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example service level agreement by lindash


									Example Service Level Agreement

The following is an example partnership service level agreement. X is the name of the geographical area. Service Level Agreement between X Council of Voluntary Organisations and Partnership at Work Purpose The background to this service level agreement can be found in the feasibility study "Framework for the Future", which was the basis from which the shared human resource service pilot project has been established. The shared human resource service pilot, known as Well-Being at Work, has been endorsed by: The Youth, Community & Play Workers Education & Welfare Trust X CVS Harry Potter Trust The purpose of this agreement is to highlight targets that are critical to achieving the objects and outcomes within in the delivery plan and to gain re-affirmation from X CVS to jointly achieve these shared targets. Scope The scope of this agreement is limited to the work to be undertaken in x to contribute to the development of the shared human resource service – Well-Being At Work in X. Aim and objectives of the Pilot The aim of the project is to develop a shared human resource to enable organisations to recruit and retain staff in order to provide a high quality service. The objectives of the project are: To train and develop workers at Partnership At Work to deliver the project To provide sector specific advice, support and training on issues, including health and safety, child protection and work life balance To develop basic systems in organisations To develop partnerships To provide a quality assured service To measure the impact of the project Activities and Services to be provided in X Partnership at Work will: Provide information through a website and if possible a newsletter and/or articles Provide advice and support on HR issues through a Helpdesk enquiry line

Carry out action research with up to five organisations in the borough Provide guidance through toolkits developed with reference to findings from the action research Provide support to groups on equality issues to encourage a more diverse work force Provide two workshops providing updates on employment law Undertake an evalution of the pilot project X CVS will: Promote best practice in employment in the borough Work together with Partnership At Work to promote the pilot project through their newsletter and website Refer organisations to Partnership at Work for support Disseminate the evaluation of the project Service the steering committee Involve key stakeholders and interested parties in the steering committee Work together with Partnership At Work to develop a sustainable HR service for the borough Resources and Staffing Commitments required to develop services for X Partnership at Work will: Provide experienced project officers to undertake consultancy with up to five organisations in the borough Staff a help desk to promote good employment practice at the strategic health forum and other events as appropriate Provide free of charge all tool kits and resource material developed during the pilot project to organisations in X. The copyright for the materials will be retained by Partnership At Work X CVS will: Contribute the time of the Health Development Officer and Information Officer to attend Steering Group Meetings on a quarterly basis and other additional planning meetings as required Distribute marketing material, toolkits and other resources via its news letter and web site Provide premises and refreshments for the steering committee Ensure Partnership At Work is able to promote the pilot at key events in X Monitoring & Evaluation As the accountable body to the funder, Partnership At Work will be responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the project. X CVS will provide any necessary information to Partnership At Work to enable them to comply with the funder’s auditing systems and the evaluation of the impact of the pilot being undertaken by The Hobbit Business Evaluation Centre.

Information sharing Both X CVS and Partnership At Work will share non- confidential information to promote a culture of good employment practice and promote the shared human resource service locally regionally and nationally. Review of SLA This service level agreement will be reviewed every six months and amended as appropiate. Signed on Behalf Of partnership At Work Signed on behalf of X CVS

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