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Whether it’s table bread for dipping, tearing or sharing, or loaves for toasting or sandwich making Delice de France is renowned for authentic, speciality breads of the highest quality – and now there are even more varieties, tastes and textures to choose from. Delice de France, the leading supplier of part and fully baked frozen bakery products to the UK foodservice market, is launching 15 new breads including a Soil Association accredited Organic Bloomer, a range of Premium Italian Sandwich and Table breads as well as range of premium French stonebaked sourdough breads. The demand for high quality, authentic breads is growing and thanks to Delice de France’s expanding range hotels, restaurants, cafés, food pubs and sandwich shops will be able to meet this need. The new range includes these highlights: French Range: Stone-baked Dejeunettes – two ready to bake stone-baked sourdough demi-baguettes from the southern regions of France, which are made with a natural sourdough ‘levain’ or starter dough that has been fermented for 35 hours for a wholesome and aromatic flavour. The stone-baking process provides an authentic wholesome and chewy crust. These two rustic artisan sandwich breads are available in white as well as multi-cereal containing four varieties of grain and five different seeds.

Stone-baked Baguettes au Levain - similar to the Dejeunettes and again made using a 35 hour fermented natural starter dough levain. These ready to bake baguettes are very versatile, ideal for both a table-bread and for dipping. The are available in white and multi-grain, which is known as ‘complet’. Malted Wheat Baguette – A full flavoured ready to bake large malted wheat bread containing kibbled malted wheat flakes and wheat bran. Wholegrain and malted breads have seen considerable growth in recent years, thanks to people’s wish to eat healthier foods. This delicious and versatile table bread offers a healthy option sandwich carrier when cut into three. Fully Baked Large White Baguette – Convenience is often vital in busy foodservice outlets, and when no baking facilities are available, such as with outside catering, a ‘thaw and serve’ option is a valuable addition to the range. People still insist on quality, provenance and authenticity however, we have not compromised with this Large Fully Baked White Baguette, as this Baguette is authentically French and of the highest quality – a soft golden crust with a moist soft crumb, ideal for large doorstep sandwiches when cut or as a convenient table bread for large events. Italian Range: Tegolino – a square Italian ciabatta bread made using a traditional method and benefits from an Italian sourdough starter dough, Biga!, or Little Mother, which is fermented for 16 hours for a distinctive taste and aroma. The stonebaking process provides a wholesome chewy crust and the rustic appearance provides an attractive authentic sandwich bread and the versatility to make crostinis. Giotto Rolls – named after the Italian painter famed for drawing circles, these two sandwich breads are stone-baked and made from a traditional Italian recipe, again using a 16 hour fermented Biga. They are available in

two varieties - Brown with Sesame Seeds on top for a delicious nutty flavour, and Durum Wheat which has a distinctive moistness and a pleasant light yellow colour, imparted from the Durum Wheat Flour, as well as attractive cross cut on the top and finished with a dusting of flour. Great sandwich breads or when offered as a table bread, the Durum Wheat variety is particularly suited to dipping oils, Italian meats and cheeses. Genoese Onion and Tomato Focaccia – made to an authentic Italian recipe in the home of Focaccia, Genoa, these breads are soft and moist in texture and richly flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and topped with either sliced caramelised onions or cherry tomatoes. Delicious warm or cold, these two Focaccia ‘slabs’ are versatile as they are ideal as a sharing bread, cut into buffet sized pieces or eaten as the Genoese do – sliced, served warm and eaten on the go – great ‘street-food!’ English Range: Organic Bloomer – made from premium organic flour and given the Soil Association organic accreditation. Stone baked and hand cut, the bloomer has a hearty crust and open crumb structure with a well-rounded and wheaty flavour. authentication seal. Multi-Grain Sliced Loaves – for sandwich production and made-to-order sliced bread sandwiches, two new multigrain sliced loaves have been launched with a mix of eight grains and seeds for a more nutritious offer. Available as a loaf and larger sliced bloomer, these deliciously nutty sandwich breads are also convenient as they are ‘thaw and serve’, providing a premium addition to the growing sandwich market.
For all this and much more contact Delice de France on 0845 077 2266.

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