide potential adoptors with a L-A-B application, and return the completed application to Liesl at You can assist with all aspects of re-homing your foster dog: screen applicants, interview applicants, do home checks, be responsible for paperwork, communicate with Liesl on the status of the dog’s case, help to choose the dog’s new home, do follow-up checks, and take the dog back as a foster again if the new home does not work out. If you do not wish to participate in this way, this part of the “job” will be done by Liesl or other L-A-B volunteers, but the more pro-active you can be, the better!!!!

Optional - Pay for Vet Bills Optional - Pay for obedience classes Optional - Buy toys, and other “extras” for the dog

What will Luv-a-Bull Pay for?
Luv-a-Bull will pay for the dog’s initial vet bills - the spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and a health check. Luv-a-Bull will also pay for food, toys, etc, if the receipts are turned in to Liesl. If a foster parent would like to pay for these expenses themselves as a contribution to L-A-B, donations are tax-deductible. Should the dog require additional vet care, due to an accident, injury or illness, the decision to treat the dog will be made by the L-A-B Board of directors. Depending on the situation, Luv-a-Bull may ask the foster parent to help with expenses. If a foster parent cannot help with additional vet expenses, and Luv-a-Bull lacks the resources to pay these expenses, we may be forced to have the dog humanely euthanized.

If after reading about what we require from our foster parents, you would like to participate as a foster home, please email Liesl with the following information: Your name and address: Current Animals in the Home: At least two references, including the name and phone number of your own veterinarian: What type of dog you would like to foster – male or female? Adult or puppy? Any other information about yourself and your dog-experience that you would like to share:

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